Resumes in Aurangabad, Maharashtra
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Office Project resume in Aurangabad

aurangabad, fresh, ram, office, alarm, apply, firm, graduate, cbse, window
2014 November 11 00:02

Engineering Engineer resume in Aurangabad

thane, instrumentation, technology, plc, college, pune, trailer, held, malayalam, marathi
2014 October 06 11:40

Assistant Engineering resume in Aurangabad

aurangabad, navi, marine, marathi, cdc, dist, academy, hnd, nagar, mh
2014 October 04 09:42

High School Project resume in Aurangabad

aurangabad, php, maharashtra, developing, ssc, marathi, polytechnic, here, event, 2nd
Salary: 25000
2014 September 14 13:32

School Project resume in Aurangabad

aurangabad, aug, jharkhand, catia, lathe, summer training, tool room, injection, tool, cam
Salary: As per company norms
2014 August 23 15:04

Engineer Power resume in Aurangabad

engg, aurangabad, engineer, maharashtra, telecommunication, mh, electronics engineer, electronics, diploma, power
2014 July 29 05:28

College Management resume in Aurangabad

aurangabad, maharashtra, college, arts, marathi, mh, commerce, designing, board, garment
Salary: 25000 pm
2014 July 19 02:39

industrial engineer resume in Aurangabad

pune, midc, industrial engineer, aurangabad, machining, catia, engineer, industrial, time, manufacturing engineer
Salary: 60000
2014 July 01 03:04

Information Technology Team Leader resume in Aurangabad

passed, ed, english, comp, division, leader, lecturer, sc, students, science
Salary: 2,00000
2014 May 22 03:29

B.Ed in science and maths, and have 8 years of teaching experience resume in Aurangabad

sci, aurangabad, ed, high school, experience, english, high, information, teaching, computers
Salary: 20,000 - 25,000
2014 April 15 12:09

Quality Control Manager resume in Aurangabad

qc, pharma, sterile, aurangabad, audits, pvt ltd, fda, pvt, instrumentation, api
Salary: 850000
2014 March 31 12:59

Sales Marketing resume in Aurangabad

sem, nasik, ali, aurangabad, tyre, urdu, experience, academic, qualification, distribution
2014 March 15 11:33

High School Pvt Ltd resume in Aurangabad

microbiology, summer, calibration, pvt ltd, pune, aurangabad, medical coding, ms office, instrument, college
Salary: 15000 on ward per month
2014 March 14 03:47

Manufacturing Project resume in Aurangabad

aurangabad, pune, purchasing, midc, collage, pvt ltd, institute, study, summer, university
2014 February 10 11:30

Electrical Software resume in Aurangabad

education, midc, electrical, cyber, date, computer, aurangabad, experiences, knowledge, experience
Salary: 15000
2014 January 05 08:59

C Diploma resume in Aurangabad

2008, education, diploma, sangli, aurangabad, passed, techno, working, c, knowledge
2013 December 25 10:23

Safety Officer resume in Aurangabad

safety officer, chemist, first, work, that, aurangabad, well, 2007, related, any
Salary: 2.5 lacs/annum
2013 December 05 21:58

Assistant Project resume in Aurangabad

vitae, curriculum vitae, career objectives, aurangabad, india, curriculum, gujarat, telecom, prof, agricultural
Salary: 2 to 3lakh
2013 November 22 00:04

Supply Chain Management resume in Aurangabad

mumbai, instrumentation, aurangabad, pune, supply chain, career objective, pl, procurement, chain, scm
2013 November 10 08:24

School Manager resume in Aurangabad

curriculum vitae, vitae, bhopal, curriculum, singh, residential, public school, principal, haryana, finisher
2013 October 10 23:47
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