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web programmer / information architect

Chicago, Illinois, United States
August 30, 2009
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Neil Rest
web programmer / information architect

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Evanston IL 60202-4942


"I'm bi-lingual; in addition to computer, I speak English."
* Broad experience designing interfaces for a very wide range of users
* Strong databasing skills, with special concentration on meeting user needs in technically sound and efficient ways

user interface/experience, wireframe, information architecture
"LAMP", PHP, perl, JavaScript; HTML, CSS; AJAX, jQuery; drupal, Mason
MySQL, XML, Visual FoxPro, FileMaker Pro; Dreamweaver
Windows, MS-DOS; linux/UNIX; Macintosh

Consultant; 2005 - present
major clients include:
glocoms, Chicago, IL
12/08 - 5/09
* Developed multi-country, multi-agency, multi-language provisioning system to announce calls for tenders, accept bids, evaluate proposals, and track contract performance.
(drupal, PHP, MySQL, jQuery)

Ariza Resource Center, Bloomingdale, IL
11/08 - present
* Writing custom case-tracking system for psychological treatment center, from diagnosis and treatment plan through final outcome documentation.

duoconsulting, Chicago, IL
8/08 - 9/08
* Wrote a set of objects for inter-machine communication in a distributed system (ping, uptime, average load, etc.).
(PHP, linux, Perforce CMS)

Good Dog Design, Mill Valley, CA
5/08 - 7/08
* Rendered wireframe and Photoshop into PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for an extensive catalog site.
(user interface/experience, wireframe, information architect; PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript)

Neighborhood Housing Services of Chicago, Chicago, IL
5/08 - 6/08
* Overhauled existing class calendar, implementing basic data integrity, preparatory to adding a second calendar page for a second course of classes.
(PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS; information architecture)

Topin & Assoc., Chicago, IL
3/08 - 4/08
* Implemented Ferralet website from Photoshop images to complete pages (HTML, CSS, (JavaScript forbidden)) maintaining full compatibility with client's pre-existing, multi-platform CSS foundation.
(HTML, CSS; Dreamweaver, Photoshop)

Shaker Recruitment Advertising, Oak Park, IL
10/07 - 2/08
* Created expense account tracking system.
* Re-built custom dedicated CMS system for greater efficiency and flexibility.
* Implemented session tracking and logging for a client website.
* Automated periodic reporting, saving an hour or two of programmer time a week.
* Cleaned and streamlined code for several websites.
(PHP, MySQL, CSS, JavaScript; user interface/experience, information architecture)

sandstorm design, Chicago, IL
5/07 - 8/07
* Developed and prototyped user interface for large corporate website redesign, including standards and documentation.
* Coordinated team of three programmers.
(HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flash, AJAX; Dreamweaver; user experience)

Palantir, Evanston, IL
10/06 - 3/07
* Implemented wide range of missing functionality in complex, behind schedule reservations system for a major Chicago cultural institution.
(PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, CSS)

After School Matters, Chicago, IL
3/06 - 8/06
* Revised and enhanced non-functioning report generator, with greater flexibility and efficiency.
* Consolidated and enhanced attendance reporting system, adding new tallies.
* Integrated and re-organized two separate administrative systems into one; rationalized database structure.
(PHP, MySQL, CSS; information architecture, user interface/experience)

tablexi, Chicago, IL
9/05 - 3/06
* Built Algoma Music Camp website ( ) including bulletin board and photo gallery.
* Ported in-house time-tracking system to perl/Mason platform; added major enhancements, requiring several new tables, including monthly calendar page.
(perl, MySQL, JavaScript, AJAX, Mason, CVS; "LAMP"; information architecture, user interface/experience)

Senior Programmer/Analyst; 1997 - 2004
Draw Enterprises, Chicago, IL
* Modified, enhanced, and upgraded Visual FoxPro ACCPAC/SBT accounting for multi-million dollar, multi-state company, with responsibility for custom recycling Materials Purchase system: including revisions in file design, system function calls; slipstreaming efficiency and standards compliance revisions; porting customizations through version upgrades, including upgrade to Visual FoxPro.
* Designed and implemented custom 3-level "Master Order" system integrated into existing custom Material Purchase system.
* Designed and implemented Y2K conversion for entire mission-critical system.
(Windows, DOS, UNIX; FoxPRO, Visual FoxPRO, SQL, Crystal Reports; ACCPAC/SBT; Citrix Metaframe; pcAnywhere; information architecture, user interface/experience)

Senior Programmer/Analyst; 1996 - 1997
American Teletronics/Tel One, Chicago, IL
* Streamlined telecomm provider provisioning and billing.
* Continuously enhanced client-server production programs.
* Maintained and upgraded multi-protocol remote mainframe/local micro client-server EDI, including maintenance and upgrades of modem pool.
* Set up DP for new office.
(Windows, DOS; FoxPRO, SQL; pcAnywhere, Sterling Software NDM EDS)

Navistar, Westchester, IL; 1995 - 1996
* Rescued project to produce an ad hoc query client for a critical group of exceptionally PC-skeptical users in a corporate database re-engineering.
Delivered a faster, more flexible system with redesigned and improved user interface and faster, optimized code, on time, from badly conceived and designed project which had been behind schedule.
(Macintosh Hypercard client; DEC VAX server; user interface/experience)

B.S. Computer Science, 1978
Roosevelt University; Chicago IL