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Sr IT Middleware Support

Orlando, Florida, United States
March 11, 2009
Contact Info:

Vihar Garlapati


• Over 6 years of experience in installation, configuration, Deployment and management of enterprise applications using WebSphere Application server 6.0/5.0/4.0.

• Strong technical knowledge including WebSphere Application server implementation, support, workload management and performance tuning.

• Web server setup, including complex secure sockets layer (SSL) configuration on IBM HTTP Server (Apache based).

• Experienced in applying Fix Packs and Cumulative Fixes for WebSphere application server.

• Strong Knowledge in Clustering EJB objects,JDBC connections and JMS connection factories.

• Configured WebSphere® MQ as the JMS provider for the WebSphere Test Environment and ran applications with that configuration.

• Deployed applications on multiple Web Sphere servers and maintained Load balancing, high availability and Failover functionality using Work Load Management (WLM) .

• Experience in Performance tuning the Application Server environment and troubleshooting.

• Automated application install, uninstall and application enhancements through shell scripts, WSCP, JACL and Jython scripts using ‘Cron’ job scheduling utilities.

• Proficient in deploying applications in WAR, JAR, and EAR formats.

• Experienced in Installing upgrade Service Packs and migrating to latest versions.

• Highly experienced in using Tivoli Performance Viewer, Log Analyzer.


IBM Certified System Administrator -- WebSphere Application Server V6.0

IBM Certified System Administrator -- WebSphere Application Server V5.1

Technical Skills

Application Servers WebSphere 4.0/5.0/6.0,JBoss,IHS 6.1/2.x/1.3x,Apache Web Server 1.3, Tomcat Apache, SUNONE web servers.

Operating Systems: UNIX, Linux, OS/390, AS/400, HP-UX (including Service Guard), Solaris, IBM AIX (V4.3.3 and 5L V5.1, HACMP) and Windows NT/2000/XP.

Java Technologies Servlets, Applets, AWT, Swing, Beans, EJB, J2EE, JMS, Networking, JDBC/ODBC, JNDI and RMI.

Languages C,C++, Java 2, Visual Basic, ASP, SQL, PL/SQL, and ESQL

Tools Visual Age for Java, QPASA, Tivoli, BMC Patrol, XPEDITER, Candle, VISIO, WSAD, QMF and CRM,ITCAM.

Scripting Languages JavaScript, Shell script and Perl,ANT, Jacl, Jython.

Markup Languages HTML, XML/XSL and DHTML.

Databases: Oracle, DB2, Sybase, SQL server and MS Access.

UML Tools Rational Rose, Rational Unified process (RUP), Rational Clear Case

Protocols TCP/IP, FTP, SMTP, SOAP, POP and HTTP.

Professional Experience

Walt Disney World,Orlando,Florida

IT Middleware Support Aug 08- Till date


• Responsible for installation and configuration of web applications using WebSphere Application Server 5.0/6.0, IBM Http Server (2.x), plugins, applying fixes for WebSphere, http servers and plugins.

• Implemented Clustering, Performance tuning and trouble shooting of IBM WebSphere Application Server 5.0/6.0/6.1.

• Working knowledge in evaluating session state failover options (memory-to-memory, database persistence and create and configures DRS (Data Replication Service) replication domains.

• Involved in installing/migrating Web Servers like IBM Http Server V6.0.2.3/2.0 and installing corresponding plug-ins on the WebServers to communicate with the Application Server.

• Experienced in deploying EAR, WAR and JAR files on Websphere Application Server V5.x/6.x and configuring various resources for applications.

• Used Tivoli Performance Monitoring tool to monitor application resources (Enterprise beans, servlets) and WAS runtime resources (JVM memory, application server thread pools, database connection pool,CPU Starvations).

• Provided load/stress and architecture validation testing and trouble shooting on issues such as Out of Memory,100% CPU Usage,hung Thread sessions,session replication, JVM Crashes.

• Monitored for Application core dumps or forced thread dumps to check for system objects using thread analyzer.

• Documented all procedures and any other important issues.

Environment:WebSphere Application Server 5.x/6.0/6.1,IHS V2.0/,XML,SQL Server 2000,Oracle 9i/10g,DB2 V7.1/8.1,RedHat Linux V9, Solaris V8/9/10, AIX V5.1/5.3.

