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Senior Electrical Engineer

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Country: Philippines
City: Santo Tomas
Salary: negotiable
Posted date: 1/4/2012   all resumes
Contact Info: **********@*****.***
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Pablo C. Zandueta
Project Engineer/ Principal Engineer
Senior Electrical Engineer/
Design Electrical Engineer/
ARE – Electrical

Contact No: 00966 53 7267204


Experience Summary

Over 30 years of experience in the field of electrical and instrumentation for the role of: Principal Engineer, Senior Project Engineer, Project Engineer, Senior Electrical Engineer, Electrical and Instrumentation/Control Engineer and ARE. I had worked for EPC and EPCM projects. Had extensive experience in project engineering, project management, supervision, technical evaluation, specification and document reviews, installation, site work and material inspection, project coordination, inspection, testing and commissioning. Performed: Conceptual design, FEED, and detailed design. Have a substantial experience with engineering contractors. I have worked for onshore/offshore oil and gas projects, power generation and distribution, water treatment system, water distribution system, chlorination system, district cooling system, building construction (residential, commercial, industrial, and high rise buildings), Aluminum Cold Rolling Mills, Aluminium Extrusion Plant Projects. Competent in electrical engineering calculation and studies. Write work technical specifications, equipment specifications, method statement, control philosophy, commissioning procedures, maintenance procedure and related documents. Participate in technical bid evaluation, resolved technical queries, and provide technical clarification. Had an experience in HAZOP, HSE, risk assessment, and electrical safety management. Familiar with international standards namely: ANSI/IEEE, API, NEMA, ICEA, IEC; and certifying agencies namely: UL, FM, KEMA, etc. Good interpersonal relationship; effective verbal and written communication skills; strong engineering background; good analytical and judgemental skills; excellent knowledge of written and spoken English; PC literate (MS-Word, Excel. Micro-station, Auto CAD, Internet)

Feb 2011 – Present ARE (Electrical) - JACOBS ZATE
Yanbu, Saudi Arabia

Project Management Contractor (PMC) for the construction of two (2) Steam Turbine Generators with a total capacity of 500 MW for Marafiq in Yanbu, Saudi Arabia

The construction of the Power Plant consists of 2 gas fired Steam Turbine Generators each with a rated capacity of 250MW. Each generating unit consist of Super heat steam Boiler and Economizer, Steam Turbine with HP, IP and LP casing, Condensing Unit, De-aerator, Forced Draft Fan, Induced Fan, FGD, ESP, SCR, related fuel supply, cooling system, etc.

Monitor the progress of construction activities associated with the installation of electrical equipment, material, and system such as 380kV GIS, 115kV GIS, Start-up X’F (2 x 47 MVA), Step-up X’F (2 x 340MVA), Unit X’F (2 x 42MVA), 2 – 4160v Start-up Swgr, 4 – 4160v Unit Swgr., 480v Power Centers, LV MCC, UPS System, IPB, NSPB, Lighting System, Lightning Protection System, Grounding System, etc.

Witness various site tests after installation:

For 380kV and 115kV GIS such as gas leakage test, functional test of protection system, power factor and capacitance test, HV test, Insulation test, Moisture measurement, phase angle check, verification of grounding resistance, voltage test of auxiliary circuits, CT ratio and polarity test. PT ratio test, contact resistance measurement, etc.
For MV and LV Switchgear such as operation and functional test of relays and control circuits, Multi function relay test for protection, PT and CT ratio and polarity tests, CB tests such as pick-up voltage test, insulation resistance test, and contact resistance test, etc.

Attend meetings with EPC contractors. Review method statements and risk assessments for installation works.

Ensure that EPC electrical related works adhere to contract specifications and applicable standards.

Develop new methods and procedures to project activities, including supervision
of contractor’s project execution processes.

Identify the areas for value engineering opportunities and take up with EPC for
implementation and project cost saving measures.

Liaise with other trades to seek project data to finalize designs and construction.

Prepare progress reports on work done by contractors.
Constantly monitor and regularly report site performance, including review of
contractors procedures and help develop project procedures for owner’s team.

Field activities including preparation and safe conduct.

Interfacing works with other discipline at site to effectively manage a smooth interaction and progress.

Advise Company’s senior management with regard to work challenges, unusual
risks, and/or threats to project success including likely defects.

Participate in the site budgeting process as needed.

