Resumes in Maharashtra, India 4

Mechanical Engineering Project resume in Mumbai, MH

mh, mini project, mechanical engineering, mini, ssc, mechanical, cylinder, here, marks, hsc
Salary: 2.4-3.0lpa
Mumbai - 2014 September 16 12:48

Customer Executive resume in Mumbai, MH

care executive, singh, nationality, executive, passed, mh, month, kumar, class, c
Mumbai - 2014 September 16 09:38

Manager Training resume in Mumbai, MH

bhopal, yadav, tourism, agra, nationality, mh, training, french, institute, hotel
Mumbai - 2014 September 16 08:58

design engineering resume in Mumbai, MH

mech, dme, telugu, nx, marks, life, brake, plate, polytechnic college, nationality
Salary: 200000/yer
Mumbai - 2014 September 16 08:34

Professional Diploma resume in Mumbai, MH

aug, nature, diploma, rj, nationality, mh, tally, professional, hindi, qualifications
Mumbai - 2014 September 16 08:06

iPhone application developer,x-code, objective-c,XML and json parsing resume in Pune, MH

ios, ui, pune, developer, pvt ltd, app, iphone, software developer, sep, native
Salary: 360000
Pune - 2014 September 16 07:49

Human Resources Project resume in Pune, MH

pune, diesel, ssc, most, line, rating, ltd, institute, study, prof
Pune - 2014 September 16 03:01

C Contact resume in Mumbai, MH

fitter, surat, gujarat, cdc, mh, maruti, courses, c, class, nationality
Mumbai - 2014 September 16 02:41

Pvt Ltd Plant resume in Mumbai, MH

incharge, indore, bhopal, pvt ltd, plant, rmc, pvt, showroom, eng, crusher
Salary: 20000
Mumbai - 2014 September 16 02:38

Maintenance Air Conditioning resume in MH

iti, commissioning, ac, maharashtra, hvac, marathi, refrigeration, conditioning, installation, air conditioning
- 2014 September 16 01:49

Pvt Ltd Office resume in Mumbai, MH

bpo, pvt ltd, computer operator, pvt, ltd, qc, office, uttam, sep, bengal
Salary: 15k
Mumbai - 2014 September 16 01:37

i am graduate and willing to learn new thing resume in Mumbai, MH

patna, speak, hindustan, tree, mh, ms, tally, graduate, 2nd, nationality
Mumbai - 2014 September 16 00:45

Project School resume in Sangli, MH

turbine, ssc, ng, page, vehicle, marathi, cam, location, bottle, cylinder
Sangli - 2014 September 16 00:29

Human Resources Management resume in Pune, MH

bpo, sales executive, pune, hiring, recruitment, hr, employee, comparator, employees, employee relations
Pune - 2014 September 15 23:40

Sales Executive High School resume in Mumbai, MH

sales executive, allahabad, division, noida, chandigarh, opportunity, meerut, executive, mh, c c
Salary: 300000
Mumbai - 2014 September 15 22:55

Auto Cad Services resume in Mumbai, MH

fresher, thane, draughtsman, 2d, auto cad, ssc, marathi, abdul, cad, plm
Mumbai - 2014 September 15 16:34

Power Plant High School resume in Mumbai, MH

power plant, substation, reliance, maharashtra, ssc, marathi, agile, hydro, plant, visit
Mumbai - 2014 September 15 13:36

Project Engineering resume in Mumbai, MH

teamcenter, plm, bangalore, location, v5, tata, pipeline, aerospace, onsite, nx
Mumbai - 2014 September 15 12:14

Instrumentation fresher resume in Mumbai, MH

fresher, power plant, speak, thermal power, thermal power plant, salem, instrumentation, thermal, deee, raj
Mumbai - 2014 September 15 12:12

Power Plant Project resume in Nagpur, MH

iti, power plant, turbine, engg, bags, mechanical engg, catia, sports, selling, pune
Nagpur - 2014 September 15 11:17
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