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Sr SQL Server DBA/Developer

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Country: United States
State: New Jersey
Posted date: 2/17/2009 … 2/23/2009   all resumes
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SQL Server DBA.

• Around 7 years in SQL server of technical experience in Production , Development Database, Implementation and system administration using Microsoft SQL Server 7.0, 2000 and 2005.
• Extensive experience in MS SQL Server installation, configuration, performance tuning, client/server connectivity, query optimization, running Database Consistency Checks using DBCC commands.
• Installed, Upgraded and Configured MS SQL Server DB in clustered and non-clustered environments.
• Experience in Data Modeling such as Logical and Physical by using Erwin and Visio.
• Experience in MS SQL server high availability by tools like Log Shipping and Database Mirroring.
• Extensively involved in Developing Stored Procedures, Functions and Triggers using T-SQL.
• Extensive experience in using tools like SQL Profiler, Windows Performance Monitor (Perfmon) and performance counters for Monitoring and Tuning MS SQL Server Performance.
• Good experience with Reporting tools such as Crystal Reports, Microsoft Reporting Services (SSRS) and SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS).
• Creation and maintenance of DB, creating Roles and managing user permissions, resolved deadlocks.
• Developed SSIS packages for data extraction transfer and loading and worked on Reporting Services (SSRS) on Visual studio platform
• Experience in migration of Data from Excel, Flat file, Oracle to MS SQL Server by using SSIS, BCP and DTS utility.
• Experience in maintenance of Database authentication modes, creation of users, configuring permissions and assigning roles to users.
• Involved in optimizing code and improving efficiency in databases including re-indexing, updating statistics, recompiling stored procedures and performing other maintenance tasks.
• Administering and Monitoring Log Shipping.
• Conversant with all phases of Software Development Life Cycle involving Systems
• Manage Linked server to access data from heterogeneous data sources (OLEDB).
• Worked on real-time processing of SQL transaction to support online transaction and other time-critical application with online transaction processing (OLTP).
• Experience in Online analytical processing (OLAP) and Data warehousing, creating data models such as Dimensional and Snowflake and maintaining Data Mart.
• Configuring SQL Mail and Alerts. Experience in implementing RAID technologies.
• Performed DBCC utilities and fixed data corruption in application databases.
• Created Linked Servers and migrate data from Oracle, DB2 to SQL Server 2000.
• Experience creating packages, Jobs, Sending Alerts using SQL Mail
• Good experience with SQL server Clustering (Active/Passive Clustering).

• Languages : C/C++,T-SQL, VB 6.0
• Databases : MS SQL Server 2005/2000, Microsoft Access 2000/2003
• Reporting Tools : SQL server Reporting services, Crystal Reports 8.x/XI
• SQL Server Tools : Enterprise Manager, SQL Profiler, Query Analyzer, Export/Import (DTS), MS SQL
Reporting Services [SSRS], Management Studio, Integration Services [SSIS]
• DB Design Tools : Erwin 4.x/6.2 MS Visio 2000/2003, Rational Rose 2000
• Web servers : MS IIS 6.0
• Web Technologies : MS Front Page 98/2000, MS Office 2000/XP, HTML, XML, PHP, JavaScript,
• Operating Systems : Windows Server 2000/2003, Windows NT 4.0, Windows XP/98/95.
• Office suite / Tools: MS Office 97/2000/, LiteSpeed.


Organon Inc, Roseland, NJ, Aug 07- Till Now
SQL DBA/ Developer

Organon with shared headquarters in Roseland, NJ, USA, They create, manufactures, and markets prescription medicines that improve the health and quality of human life. Through a combination of independent growth and business partnerships, Organon strives become one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in each of its core therapeutic fields that are reproductive medicine, psychiatry and anesthesia. Organon products are sold in over 100 countries, of which more than 60 have an Organon subsidiary. Organon is the human health care business unit of Akzo Nobel.

