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Customer Service High School

Seattle, WA
... 5/12-current Big Foot Java Serving coffee/Barista Also have previous experience in a Doctors office: 2009 EDUCATION 2004-2008 Hazen High School Not looking to be a caregiver thanks. Location: ... - 2013 Mar 01

A recent Graduate(BS), with keen interest in Database

Kent, WA
... Engineering Intern at NIIT Technologies, INDIA June/2009- Aug/2009 • Learnt basic concept of MYSQL, and using MYSQL Queries worked on backend platform for JAVA applications. ACHIVEMENTS/ PERSONAL SKILLS ACHIEVEMENTS: Cadet Of NCC(National Cadet ... - 2013 Mar 01

Software Engineer Project

Renton, WA
... SKILL-SET[pic] Technical: Programming Languages: Java, C++, SQL, Visual Basic Software Tools: MATLAB, Simulink, DOORS, Rhapsody, Subversion, Clearcase, Clearquest, Wireshark Software Engineering Methodology: UML (Unified Modeling Language), OOP ... - 2013 Mar 01

Engineer Software

Seattle, WA
... trip planner, in C OpenTripPlanner, contributor Open source multimodal trip planner, in Java Badhill, sole hacker Bicycle trip planner for Washington State Bikeopath, sole hacker http:/ ... - 2013 Feb 23

Manager Software

Seattle, WA
... (PHP, Java, Python, C, C++, Ruby, Perl) Experience in many web related technologies. (REST, XML, HTML, CSS, JavaScript) Experience working with databases. (MySQL, sqlite, redis) Experience configuring, deploying, and managing continuous integration ... - 2013 Feb 20

Developer Software

Seattle, WA
... and maintained web services to deliver advertising to Kindle devices and process click through actions from device using Java, JMS, Spring, and Hibernate.Built numerous custom display advertising solutions for advertising partners, and helped ... - 2013 Feb 20

Manager Project

Seattle, WA
... Using her proactive and persistent attitude, management experience, technical experience in Java Development, System and Database Architecture, Storage and Network, ****** will successfully lead your group of talented individuals and increase team ... - 2013 Feb 19

Manager Management

Lynnwood, WA
... Technical Skills: • System Integration/Design • System Administration • Languages- Familiar with Java, XML, HTML, SQL • Business Functions include: • Data Center Operations • Mainframe Computing • Racf • MVS MVT Jes2 Jes3 • IMS • Servers • Storage • ... - 2013 Feb 17

Customer Service Representative

Bellevue, WA
... SKILLS Software Programming in C#, C++, and Java Database Programming & Management with SQL and MS SQL Server Systems Analysis & Design Web Design, Development, & Management with HTML, ASP, & CSS Information Architecture Graphic Design & Image ... - 2013 Feb 16

Engineer Mechanical

Seattle, WA
... Intro to Java Programming; Renewable Energy; Probability for Engineers 390; Probability 394; Technical Communications; Creating a Company; Business Finance; Intro to Marketing; Intro to Microeconomics. Experience Mechanical Engineer, Sherpa Design, ... - 2013 Feb 16

Developer Customer Service

Seattle, WA
... managing a development team 4 years of experience developing cryptography and security software 2.5 years of C/C++ and Java debugger and compiler development 1 year of experience developing web portals with and WCF web services 1 year of ... - 2013 Feb 15

Customer Service Computer Science

Seattle, WA
... Seminar - UW-Milwaukee, 2008 Bhardwaj, Vikas, Literature Survey on Support Vector Machines for Binary Class Classification Problem, as Data Mining course project - UW-Milwaukee, 2008 Skills Languages: Proficient: (Java, MATLAB, Perl, Python); ... - 2013 Feb 15

Java Developer/QA Engineer

Bellevue, WA
... • 5.5 years of Product Test experience with System Verification Test Team of Java Technology Center- IBM Software Labs, Bangalore -India. • ~1 year of experience as a Developer using Oracle Applications 11i with Tata Consultancy Services, Kolkata ... - 2013 Feb 15

Project Manager Management

Seattle, WA
... technology (C++, Java)Networking, Internet & Intranet Technologies (Networking means all layers form 1 to 7)Abilities: I can provide technical leadership to an OOPs or networking project I can program manage any project development work incl. ... - 2013 Feb 14

Computer Science Design Engineer

Seattle, WA
... Prior experience in Python, Java, Windows programming, MEL scripting, Oracle, SQL, HTML, XML and Visual Basic. Computer Platforms: Windows and Linux. Mathematical and Graphics Packages: MATLAB, Maya and Adobe AfterEffects. Computer tools: Visual ... - 2013 Feb 14

Design Engineer Assistant

Redmond, WA
... 6.170 Laboratory in Software Engineering (MIT EECS Dept.) February 2002-May 2003 Lab Assistant Served as a Lab Assistant for students taking the required software engineering laboratory for computer science majors at MIT (taught in Java). ... - 2013 Feb 14

Engineer Assistant

Woodinville, WA
... in both Computer Science and MathematicsProgramming Language Skills Programming experience in the following languages: C/C++ (extensive), Visual Basic (moderate), assembly (mild), Java (mild), Javascript (moderate), PHP/Perl/Python/Awk (mild), and ... - 2013 Feb 13

Supervisor Sql Server

Covington, WA
... Skill Areas: Java. XML. XSLT. ASP.NET. Photoshop. Adobe Illustrator. CERTIFICATIONS Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)9/2002 Visual Basic for Desktop Applications (70-176 ... - 2013 Feb 13

Assistant Customer Service

Seattle, WA
... Provide server maintenance and upgrades Skills Programming Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, CGI, HTML, CSS, SQL, JavaScript, Java, C, C++ Operating Systems Windows 98/2000/XP, Mac OS X, Mac OS X Server, Linux (Redhat, S.U.S.E., OpenLinux), FreeBSD, ... - 2013 Feb 13

Engineer Software

Seattle, WA
... Windows XP/Server 2003/Vista/Server 2008/7, DOS, MacOS X, Linux, UNIX (IBM AIX, Solaris, HP- UX, IRIX) Languages: C#, Ruby, Java, C, C++ (native, managed, CLI), SQL, XML, HTML Scripts: Batch, PowerShell, Perl, Shell Automation Tools: WTT, MAUI, Mad ... - 2013 Feb 13
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