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Software System

greenfield Ceter, New York, 12833, United States
May 29, 2011
Contact Info:

David Y. Putney
** ******* ****
Greenfield Center, NY 12833
Cell (518) ***-****
Cell (603) ***-****

Objective To obtain a position as a Software Application Developer utilizing my analysis and development skills, experience, and education for the benefit of an innovative software development company, as well as for personal growth and development.


Industry\Application Environments: Administrative, Accounting, Banking, Communications, Distribution, Education, Engineering/Scientific, Financial, Gas & Oil, Insurance/Property, Retail/Wholesale, Transportation, Logistics, Government, Military, Aerospace

IBM 30xx, IBM 43xx, IBM Series 1, IBM S/32, 34, 36, IBM S/38 IBM S/3, AS/400(Training), RIS6000, Burroughs (Unisys), CDC, or Cyber, Data General, Datapoint, DEC PDP, DEC VAX, DEC Alpha SUN, Honeywell (BULL), NCR, Univac, WANG, IBM PC/XT/AT, Intel, Compaq, Litton, NTI Meridian, Graphic Plotters, Teletypes, Laser Printers

Operating Systems/Access Methods:
IBM DOS, DOS/VSE, MVS, MVS-XA, VM/370, OCL (S/38), CCP, JES2/3, VSAM, ISAM, BTAM, ACF, UNIX, MCP, CDC,NOS/BE, DG AOS, RSX/RSTS, Decnet, VAX VMS, GCOS, Exec, OS-1100, PC-DOS, MS-DOS, RT-11, RDOS, XDOS, CDOS, DOS/OS JCL, PC LAN, REXX, Windows (3.1,95, 98, NT,2000.2000server,XP,Vista), AIX, X-windows, Zenix

COBOL, COBOL II, MF COBOL, ACU-COBOL, PL/1, PLM, Assembler, Micro Assembler, Fortran IV or V, Fortran 77 and 90, Basic, Pascal, RPG II + III, C, C++, ADA, APL, GPSS, Databus, ALGOL, JOVIAL, FOCAL, AUTOCODER, PARADOX, C- SHELL, KORN Shell, SQL, JAVA, .NET (C#, VB, COBOL, ASP),

Software/Productivity Tools:
CICS Command & Macro, DL/1, IDS I/II, Mark IV, DB2, Focus, SAS, Oracle, INFORMAX, Sybase, TSO/SPF/ISPF, CMS, Dialog Manager, dBASE III & IV, Knowledgeman, Condor 5000, WordPerfect, WORDSTAR, PC-SPF, ICCF, CLISTs, Xedit, UCC Products, RAC-F, IDCAMS, Intercom, Mapper, Structured Methodologies, Vollie, Wylbur, DATAMACS, FileAID, TCP/IP, HTML, XML, ULTRA-EDIT, awk, sed, Inertest

Applications Software Products:
MAC AUTO-COPES, MSCS, MAPS, TMAPS, MAPIICS, SCRIPT, PROFS, Insurance Property Applications INDEX, APLUS, ACE, PILLER, Ingress Report Writer, X-windows, workshop

Conversion (Hardware/Software):
BDAM to FOCUS; Burroughs 3500 to H6000, COBOL; NTI445 to NTI Meridian; COBOL to INFORMIX; CDC6700 to IBM9030; EDI RAILROAD CCT to T94 and T94 to CC++

Employment History

Systems Data Processing Associates / David Putney Enterprises 1973 - Present

Computer Systems Development, Maintenance, and Documentation of various software systems.
Hardware and Software environments from DOD military systems to Large Scale Mainframes, and .NET world.
Client solutions using Assemblers to C/C++ and COBOL

DOD Secret 1975 - 1987 Inactive
Public Trust USPS 1987, 2005 -2006, 2010
FAA AOA - 2001-2002 JIA

Major Accomplishments

Report Generator for a Construction Union in Philadelphia, PA Burroughs L5000
Custom Roof Truss Manufacturing System on a Litton 1250 computer
Parts Locater System for the USS Saratoga CV 60 UN Navy Burroughs TC3500
Custom Egg Production System on a NCR 399 computer
A Statical Contractor Validation System for the NUVEP MUR office Portsmouth NH Navy Yard
Wrote a BASIC interpreter programming system for a portable computer developed by Centronics for demonstrating their line of teleprinters
Developed a Statistical System for Quality Control for Supervisory Ship yards for the US Navy
Built an automated installer for the installing of WANG Labs Typesetter system on to their word processing systems
Wrote an on-line updating and reporting system to collect failure data and calculate mean time between failures for the Hardware and the software for the Land Launched and Sea Launched Cruise Missiles for the US Air Force and Navy
Developed Property Management system and maintained the test CICS environment for The District of Columbia Metropolitan Police Department
Developed an interface to SAS version 6 data sets from BBN’s CLINTRIAL System
Enhanced the Budgetary Process Database so users could not see other users information for the Texas Department of Insurance
Developed a reporting Data Warehouse from the on-line Mortgage Servicing System for Barnett Bank
Enhanced and integrated the Conrail Train Management Data into the Train Management System Database for CSX
Developed an interface for paying medical claims from the RI department of Creations into the state’s Title IXX system
Developed an automated system to retrieve report data from mainframe databases IMS and DB2 into an Excel spreadsheet for PENNDOT

Tech Marketing, Daniel Webster College, 2006
C++, Object Oriented Programming ADO.NET with C# .NET and VB.NET , C#.NET Programming, JAVA Programming Basics, JAVA Programming Servelets JSP Tomcat XML and HTML Computer Science Department

ConsulTech Institute of Technology, 2002
Mastering Visual Basic 6 Development 1013, Implementing Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional and Sever

New Horizons - Ciber Inc., 2000
ASP.NET Intro 2063 VB6.0 Fundamentals 1303

Metro Information Service, (Internal Classes) 1997
Sybase SQL Intro. C/C++ Visual, Visual Basic BRIO – Basics, IMS Boot Camp

Hood College, Frederick, MD, 1980-1987
95 credits earned toward B.S. in Mathematics / Computer Science

Northern Telecom, 1986
NTI Training for Median DV-1

USPS Training School, OK University, 1985
NTI 4.0 OS

NE Aeronautical Institute / Daniel Webster College,1977
Microprocessor Programming

Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA, 1974
Software Engineering Course

New Hampshire Technical Institute, Concord, NH 1971
Associates in Science in Electronic Data Processing