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Conveyor Systems Engineer

Pensacola, Florida, 32507, United States
September 09, 2009
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I. Professional Profile
A. Analytical and Problem Solving Skills
1. Commissioned complex integrated electro-mechanical and PC-
controlled systems
2. Developed production-increasing, cost-saving material
handling solutions
3. Engineered cost-saving measures that saved projects up to
$100,000 in cost
B. Leadership Skills
1. Supervised 4 mechanical engineers and served as mentor to
engineering coworkers
2. Managed industrial projects from conception through
3. Led project teams made up of multiple engineering and
construction disciplines
C. Financial Skills
1. Created budgets for conveyor system projects to several
million dollars in scope
2. Successfully managed project budgets of up to a million
dollars in scope
3. Responsibly purchased all necessary components for multi-
million dollar projects
D. Organizational Skills
1. Developed and managed scheduling of large industrial
2. Managed communication among all parties for successful
project implementation
3. Organized all documentation required for project
E. Teamwork Skills
1. Primary contact for customers /contractors in successful
project implementation
2. Successfully resolved interpersonal conflicts during
project implementation
3. Managed construction crews of up to 10 workers

II. Work History
January, 1994 – February, 1996; Conveyor Installer; Conesco; Denver, CO

March, 1996 – May, 2001 Systems Engineer; Rapistan Systems; Irving, TX

June, 2001 – June, 2003 Missionary; International Mission Board; Richmond, VA

July, 2003 – June, 2009 Project Engineer; Dematic; Lewisville, TX

III. Education
September, 1988 – December, 1993
Auburn University; Auburn, Alabama
BS Mechanical Engineering
Participated in Division IA athletics and student ministry leadership

IV. Technical Knowledge
A. Experienced in integration of gantry robot and automatic
B. Experienced in integration of Dematic, FKI and other leading
conveyor systems
C. Experienced with Allen Bradley PLC’s, Profinet and Devicenet
D. Proficient in SAP, AutoCAD and MS Office applications
E. Experienced with RFID and barcode scanners, barcode labelers
and printers
F. Experienced in integration of carousels
G. Experienced with compressors and air handling systems

V. Mechanical/Electrical Experience
A. Installation/repair of new/used conveyor: including
Rapistan, Buschman, Roach, Litton and ACSI; including
pushers, RAPT’s, shoe sorters, diverters, lineshaft, belt-
driven, chain-driven and DC roller, 3M tapers and Mettler
Toledo in-motion scales
B. Installation of material handling system compressors, air
piping and pneumatic control devices
C. Replacement of field and panel electrical devices,
including: air-pressure switches,encoders, photoeyes,
proximity switches, motor starters/overloads, PLC cards and
CPU’s, AC drives, limit switches, solenoids, DC power
supplies, transformers and profinet cards
D. Wiring of control panels and field wiring of motors and
controls devices
E. Programming of AC Drives
F. Troubleshooting of bar code scanners, encoders, photoeyes,
tapers, print-and-apply labelers, proximity switches, limit
switches, DeviceNet and Profinet controls systems
G. Repair/replacement of roller chain and HTD drive trains,
motors and reducers

VI. Training
A. Rapistan SEDP (Sales and Engineering Development): January,
B. AutoCAD R14 Training: February, 1997
C. Contractor Safety Training: May, 2005
D. Dematic Sales (AIDINC Customer Interface) Training: January,
E. Principles of Project Management (PMBOK): June, 2008

Alan Heaton: Operations Manager, Dematic Southwest Operations
Steven Hagenbuck: General Manager, Dematic Southwest Operations
Mike Ehlers: Engineering Manager, JC Penney Alliance D.C.
Lance Perkins, Maintenance Manager, Hobby Lobby D.C.