• Installed SQL server 2005 on windows 2003 advanced servers with applied service packs.
• Migrating entire database environment from SQL 2000 to SQL 2005.
• Performed Database Migration from SQL 2000 to 2005 with ETL tools like DTS and SSIS.
• Developed SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services) Packages for data extraction, transfer, and loading.
• Worked on database designing for optimization and performance tuning.
• Generated product’s Marketing Reports (SSRS) in Visual studio environment.
• Performed Troubleshooting of client’s database related issues during implementation, maintenance and upgrading and migration process.
• Performed Back-ups, Restores, Scheduled SQL Jobs and maintained SQL Server databases.
• Worked on linked servers by liking remote servers like DB2 and Oracle.
• Created clustered index & performed index tuning for optimization.
• Maintained high availability tools like log Shipping and Data Mirroring.
• Managing a complex backup strategy for all the databases using SQL LiteSpeed.
• Worked on Database Management by security.
• Involved in all new projects/application development based on SQL Server, Client/Server Environment.
• Wrote complex queries, User Defined Functions (UDF’s) and Stored Procedures.
• Setup database back up/recovery procedures for production and development servers.
• Worked on fragmentation issues of clustered indexes and non-cluster index.
• Worked on Data modeling and data staging while normalizing the data of the application.
• Monitored and scheduled existing/new jobs on production environment.
• Periodically checked all databases with DBCC commands for maintaining data consistency and integrity.
• Wrote SSIS Packages to migrate user’s logins, stored procedures, and functions.
• Tested backup and recovery strategies in a test environment before and after moved to production environment.
• Defined Roles and Privileges to control access to database.
• Created Triggers to enforce data and referential integrity.
• Involved with all phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) process.
• Wrote and modified stored procedures/Triggers (DML/DDL) to implement complex business rule.
• Worked on query performance tuning by modifying T-SQL queries by eliminating redundant and inconsistent data, normalized tables, established joins & created indexes wherever necessary.
• Generated Script files of the databases whenever changes are made to stored procedures or views.
• Designed Data Transformation Services (DTS) packages to refresh data and Deployed for Staging on Production.
• Deployed database objects from development to testing environment and to production environment.
• Increased database performance using appropriate fill factors.
• Took Response for keeping system and databases up-to-date by making necessary changes.
• Created logins and users as and when required with specific roles on production server.

Environment: MS SQL server 2000/2005, windows 2000/2003, Excel, Enterprise Manager, SQL Server Management Studio, Business Intelligence Developmental Studio, Index Tuning Wizard, DTS/SSIS, SSRS, SQL profiler.

Western Maryland Health Systems, Maryland, Nov 06 – July 07
SQL Server DBA/Developer

Western Maryland Health System (WMHS) provides healthcare including medical, surgical, pediatric and obstetric services to western Maryland. The WMHS Regional Cancer Center, which is located on the Braddock Campus and accredited by the American College of Surgeons. Which consists of Sql Server 2000 and Windows Server 2003, which is beneficial for doctors to save 100 work hours through E-Signatures and support the web based architecture. My Roles in the company mainly included the maintenance of the database along with maintaining database consistency and integrity.

• Worked extensively on installation, upgrade and configuration of MS SQL server 2005 database/servers.
• Responsible for Query optimization and Performance tuning.
• Implemented Database Mirroring as a part of disaster recovery plan.
• Monitored Databases by using DBCC commands and to check physical and logical consistency of the databases and to rebuild indexes.
• Granted users permission to execute a stored procedure independently of underlying table permissions.
• Administered of all SQL server database objects, logins, users and permissions in each registered server.
• Worked on required changes to server and database objects and processes like Database, tables, indexes, views, columns triggers, primary keys and foreign keys.
• Documented the Upgrade Execution Plan, using SQL 2005 upgrade advisor tool to check the compatibility issues before and after the upgrade, Transferring Login using DTS and Transferring of the DTS packages using and Jobs using SSIS.
• Designed and implemented Database replication by Transactional Replication for High Availability.
• Responsible for Routine and Proactive maintenance such as taking backups, statistics updates and database integrity checking
• Experience in Online analytical processing (OLAP) and Data warehousing, creating data models such as Dimensional and Snowflake and marinating Data Marts
• Created Reports and created cube with Analysis services (SSAS).
• Managed replication issues during DDL changes over data in development servers.
• Worked on database security of the SQL Server, responsible for creating user logins with appropriate roles, dropping and locking the logins, creation of groups, granting the privileges to users and Groups.
• Managing and scheduling daily jobs relating to data transfers, backup and recovery, transaction log dumps.
• Database and Log Backups Restoration Scheduling Backup Strategies.
• Hands on Backing up master & system databases and restoring them when necessary and automated backup processes using SQL Server jobs. Plan and Schedule the Online/Offline Backups.
• Worked on store procedure and user defined functions to reduce network traffic and latency. Also to boost application performance.
• Implemented transactional replication model and involved in maintenance of the replication.
• Implemented Backup and restore in SQL Server 2005.
• Maintained multiple instances SQL Servers with maximum availability.
• Worked on clustering active/active environment.

