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Data Categorisation

United Kingdom
May 30, 2020



Evaluate, analyze and categorize website content, search queries, images or documents. Task examples are: Evaluate how properly a search engine result matches a given search query. Look at two landing pages and decide, which one offers better information for a user. Or check given websites to see if they contain adult content or not.

Requirements for this job

- the ability to pay attention to detail and follow guidelines

- a computer with a steady Internet connection

- an operating system that allows Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher

Here is how it works:

Register at and fill in your profile. Show us your skills by completing assessments. Available jobs will be displayed on the clickworker dashboard or on our partner platform UHRS. Get paid weekly or monthly.

How to apply:

In order to start working on, please follow these 4 little steps:

1) Register at clickworker:

2) Complete your clickworker profile

3) Take the web research test and/or UHRS tests

4) All available jobs will be displayed in your job list

Please do not send documents by mail or email! Your application is completed directly on our website.