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Middle School Math Teacher Eastpointe, Michigan

Michigan Virtual Teacher Talent Bank
Eastpointe, Michigan, United States
November 13, 2016

Eaton Academy is currently seeking a Middle School Math Teacher. An immediate opening for the 2015-2016 school year.

Summary of Functions:

As a year-round employee, the Teacher creates and facilitates a learning environment that meets the needs of all students assigned to the classroom by the Academy. The Teacher delivers the planned curriculum to students during the school day; participates actively as a member of professional learning communities and NCA committees; attends Academy events such as orientation and parent/teacher conferences; attends planned professional development sessions; tutors after school twice per week; sponsors an after-school activity one day per week; and performs administrative tasks as directed. As an employee of HPSS, assigned to the faculty of Eaton Academy, the Teacher will follow all procedures and policies as established in the HPSS Employee Handbook.


Shall possess a valid State of Michigan Teaching Certificate with the appropriate endorsement(s) for all subject area(s) being taught.

Must have evidence of meeting highly qualified requirements, as defined by No Child Left Behind.

Must assume responsibility for following state guidelines to keep certification current and valid.

Criminal background check and criminal history check required.

Physical Requirements:

Capable of performing the physical requirements of the position which include but are not limited to:

Lifting up to 30 pounds (such as textbooks, moving student desks, working security fence, lifting boxes of Xerox paper, etc.).

Standing and moving about the classroom during class time, which may be as much as four to six hours per day, to adequately monitor and interact with students.

Sitting for extended periods of time during activities such a test taking, staff meetings and student activities.

Ability to maintain consistent and regular attendance as an essential function of the position.

Adequate vision, hearing and speaking levels in order to hear students, see and grade documents and speak clearly and with sufficient volume for all students in class to hear.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities :

Teachers must have the ability to perform the following job duties and responsibilities on a regular and consistent basis:

Provide instruction that is consistent with the planned curriculum, which is aligned to the CCSS and Michigan Grade Level Content Expectations (“GLCE”)/Benchmarks, as set forth in the Academy’s curriculum guide.

Teach all required subjects and encourage students in the classroom environment.

Maintain a clean and safe classroom.

Allow students time to use lavatory during times that minimize disruption of the instructional program.

Deliver classroom instruction and student activities, including course syllabi, development of lesson plans, classroom materials and regular homework assignments under the direction of the Principal/School Director.

Create an exciting and challenging learning environment that addresses the various needs of students using multiple learning styles and differentiation and address the ability levels for all children including modifications and accommodations for the identified special education students; middle school teachers must be prepared to engage students in a blocked period or in a self-contained classroom environment.

Communicate pertinent student information regarding special circumstances with support staff and Encore Class teachers (i.e. birth or death in family, change in marital status, custodial care etc.).

Possess proficiency in use of technology as a tool for learning and communicating.

Represent a positive role model to students.

Relate well with an urban student population and be able to lead, instruct and motivate urban students to learn.

Care about students and be enthusiastic about student success.

Monitor all children before, after and throughout the school day, both inside and outside the classroom, to ensure their safety, health and well-being.

Prepare attendance records, grades, report cards and progress reports as directed, accurately and by established deadlines.

Supervise classroom activities, maintaining appropriate classroom management and discipline.

Attend Academy activities such as orientation, parent/teacher conferences and Academy events such as dances, plays, choir performances, etc., as requested or directed by the Principal/School Director.

Collaborate with peers as a member of an assigned professional learning team to plan and assess curriculum and improve student achievement; meet on a regular basis and provide input, research and other such activities to the assigned Professional Learning Committee; and be a teacher-leader who works cooperatively and successfully with students, staff and parents and is a team player.

Actively participate in the NCA process by serving on committees as directed.

Actively participate in professional development days scheduled by the Academy, as well as attend professional development workshops and opportunities required to maintain certification.

Maintain a tutoring session for students from 3:15 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. on two regularly scheduled days per week throughout the school year.

Sponsor one after-school activity (club), which has been approved by the Principal/School Director, for students that meets on a regularly scheduled weekly basis.

Respond to administrative requests such as parent homework requests, discipline referrals, administrative paperwork, etc., in a timely manner.

Respond to Academy-related phone calls and emails within 24 hours of the time the call or email was made.

Check faculty mailbox and email at least three times a day (i.e. before school, during prep, after school).

Attend weekly scheduled staff meetings.

Enforce Academy policies and discipline procedures.

Communicate both positive and negative behaviors and classroom achievement to parents/guardians of students through phone calls, written communications, arranged individual conferences, etc.

Maintain consistent and regular attendance as an essential function of the position and follow proper procedures for absenteeism/tardiness from work.

Maintain a professional demeanor in appearance and interaction with peers, administrators, parents, students, etc., both during the school day and when representing the Academy at outside activities.

Respect the confidentiality of students in the classroom, in discussions with peers, in parent conferences, etc.

Maintain availability for summer projects as approved/directed/assigned by the Principal/School Director.

Follow all procedures and policies as established in the HPSS Employee Handbook.

Will be accountable for student achievement as measured on standardized tests.

Adhere to the Skyward Policy as outlined in the HPSS Employee Handbook.

Adhere to the Homework Policy as outlined in the HPSS Employee Handbook.

Adhere to the Grading Policy as outlined in the HPSS Employee Handbook.

*The employee shall remain free of any alcohol or non-prescribed, controlled substance in the workplace throughout his/her employment in the Academy.

If you are looking for a quality and professional educational learning environment we invite you to send your resume today and join the Eaton Academy family.