Environment: MS SQL Server 2000/2005, Windows 2000/2003, XML, Excel Sheet, TSQL, Replication.

Freddie Mac, Virginia Jan 06 - Oct 06
SQL Server DBA/Developer.

Freddie Mac is a Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation Act to keep money flowing to mortgage lenders in support of homeownership and rental housing. Financial integration Redesign (on FIRE) project is focused on the construction of a new accounting application based on an architecture that is flexible, scalable and can accommodate current and anticipated future needs for all Freddie Mac loans and participation certificates (PC securities). Accounting systems operate at quarterly or monthly cycles. The ultimate goal is to provide accounting data on a daily basis, or as close to a real time business transaction date.


• Installation of MS SQL enterprise servers on test and development boxes.
• Performed Database Administration and Management activities in a safe, recoverable and professional manner that ensures the optimal operation of all database environments.
• Handling database objects with Enterprise Manager and Query Analyzer.
• Running DBCC consistency checks, and fixing data corruption in application databases.
• Creating and managing schema objects such as tables, views, clustered indexes, procedures, triggers.
• Administering the MS SQL Server by creating user logins with appropriate roles, dropping and locking the logins, monitoring the user accounts, creation of groups, granting the privileges to users and groups.
• Plan and Schedule the Online/Offline Backups.
• Database and Log Backups & Restoration, Backup Strategies, Scheduling Backups. Backing up master & system databases and restoring them when necessary.
• Recommended system design approaches, which are consistent with the application's business requirements.
• Interacting with Business Analysts and Developers in identifying the requirements and designing and implementing the Database Schema.
• Worked closely with Application Developers and Business Analysts to produce all required documentation.
• Wrote new stored procedures and modifying existing ones.
• Proper use of Indexes to enhance the performance of individual queries and enhance the Stored Procedures
• Extensive use of Triggers to implement business logic and for auditing changes to critical tables in the database.
• Employing Indexing Strategies and optimizing them, using SQL Profiler & Index Tuning Wizard.
• Dropped and recreated the Indexes on tables for performance improvements.
• Tuned SQL queries using Show Plans and Execution Plans for better performance.
• Performing Data Transfer/Migration using Export/Import and Data Transformation Services (DTS).
• Partitioned lot of tables, which have frequent inserts, deletes and updates to reduce the contention and to improve the performance.

Environment: Windows 2000 Advanced Server, MS SQL Server 2000, MS Outlook, T-SQL, Erwin 4, VBScripts,

Fimat Facilities Management Inc, Chicago, IL, Nov 04 – Dec 05
SQL DBA / Developer

Fimat is one of the world's largest global brokerage organizations. A client driven product, the newly redesigned Fimat® Internet provides on-line access to complete trading and clearing information, such as daily trades, open positions, Transactions, margin requirements, cash and security movements, access to contracts information, as well as a trade matching feature, among other functions. This project mainly involves in Extracting data from I series AS/400 database to SQL Server 2000 on daily basis and generating reports like Daily Statements, Positions and Transactions. Involved in developing Stored Procedures for I series AS/400 database.


• Worked on ticketing and change management.
• Performance Tuning, Analyze, tuning and optimizing for SQL Server Application by using performance monitor. Assist the SQL Developers in SQL tuning.
• Wrote T-SQL programming for implement Stored Procedures and Functions for different tasks.
• Participating in the improvement of backup and recovery procedures and other standards.
• Carrying out day-to-day jobs like performance tuning and troubleshooting batch jobs, which are very critical to the firm.
• Coordinating with various business groups in planning proper data flow and designing the database.
• Designed Data Transformation Services (DTS) packages to refresh data on Development, QA, Staging and Production.
• 24X7 Production support for General Business Ordering Server.
• Significant amount of experience in database backup and restore design and operations management.
• Significant amount of experience in Physical and Logical database design.
• Propping up the new schema changes and additional new features on Development, Staging, QA and Production servers. Designed new schema for data partition.
• Given proposal for servers and hardware RAID configuration solutions for Enterprise Solutions for performance improvement of certain databases.