Prepare and assist the Project Director in carrying out necessary
correspondences with Owners’ Engineers and EPC consortium, related to site
activities for time delay, quality-related issues, contractual and technical

Establish and maintain regular communications and consultations (formal and
informal) with primary points of contact involved in the project such as
contractors, and other staff.

Co-ordinate Company’s response to any quality-related queries.

Resolve conflicts arising out of project issues.

Responsible for achieving the mechanical completion of the project, related to
electrical systems and ensures that the project is achieved within the time and

Develop systems process and SOP for capturing the punch lists and ensure that
these punch lists are liquidated within agreed timeline and to the satisfaction of
asset management team.

Review and comment on commissioning procedures and checklists in coordination
with asset management team.

Develop a commissioning co-ordination procedure involving all partners.

Participate during all commissioning checks and tests. Responsible for
successful conducting of plant performance test as per the agreed contract.

Jan. 2009 – Sept. 2010 Worley Parsons
Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia

Project: Construction of 380/115kV GIS Sub-station (Raz Az Zwar, Saudi Arabia)
Contract No. 06-856BX-084

As Project Engineer, amongst my responsibilities were: over see both electrical and mechanical completion the installation of: 380kV GIS, 115kV GIS, and associated equipment such as 250MVA Power Auto Transformer, Local Control Panels, Protection and Monitoring Panels, 420kV Earth Switch, 13.8kV Switchgears, 13.8kV Surge Arrestors, Grounding Transformers, 380kV Post Insulators, 1600kVA Auxiliary transformers, Dry Type Transformers, AC Distribution Boards (380/220V), DC Distribution Boards (120Vdc), Lighting Distribution Panels, Dynamic System Monitor (DSM), Protection Signalling Equipment, etc. Ensure works are in compliance to safety requirement. Resolve technical issues related to design issues of installation, sizing of cables associated to voltage drop and SC current, Grounding issues, wiring connections, etc; review site ITPs, method statements, and commissioning procedures to suit installation requirement at site; initiate to Contractor inspection, testing and commissioning – witness and provide report on the same; monitor progress of work and updates project plan for timely completion of project; review budget and assist tracking of expenses against budget; prepare daily progress reports, attend weekly and monthly progress meeting with Contractors, attend construction progress meetings (weekly and monthly), complete close-out documents, report any incident associated with the construction, prepare and issue report as required.

As Senior Electrical Engineer, I worked for AL-Jalamid Mining and Phosphate Plant Complex project for Saudi Arabia Ma,aden Mining Co. on reviews of electrical and instrumentation design drawings, technical specification, work methodology, equipment specifications, control philosophy, design calculations, etc for the construction of Power and Desalination Plant (PDP), Sulfuric Acid Plant (SAP), Phosphoric Acid Plant (PAP), Ammonium Plant (AMP), DI-Ammonium Plant (DAP), Inside Plant Battery Limit (ISBL), Sea Water Cooling Plant (SWCP) and Outside Plant Battery Limit (OSBL). Attend to technical queries and resolve technical issues in the construction.

Nov. 2006 – Oct. 2007 ADMAC
Abu Dhabi, UAE

Project No. 2860.1: Upgrade and Modification of SHOBAISI WATER PUMPING STATION

As Senior Electrical and Instrumentation/Control Design Engineer, ‘as-built’ existing installations, design various (electrical and instrumentation) drawings for the upgrade of the Water Pumping Stations for the installation of: Double Ended 11kV Switchgears; Motor Control Centers; Power Distribution Boards; UPS; Rectifiers and Battery Chargers; Motors; process instruments such as flow transmitters, level transmitters, pressure transmitters, temperature transmitters; PLCs, SCADA system; Cable Trays, etc. Such design and installation drawings are: single line diagram, electrical power layout, small power and lighting layout, equipment arrangement layout, cable tray layout, piping and instrument diagram (P& ID), wiring interconnection diagram, cable block diagram, electrical hook-ups, instrument hook-ups, grounding layout, etc. Related works: cable size calculation; voltage drop calculations; transformer sizing; short circuit calculation; preparation of cable schedule, electrical load calculation, preparation of electrical load schedule and load list; make load estimates; write method statement and scope of work; prepare equipment specifications; review material technical submittals; review technical specification and compliances; attend construction meetings, and prepare related documentations. I was responsible for the electrical & instrumentation work completion of the project including inspection, testing and commissioning. Write construction progress reports and related work documentations. Conduct site inspections, survey, and measurement.