Cigna Healthcare, Voorhees, NJ

Web Infrastructure Engineer Jul 07- Aug 08


• Designed the topology for new WebSphere 6.1 installations.

• Installed and configured 6.1/6.0 version of WebSphere Application Server, IHS and plug-in in development, staging and production environments.

• Configured DMZ web servers in admin console and configured IHS plug-ins.

• Created and configured self-signed certificates for WebSphere key stores and Verisign certificates for IHS web servers.

• Established SSL communication between plug-in and application servers by configuring key stores and trust stores.

• Implemented global security with LDAP based user registry.

• Applied fixpacks, cumulative fixes and upgraded WAS V5.0 and V5.1

• Installed IBM HTTP Server 2.0.47 and configured the web server plug-in to work with the application server.

• Created different resources like JDBC providers, data sources, JMS connections factories.

• Interpreted log files to locate and solve application server problems.

• Application Server performance monitoring of resources like web container connections, JDBC connection pools, thread pools, system load like CPU utilization and Memory utilization, garbage collection and JVM heap size.

• Used Shell Scripting for automation purposes, starting & stopping application servers.

• Used ITCAM as the performance monitoring tool for problem determination and suggested the team with the necessary performance issues as suggested by ITCAM.

• Used Collector Tool to gather information about installation and packages.

• Performance and tuning database connection pools, thread pools, JVM Heap Size to required sizes using admin console.

Environment: WAS 6.1/6.0/5.1.1.X, AIX 5L V5.2,Windows 2000,Linux,Solaris,AIX,IHS 2.0.47,IBM DB2 UDB Enterprise edition 8.1,Oracle, Tivoli Performance Viewer,ITCAM.

Peoples Bank, Covington, GA

WebSphere Administrator Jun 06 – Jul 07


• Installation, Configuration and maintenance of WAS 6.1/6.0/5.1, IBM IHS 6.1/2.x.

• Implemented the Clustering Topology that meets client’s High Availability and Failover requirement for performance and functionality.

• Administration of Working Applications- starting and stopping the application servers – Regenerating/updating plug-in for IBMHTTP Server.

• Created Self-Signed certificate for IHS 2.0.47 using ikeyman tool.

• Configured IBM HTTP Server for SSL for communication between Plug-in and Application server.

• Analyzed log files to detect and troubleshoot server and application problems.Used the Trace feature to resolve issues.

• Worked closely with Code development team to resolve application deployment issues.

• Took the Java core dumps to analyze some of the runtime issues with the development team.

• Performed routine management of WebSphere environment like monitoring Disk space, CPU utilization.

• Developed and maintained scripts using wsadmin and ksh for various administrative tasks to run them at specified regular intervals using crontab.

• Monitored the performance of Enterprise Applications using Tivoli Performance Viewer.

• Configured WebSphere resources like JDBC providers, JDBC data sources, connection pooling.

Environment: WAS 6.0/5.1,Sun Solaris 5.10/5.9, RedHat Linux,IHS 1.3.X/2.0.47, Oracle9i.

Pac-West Telecomm, CA

WebSphere Administrator Sep 05 – Jun 06


• Installed,configured Application Servers like WebSphere on UNIX and Windows Platforms (NT/2000) in a multi clustered high availability environments.

• Deployed enterprise J2EE applications on WebSphere 6.0/5.1 that involves EAR (Enterprise Archives) and WAR (Web Archives).

• Managed the security and performance optimizations for EJB containers and web applications in IBM WebSphere and Apache web server.

• Created user roles and groups for securing the resources using Local OS Registries.

• Accountable for application changes across different platforms- development, testing and production.

• Developed UNIX shell scripts, JACL scripts to automate the WebSphere Administration (recycling the application server, deploying customer applications, logs rotation, monitor applications state, etc,).

• Involved in configuring the Web Directory access protocols like LDAP for different levels of access at the site.

Environment: IBM WebSphere Application Server 6.0/5.1/5.0, IHS WebServer 2.0.47,Sun One Diretory Server,EJB, XML, Sun Solaris 9/8 and Windows NT/2000.

Century Mortgage, Louisville, KY

WebSphere Administrator April 04-Sep 05


• Installed and configured IBM WebSphere Application Server 5.0/6.0, Deployment Manager, JDBC drivers, Data sources on Aix, Solaris and windows servers.