Environment: SQL Server 2000, Visio 2000, T-SQL, Excel, Advanced Windows 2000 Server, Visual Source Safe 6.0 (Version Control Management).

CHASE HOME LENDING, Jacksonville, FL Sept 03 – Oct 04
SQL Server DBA

Chase originates $170 billion in residential mortgages and home equity annually, and services a portfolio of more than $500 billion. The home lending division serves borrowers nationwide through 2,400 local loan officers in 300 mortgage offices and 3,000 bank branches, as well as 450 representatives in call centers. Accounting System and Production being developed and maintained in SQL Server 2000/7.0and the reporting tools are Erwin 3.5 and crystal reports.


• Involved in installing and configuring SQL SERVER 7.0/ 2000.
• Design/develop database using SQL SERVER 7.0/2000.
• Worked on stored procedures for data access and get the data integrity.
• Setting up BACKUP/RESTORE and disaster recovery procedures to ensure minimal Downtime and data loss.
• Developing optimal query mechanism to avoid deadlocks and blocking and if they do Occur troubleshooting them.
• Fine tuning the performance of queries, stored procedures, triggers, cursors.
• Task scheduling to automate processes /tasks like database backups, DBCC checks, Database allocation checks, dumping transactions etc.
• Optimizing the existing stored procedures, database triggers and SQL scripts on the Server level.
• Optimize the security and setting up the security firewall and also in setting up the Access permissions for users and user groups.
• Monitor activity logs and system activity.
• Data Migration with MS Access, Excel and Text file scheduling tasks using DTS.
• Implementation of MS SQL database Replications methodologies.

Environment: SQL Server 2000, Erwin 3.5, T-SQL, Excel sheet, MS Access, Crystal Reports 8.0 and Windows NT.

APP LABS, Hyderabad, India Oct 02 - July 03

App Labs services encompass Functional, Performance, and Quality testing with a distinctive SOA Testing focus. On functional testing, it points out that most testing tools are focused on unit testing and are incapable of building composite interdependent tests across technology platforms, languages and systems. The project is used to protect against an unauthorized entry, and maintains each employee biometric information and keep track of Check in and Check out information in Central database.


• Actively participated in gathering of User Requirement and System Specification.
• Worked on complex T-SQL statements, and implemented various codes and functions.
• Created user defined functions and triggers for Data consistency.
• Created views to facilitate easy user interface implementation, and triggers on them to facilitate consistent Data entry into the database.
• Created reports from database onto excel spread sheet using DTS.
• Wrote complex stored procedures to process employees requirement and generating.
• Scripted sql jobs on Testing server and implemented on Development server.
• Identified, tested, and resolved database performance issues (monitoring and tuning) to ensure database optimization.
• Created Database Maintenance Plans for the Performance of SQL Server, which covers Database Integrity. Debugged the T-SQL queries for performance tuning.
• Checked Updated Database Statistics and Re-indexing.
• Created Users and Roles, and managed security and permission of database.
• Involved in creating Stored Procedures, view, tables, constrains.

Environment: SQL Server 7.0/2000, Windows NT server, SQL Profiler, XML.

Auarchy Technologies Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad, India Aug 01 - Sept 02
Junior SQL DBA/Developer

Autarchy Technologies was incorporated with its corporate office and main software development center in Hyderabad. This company mainly focuses on web based software development, RDBMS like Oracle, SQL Server using middle tiers like MTS, MSMQ and web technologies like XML, DHTML, Web Classes and distributed Internet applications. Autarchy Technologies (P) Ltd primarily focus on two fields namely Internet services and the system side solutions


• Created and maintained various databases for production, development and testing using SQL Server 2000.
• Performed everyday backup and developed recovery procedures.
• Worked on Migration techniques across different databases and servers.
• Created packages, procedures, functions, and triggers; handled database performance tuning.
• SQL Server Installation, patch application of databases to newer releases.
• Involved in Creation of new database, planning the location of data, index, and transaction log files on the disks.
• Imported data from text files and excel spread sheets into SQL Server 2000 database using DTS package.
• Analyzed SQL Server Storage Structure, Index and Security Architecture.
• Provided support to the application developers on the application databases.
• Worked on linked servers to run distributed queries between SQL Server and other data sources like excel using ODBC, OLE DB drivers.

Environment: SQL Server 2000/7.0, SQL Profiler, SQL Analyzer, ADO.NET, HTML, T-SQL, Windows 2000.

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