Jan. 2005 – Nov. 2006 SNC Lavalin Gulf Contractor
Abu Dhabi, UAE

TABREED District Cooling Plant Projects for Muroor District, Marina Mall, Baynoona, and
Zyed Sport City, Abu Dhabi, UAE

As Senior Project Engineer, I was responsible for the detail design and installation of: 11kV and
3.3kV Switchgears; LV & MV Soft Starters; 415V LV MCCs; 11kV/3.3kV Transformers,
1100kVA DG Sets; 11kV Gas Generators; DC and UPS System, grounding system, and lighting
system; conduct site inspection and coordination to suit design installation; resolve technical
queries associated with design and installation. Participate in bid evaluation; review equipment
specification; review work specifications; write method statement; performed design
calculations; review testing and commissioning procedures; liaise with supplier and vendor;
attend construction progress meetings; prepare progress reports; witness/participate inspection,
testing, and commissioning; and prepare related documentations.

Jan 2004 - Jan 2005 Stone & Webster, Inc.
Shaw Group of Companies
Abu Dhabi, UAE.

As Principal Engineer, I was assigned responsible for various oil and gas design projects. I have worked for oil and gas companies namely: ADGAS, ADMA-OPCO, ADCO, ENOC in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, UAE. I was responsible for the development of various design drawings for projects; review design requirement associated with Cause and Effect Matrix of process control and shutdowns,. Such design package drawings are: P & ID, ILD, Communication Architecture, Wiring Interconnection Diagram, Cable Block Diagram, Schematic Diagram, Single Line Diagram, Three Line Diagram, Instrument Installation detail drawings, electrical Hook-up, Instrument Hook-up, Logic Diagram, etc. Related works: preparation of instrument data sheet, preparation of cable schedule, voltage drop calculation, cable sizing calculation, short circuit calculation, determination of hazardous area classification, determination of electrical IP enclosure, preparation of Load Schedule, transformer sizing calculation, write scope of work, control philosophy, design progress report, write control philosophy, write commissioning procedure, etc; familiar with international standards namely: ANSI/IEEE, IEC, API, NEMA, ICEA; Certification Agencies namely: UL, FM, CSA, KEMA, etc.

July 2002 - Jan 2004 Stone & Webster, Inc.
Shaw Group of Companies, UAE

Project: Construction of Waste Water Plant in Das Island, UAE
ADMA-OPCO Project, under Contract No. 30130.

As Principal Engineer, I was responsible for the complete electrical and instrumentation installation for the construction of Waste Water Treatment Plant. Details: review construction design drawings as per applicable standards and approved technical specifications; modify design drawings to suit site installations; review equipment technical specification; responsible for QA/QC compliances; review construction specification; conduct site inspection to ensure proper installation of process instruments, electrical equipment, cables and associated control wiring; check instrument installation specifications; liaise with Vendors and Contractors; attend construction progress meeting; write reports and related documentation.

Jan 2002 - May 2002 Stone & Webster, Inc.
Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

As Principal Engineer, I worked for TECHNIP (Abu Dhabi, UAE). Responsibilities: Performed conceptual design for the Sulfur Recovery Plant project in Riyadh Saudi ARAMCO. Details: design analysis and development of various deliverable document and drawings such as Power Distribution, Layout, Single Line Diagram, Data Sheets for Control Valves, Safety Valves, Flowmeters, etc., I/C Engineering Sheets, ESD, DCS, SCADA and Fire and Gas I/O Counts, Cable Schedule, Logic Diagrams, Cable Routing Layout, Cable Block Diagram, Cause and Effect Matrix (Process and Flow Scheme), Electrical Equipment General Arrangement Layout, Piping Isometrics, and others to mention some;

June 1999 - Dec. 2001 Pan Arabian Enterprises for Pipeline
Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

ADWEA Contract WE-23: Upgrading of Pumping Stations Including Electro-Mechanical Works at Al Ain, UAE.