• Installed, Configured and Administered IBM HTTP Web Servers V1.3, Apache V2.0 and IPlanet web servers.

• Applied Fix Packs and Cumulative fixes to the already existing WebSphere versions.

• Configured Workload Management (WLM) using Clusters/Server Groups and clones.

• Enabled WebSphere Global security using LDAP and local OS.

• Secured application server and Admin repository in DMZ topology.

• Used Tivoli Performance Monitoring tool to monitor application resources (Enterprise beans, servlets) and WAS runtime resources (JVM memory, application server thread pools, database connection pool, CPU Starvations).

• Developed WSADMIN scripts using in order to automate the process of WebSphere deployment and configuration.

• Developed shell scripts to handle everyday System Administration tasks such as backup procedure, system cleanup, everyday system tasks, log rotation etc

• Involved in trouble shooting and Performance tuning using Tivoli Performance Viewer/Resource analyzer and Log analyzer.

• Provided 24x7 support on a weekly basis for mission critical applications.

Environment: AIX 5.1, Solaris V8, IBM WebSphere 6.0/5.1, IBM HTTP Server 2.0/1.3,DB2, Oracle 9i/8i/7i, Windows XP/NT/2000

US Cable Group, Montvale, NJ

Web Sphere Administrator/Support May 03- April 04


• Assisted the Cable Group with the project plan for Network Deployment of major applications and played a major role in clustering and deployment applications.

• Installed, configured, and maintained WebSphere Application Server 5.x and applied fix packs on both HP UNIX and AIX Environments.

• Reviewed webserver,app server performance monitoring data using both Wily Introscope and Tivoli Performance Viewer.Involved extensively in monitoring performance and reviewed historical logs for root cause analysis, looked for recurring events and involved in troubleshooting the recurring problems.

• Assisted in analyzing application deployments and application reviews for single points of failure, and ability to cluster and load balance the applications.

• Expertise in reviewing server logs- application, web server, app server, database.

• Assisted in several thread dump, heap dump and Garbage collector analysis using IBM thread Analyzer, HPJ Meter.

• Lead role in Performance Testing and tuning the applications performance emphasizing on JVM heap size,CPU utilization,JDBC connection pools,Garbage Collection,Web container threads,servlet performance,response time alerts and thresholds.

Environment: WebSphere Application Server 4.0/5.x, IBM Http Server, Oracle9.x,DB2, XML, Shell Script, Window NT, UNIX, Solaris, AIX, Microsoft Visio.

Sprint PCS, Reston, VA

WebSphere Administrator Nov 02 – April 03


• Installed both IBM Web Sphere Application Server V5.0/4.0 Base and WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment V5.0 and configured it.

• Setting up horizontal clusters for Work Load Management (WLM) and Failover support.

• Deployed enterprise applications from the admin console and defined virtual hosts and environment variables.

• Diagnosed the problems caused in the applications through the log files and rectified.

• Deployed the application in staging, in production, following change management practices and 24/7 support.

• Installed JDBC drivers and created the data sources and configured the parameters of the connection pool.

• Workload management of EJBs and Servlets using Enterprise Java Services workload management.

• Performed WebSphere process tuning, JVM optimization, Java memory tuning.

• Monitoring of space availability on each file system using the Shell Scripts.

Environment:IBM WebSphere 5.X/4.X, Solaris 8.0,AIX 4.3,Windows 2000,iPlanet Directory Server 4.1.1,LDAP 3, Oracle 8i.

RKM -- Resonance Knowledge Management Bangalore

Java Developer Jan 02- Oct 02


• Worked as a Designer/Developer in the project.

• Analysis of the functional/system requirements and design of the overall technical architecture.

• Created UML artifacts viz. Use-Case Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams, Class Diagrams for individual modules.

• Implementation of the front end screens using JSP.

• Implemented servlets as the back end controller to the front end JSP pages.

• Developed classes for XML Reading using SAX and Xalan XML parser.

• Writing PL/SQL stored procedures to handle business logic related to DB.

• Deployment of the system on the WebSphere J2EE application server, and post implementation revisions.

Environment: JDB, JSP, Java Beans, Servlets, JDBC, Eclipse, WebSphere, Oracle, PL/SQL, Windows, UNIX.

Education: Bachelor’s in Computer Science Engineering, India.