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Country: United States
Posted date: 5/28/2008   all resumes
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Vasu Reddy
• 6 Years of Experience working with DB2 UDB Administration for UNIX, LINUX and Windows with Concrete Knowledge and Experience in Analysis, Requirements Gathering, Design, Development, Testing and Implementation on single and multi-partition environment.
• Experience in Installing, Upgrading, and Configuring DB2 and Migration Project experience from Oracle to DB2.
• Database and Instance Creation, Database partitioning, Archival logging implementation.
• Excellent in SQL and PL/SQL programming such as Functions, Stored Procedures, Packages, database Triggers and cursors using best practices of coding and managing the code.
• Performed backups, recoveries, installations, database performance tuning, tuning applications, database monitoring and operating system configurations
• Expertise in Database Design, Data Modeling, Data Warehousing Data analysis, monitoring and application support on Windows/Unix.ood Communication, Team and Interpersonal Skills.
• Expertise in UNIX, Perl, Java, Oracle, Sybase, COBOL, DB2, JCL, VB, HTML, JAVASCRIPT, VBSCIRPT, ASP.
• Extensive experience in implementing replication via HADR and HACMP, backup and recovery strategies, performance tuning and installation of DB2 on AIX.
• Ability to take initiative and coordinate with team members to see project through all stages of completion.
• Can independently handle critical work requiring extreme planning, coordination and execution.

HARDWARE HP 3000, RS/6000, Solaris, IBM ES/9000,S390, Unisys 2200, IBM PC
LANGUAGES HTML,Asp,Vbscript,Java,PL/SQL, Perl,Cobol, Jcl, Sql,Rexx
RDBMS DB2 UDB (ESE/EEE), Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase
TOOLS Business Objects, Websphere, Crystal Reports, FULCRUM, PVCS, Developer/Designer 2000, Visual Basic, Xpediter, Platinum, SPUFI, MS Excel, MS Word, MS Access, EAZYTRIEVE, ERWIN, MQSERIES.
ADMIN TOOLS DB2 Connect, DB2 Performance Expert, DB2 Information Integrator, Data Joiner, DB Artisan, ERWIN, BMC Tools, TIVOLI
• Bachelors of Technology in Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Hyderabad, India
IBM Certified DB2 UDB Database Associate V8.1 Family
IBM Certified DB2 UDB Database Administrator V 8.1
IBM Certified DB2 UDB Database Administrator V 9.0

Bear Stearns (Global Clearing System), NJ
December 2006 – Present

Global Clearing System is a complete system involving clearing of daily trades and transactions related to investing banking business. I am involved in the database design for Large Databases and made recommendations to the Enterprise Architecture Group., Project management for Data architecture and Database designing according to the user specifications and company standards. Performance tuning of the application. Played a major role in the migration of Oracle to DB2 UDB.
• Configuration and connectivity of the Z/0S database using DB2 Connect.
• Did the Installation and configuration of DB2 UDB ESE v 9.1 on AIX and Windows
• Part of daily administration tasks, data backup, recovery, replication, performance monitoring and tuning.
• Data Backup, Recovery and UDB Database Administration for the Global Clearance System in a multi-partitioned (EEE/ESE) clustered environment
• Assisting developers with data modeling, data ware housing, object recreation and resolving issues.
• Moved databases from older version of DB2 V8.2 to V 9.1
• Involved in the backup/restore from DB2 UDB
• Involved in the Design, Creation and Maintenance of DB2 Objects
• Creating the ER diagrams in Erwin.
• Provided 24/7 Support for big Data Warehouse.
• Supported Application Developers with SQL query optimization and triggers
• Involved in the Performance and tuning of DB2 Programs.
• Used Performance Monitor to monitor various counters
• Setup of Tivoli ADSM for storage, Backup and restore
• Used Information Integrator to join the data between Oracle and DB2
• Performed capacity analysis and created the Databases on Test and Production environment.
• Utilized Export, Import, Load utilities
• Created Snapshot and event monitors to regularly check the health of the system.
• Automation of Perl and Shell Scripts for routine/repeat processes
Environment: DB2 UDB ESE V 9.1, AIX 5.x, Sun-Solaris 2.x, Z/OS, Windows NT, Tivoli, DB2 Connect, DB2 Move, DB2 Archive, DB2 Replication, DB2 Information Integrator , DB Visualizer, MQ Series Messaging, SQL SERVER 2000 , ORACLE 9i, PL/SQL, JAVA, WEBSPHERE, PERL, JCL, INSYNC, ERWIN, MQSERIES, BUSINESS OBJECTS.
ING Direct, NY
June 2005 – November 2006

As a DB2 DBA/Consultant, I was responsible for extensive data mining, distilling, and distributing information to all levels of the corporation. My data administration responsibilities involved traditional data mining tools and techniques. Distilling information which involved turning raw data into actionable reports. Distribution included utilizing cutting edge technology and information deployment tools to enable senior management as well as the entire corporation to have access to timely information required to run their business. Additional responsibilities included providing in-depth analytical support for the Retail Marketing team on an as-needed basis. I was a part of continuous improvement in the data environment which supports the Business Intelligence and Reporting Team.

