Resumes in Nagpur, Maharashtra
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Project Java resume in Nagpur

java, cyber, php, sem, ssc, marathi, ajax, certification, web, project
2014 October 30 12:50

Project Developer resume in Nagpur

developer, php, wordpress, sem, online, neha, apply, admin, platform, ssc
2014 October 27 03:54

Power Plant Sales resume in Nagpur

power plant, thermal power, thermal power plant, pune, marketing executive, thermal, java, marathi, ssc, global
Salary: 500000 LPA
2014 October 19 23:35

ITI fItter and CNC operator resume in Nagpur

iti, fitter, cnc, exp, iti fitter, pune, cnc operator
Salary: 10000
2014 October 18 09:44

functional testing, manual testing, database testing, mobile testing resume in Nagpur

ui, sold, soap, qa, programmer, testing, test, requirement, oct, online
Salary: 3.5
2014 October 13 14:27

Years Experience Executive resume in Nagpur

pune, marathi, wordpress, php, oct, jquery, passed, mis executive, mis, executive
2014 October 10 10:14

Power Plant Project resume in Nagpur

power plant, engg, chandrapur, mech, boiler, turbine, collage, marathi, mw, ltd
2014 September 30 08:14

Electrical Engineering resume in Nagpur

bhopal, ssc, electrical, electronics, madhya, hsc, software testing, mh, apply, engineering
2014 September 29 03:48

Power Plant Project resume in Nagpur

iti, power plant, turbine, engg, bags, mechanical engg, catia, sports, selling, pune
2014 September 15 11:17

Team Leader resume in Nagpur

sales executive, pune, executives, marketing executive, location, pvt, company, aurangabad, aug, marketing manager
2014 September 14 23:09

Engineer Manager resume in Nagpur

chemical engineer, erection, coating, pharma, moulding, engg, incharge, pp, mp, poly
2014 September 02 13:47

front office resume in Nagpur

rewa, marathi, cadence, medical college, mh, office, plaza, college, shahdol, collection
Salary: 10000
2014 September 02 04:47

Engineer Pvt Ltd resume in Nagpur

pvt ltd, copy, emails, maharashtra, sell, commodity, patel, grace, tool, reliance
2014 September 02 03:16

Training Office resume in Nagpur

poly, mine, govt, yr, mining, maharashtra, kumar, surveying, mh, office
Salary: 10,000
2014 September 01 01:52

customer service resume in Nagpur

pune, computer operator, sd, marathi, accountant, post, greater, pvt, maharashtra, opportunity
Salary: 15000
2014 September 01 00:59, mba graduate resume in Nagpur

commerce, marathi, finance, investment, mh, limited, ic, ls, vocational training, graduate
Salary: 12000
2014 August 31 06:16

Project Developer resume in Nagpur

aurangabad, c# .net, developer, c#,, marathi, oracle developer, mh, here, oracle
Salary: 6 Lakhs per annum
2014 August 30 12:41

Engineering Project resume in Nagpur

midc, marathi, mini project, guru, opportunity, gupta, mini, telecommunication, bsnl, mh
Salary: 12000/-
2014 August 29 08:26

web development resume in Nagpur

php, ssc, wordpress, marathi, sem, cricket, mh, web, content, active
2014 August 28 10:30

High School Computer resume in Nagpur

iti, fitter, maharashtra, collage, ssc, die, marathi, maker, board, mh
Salary: 12000 to 15000
2014 August 22 10:14
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