Resumes in New York, New York

Customer Service Representative resume in New York

security officer, troubleshooting, officer, doorman, security, customer service representative, service representative, representative, customer service, high school
2014 July 31 03:23

computer engineering resume in New York

ssc, computer engineering, c#, patel, gujarat, hsc, java, result, troubleshooting, php
2014 July 30 22:52

Executive Assistant resume in New York

executive staff, keeper, executives, executive, executive assistant, office, emails, conference, editing, travel
2014 July 30 22:36

Sales Staff resume in New York

sales staff, staff, take, door, jamaica, prepare, train, side, events, meet
2014 July 30 21:12

Customer Service, Data Entry, proficient w/ microsoft suite, clerical resume in New York

epic, executive staff, telemarketing, customer services, staff, clerical, queens, gyn, ob gyn, ob
Salary: $15.00
2014 July 30 20:26

Customer Service Sales resume in New York

met, salesman, bankers, staff, tenant, report, investment, weekly, members, board
2014 July 30 17:34

College Service resume in New York

copy, undergraduate, college, students, life, bronx, one, staff, 3g, volunteer
Salary: To be determined if interviewed
2014 July 30 17:29

Customer Service Sales resume in New York

insurance agent, sales insurance, life insurance, agents, sell, life, selling, life insurance agent, insurance, executives
2014 July 30 13:21

Manager Assistant resume in New York

registered, office, sales assistant, executives, investments, financial, configuration management, suite, ensuring, investment
2014 July 30 12:35

Computer Science Assistant resume in New York

python, computer science, ta, c c++, science, computer, c++, college, university, city
2014 July 30 11:29

Residential Superintendent resume in New York

r.n., mp, superintendent, ng, scaffolding, porter, electrical, plumbing, door, handyman
Salary: 35,000 - 40,000
2014 July 30 11:18

High School Maintenance resume in New York

fitter, piping, fixtures, superintendent, installer, wiring, handle, spray, general, install
2014 July 30 10:42

Customer Service Data Entry resume in New York

assisted, sign, activity, facility, security, managers, aide, data, star, communication
2014 July 30 10:18

High School Manager resume in New York

doorman, theater, bookkeeper, sign, office, staff, victor, clean, recycling, high
Salary: $15.00 per hr
2014 July 30 10:16

Medical Years Experience resume in New York

interpreter, present, services, telephonic, phone, suite, experience, independent, years, independent contractor
2014 July 30 09:58

Retail Construction Project Manager resume in New York

construction project manager, construction project, installers, met, staff, furniture, stores, movers, office, time
2014 July 30 09:40

Administrative Assistant Manager resume in New York

region, handle, mis, emails, integrator, staff, institute, send, installation, weekly
2014 July 30 07:40

Human Resources Management resume in New York

personnel, jason, resources, pivot, staff, stress, human, section, tree, human resources
2014 July 30 01:23

Real Estate Manager resume in New York

executive staff, sites, result, real, without, real estate, rental, estate, various, managing
Salary: 100000
2014 July 29 21:54

Sales Security resume in New York

larry, collage, security officer, freight, officer, opportunity, security, attendant, yr, animal
Salary: $9.00 - 9.50
2014 July 29 21:51