• Installation of DB2 UDB EE Product on AIX, Windows NT including DB2 Connect.
• Creating and updating of admin (DAS) instance, DB2 instance (DBM) and databases.
• Design and creation of database and database objects
• Creating groups, users & giving privileges.
• Giving authorities (SYSADM, SYSCTRL, and SYSMAINT) by updating the DBM and granting DBADM (maintaining database level security).
• Setting up & updating the environment variables, command options.
• Running scripts & creating user defined data types.
• Running utilities like Copy, Load, Import, Export, REORG, RUNSTATS, Rebind, REORGCHK and Setting constraints (Check pending)
• Creating table spaces for DMS and SMS.
• Taking offline and online backups for Databases and table spaces.
• Restoring database backups into exiting database or creating new Databases with database backups.
• Fine-tuning the performance by using explain plan tables.
• Database monitoring and tuning through snapshot and event monitors.
• Writing stored procedures.
• Design, creation and maintenance of various database objects
• Writing shell scripts.
• Designing database objects using ERWIN tool.
Environment: UDB DB2 V 6.1 EE, AIX 4.2, DB2 Connect, TOAD for DB2, Windows NT, and Erwin
February 2004 - May 2005

Supporting a multiple environments of a (8) partition, (4) node DB2 Data Warehouse on AIX ; the environment involves working closely with Websphere, Query Patroller, AlphaBlox, Data Miner, and Report Net.

• Developing system architecture and design documents.
• Writing risk and mitigation plans.
• Installing DB2 UDB databases
• Performing maintenance functions for DB2 UDB database
• Performance database tuning for DB2 database
• Performing backup and recovery procedures
• Supported 24/7 Production environment Monitoring, Diagnosing and Trouble shooting
• Performing setup and execute standard database utilities
• proficient in event, database performance and availability monitoring
• proficient in event, database performance and availability monitoring
• Knowledge on SQL Performance Monitoring and Fine Tuning
• Evaluation and testing new versions of UDB/DB2
• Created, maintained and executed DB2 Scripts and Shell Scripts
• Completed DBA Service Requests from project development teams
• Supported DSS (Decision support system) for Data Warehousing environment.

State Bank of India, India
March 2002- December 2003
Mainframe Consultant/DB2 Consultant

On this assignment, requested for a specialized install of a new version of DB2, I worked as a DB2 DBA/Systems Programmer. My responsibilities included developing a detailed, step-by-step project plan in MS Project 2000, analyzing the current DB2 common server for migration to DB2 7.1, installing the DB2 UDB EEE software and monitoring and tuning the database software after post-installation to maximize performance. The current DB2 system ran on a high-end IBM F50 platform, and the operating system was AIX Release 4.3 Mod 8. IBM s AIX is inclusive of all Solaris 5.7 commands. This assignment was an install and maintain project and was to complement existing DB2 DBA staff.

• Involved in designing modules such as Account Maintenance, EOD (End of Day) activities, Loan Maintenance.
• Loan maintenance involves providing support for different loans available at the bank such as student loan, housing loan, vehicle loan, and education loan etc.
• The EOD Activity, which involves the processing of the current day transaction and posting in the ledger all the EOD programs, are batch programs.
• Monitoring the program for its proper completion in right time is done if thing goes wrong during the execution due to data problem or any other problems proper action is taken to make it through is done.
• Involved in Converting IDMS tables to COBOL control program through ADSO.
• OLM maps are converted to SDF.
• IDD Edit and Code tables are converted to COBOL copy members.
• Involved in converting COBOL copy members.
• Enhancement for Code expansion and NRE deposit creation.
• Account Maintenance - providing support for various types of accounts such as Individual Accounts, Time Deposits.
• Responsible for screen design, program analysis and documentation.
• Responsible for Creation of objects like Table spaces, Tables, Indexes, and Views.
• Responsible for Performance Monitoring and Tuning Databases.
• Responsible for SMF log monitoring and system monitoring.

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