Resumes in Maharashtra, India 4

Mechanical Engineer Maintenance resume in MH

mechanical engineer, mp, vacancies, bhopal, pune, marathi, mh, mechanical, experince, pumps
Salary: negoshiable
- 2014 July 24 12:41

MBA / BBA resume in Mumbai, MH

patel, gujarat, mh, learn, college, major, bba, board, ms, high school
Mumbai - 2014 July 24 08:58

Management System Sales resume in Mumbai, MH

tuticorin, single, management system, tirunelveli, govt, salem, grade,, mh, board
Mumbai - 2014 July 24 08:17

Indian Course resume in Mumbai, MH

gp, kanpur, cdc, lucknow, contect, os, mh, place, stcw, jun
Salary: as you
Mumbai - 2014 July 24 04:57

Medical Management resume in Mumbai, MH

maharashtra, pediatrics, mbbs, kolhapur, medical college, aurangabad, nuclear, train, mh, nicu
Mumbai - 2014 July 24 04:45

sales&marketing resume in Parbhani, MH

maharashtra, pune, bord, vision, marathi, cutting, maharastra, industries, ltd, centre
Salary: 20000 per month
Parbhani - 2014 July 24 04:29

Data Sap resume in Mumbai, MH

fresher, abap, ece, ssc, sap, telugu, sd, having, bangalore, developed
Mumbai - 2014 July 24 02:12

mohan cv resume in Mumbai, MH

bo, embedded, abap, telugu, sri, kota, board, hostel, sap, college
Mumbai - 2014 July 24 02:10

Engineering Computer resume in Pune, MH

engg, pune, computer engineering, maharashtra, marathi, collage, first, computer, class, farm
Pune - 2014 July 24 01:32

Training Company resume in Mumbai, MH

pune, ro, traning, marathi, sign, cdc, mv, rating, single, place
Salary: 1000 above
Mumbai - 2014 July 24 00:34

Customer Service Manager resume in Mumbai, MH

engg, 16949, ts, mm, gujarat, steel, steels, cut, goa, ltd
Salary: 22-24 lacs
Mumbai - 2014 July 23 13:21

Developer Project resume in Nashik, MH

wordpress, developer, nashik, php, jquery, mh, open, web designer, org, consider
Nashik - 2014 July 23 13:03

engine cadet resume in Boisar, MH

cadet, maharashtra, cdc, mba, mh, eng, singh, c, jun, ng
Boisar - 2014 July 23 09:42

Project Engineering resume in MH

maharashtra, pune, marathi, network engineer, bsnl, life, kolhapur, single, diploma, mini project
Salary: 3 lakh per annum
415639 - 2014 July 23 09:38

Mechanical Project resume in Mumbai, MH

engg, marathi, sem, single, swing, belt, mechanical, 1987, mh, opportunity
Salary: 10 To 12 thousand per month
Mumbai - 2014 July 23 09:25

Marketing Plant resume in Mumbai, MH

textile, gujarat, fabric, vadodara, coordination, gj, month, baroda, plant, ghcl
Salary: 3.6 lacs /Anuum
Mumbai - 2014 July 23 08:28

Black Belt Quality resume in Mumbai, MH

fresher, black belt, ssc, hsc, belt, passed, mh, fighting, black, stress
Mumbai - 2014 July 23 08:21

Microprocessor,Knowledge of C, Introduction to Data Structure resume in Pune, MH

pune, marathi, 1st, mh, interest, position, diploma, c, percentage, structure
Pune - 2014 July 23 08:20

Training Objective resume in Mumbai, MH

msc, trichy, cdc, single, visa, fire fighting, mh, date, fighting, place
Salary: 900
Mumbai - 2014 July 23 07:57

Software Testing Test resume in Pune, MH

pune, ssc, kolhapur, software testing, marathi, hsc, microbiology, qc, manual testing, board
Pune - 2014 July 23 06:00
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