As Project Engineer cum Construction Superintendent, I was assigned responsible for the Manpower implementation, Activity Management and Monitoring of the project. Detail Scope of Contract: dismantling of existing plant & equipment including the design, manufacture, pre-shipment, testing, delivery to site, unloading, storage, erection, site testing, and commissioning of 8 Water Pumping Stations and Distributions. Carried-out upgrade modification and installation of Mimic panels for start and stop control of pump motors and for open and close control & indication of control valves; control wiring modification for motor managers and soft starters; and installation of RTUs and PLCs for centralized control of pumps from Process Interface Building (PIB). I was responsible for the installation, testing and commissioning of Chlorination Plants.

July 1996 - June 1999 Sual Construction Corporation

Project: Construction of SUAL Coal-Fired Thermal Power Plant Project – 2 x 618 MW Capacity

The Power Plant generates a total capacity of 1200 MW. It consists of two (2) sub critical, re-heat – coal fired steam turbine generators, each with a rated power of 609 MW. The Boiler is sub-critical, re-heat, single drum, radiant and conventional two pass type with controlled re-circulation. The Steam Turbine comprises a single flow HP/IP casing and two double flow LP casings exhausting into two (2) Condensers (constructed by ALSTOM). Other facilities of the power plant includes: Boiler system and auxiliaries, T/G system; coal unloading, handling and feeding system; ash handling and storage system, closed cooling water system, de-aeration, FGD and ESP systems, Induced fans, Forced Draft Fans and ESP.
As Senior Electrical Engineer, had been responsible for the installation of electrical equipment such as Step-up Transformers, Auxiliary Transformers, HV Cables, IPB, NSPB, UPS, DC System, MV Switchgears, and LV MCCs. Moreover, I was responsible for the installation of related electrical works such as Cable trays, grounding system, cathodic protection system, lighting system, lightning protection system, and associated cable and wiring. I was responsible for the implementation of manufacturer’s standards, and relevant technical specifications for quality controls, inspection and testing of equipments. I was responsible for the site testing and commissioning of all the associated electrical equipment of the plant.

Write construction method statements and technical specifications. Coordinate electrical works relative to other discipline. Prepare daily, weekly and monthly accomplishment reports and 3 Weeks Look-ahead Schedule. Responsible for the submittals of test reports, as-built drawings and related close-out documents.

Nov. 1989 - July 1996 Saudi Consulting and Design Office
Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia

As Senior Project Engineer, handled the Upgrade of Offshore Gas Gathering design project in Khafji, Saudi Arabia. I was responsible for the preparation various design deliverable drawings for projects. Such deliverable drawings are: single line diagram, schematic diagram, wiring interconnection diagram, cable block diagram, small power and lighting layout, equipment arrangement layout, power layout, piping and instrument diagram (P&ID), instrument loop diagram (ILD), lightning protection layout, three line diagram, grounding layout, electrical hook-ups, instrument hook-ups, installation details, logic diagram, cause and effect matrix, electrical load schedules, cable schedule, etc. Attend design review meetings. Prepare project documentations, write scope of works, prepare design progress report and related works documentations; familiar with international standards namely: ANSI/IEEE, IEC, API, NEMA, ICEA; Certification Agencies namely: UL, FM, CSA, KEMA, etc. and Saudi Aramco Standards.

Sept. 1985 - Nov. 1989 Al-Khobar Eng’g and Consulting Center
Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia

As Project Engineer, I was responsible for the preparation of various detailed design package for modification and upgrade of the various electrical installation and control system projects for Ras Tanura Refinery, North and South Oil Tank Farm, Juaymah Off-Shore Platforms, Abu Ali GOSP, etc. of Saudi Aramco; familiar with international standards namely: ANSI/IEEE, IEC, API, NEMA, ICEA; Certification Agencies namely: UL, FM, CSA, KEMA, etc. and Saudi Aramco Standards.

Nov. 1979 - March 1985 Consulting and Design Engineering
Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia

As Project Engineer, I was assigned responsible for various oil and gas design projects for Saudi ARAMCO. Responsibilities include but not limited to preparation of design deliverable package for the modification and upgrade various system operations in Ras Tanura Refinery, Abu Ali GOSP, Juaymah Offshore Plantform, North and South Tank Farm. Was responsible forfor the preparation of various electrical and instrumentation design drawings such as single line diagram, schematic diagram, wiring interconnection diagram, cable block diagram, small power and lighting layout, equipment arrangement layout, power layout, piping and instrument diagram (P&ID), instrument loop diagram (ILD), lightning protection layout, three line diagram, grounding layout, electrical hook-ups, instrument hook-ups, installation details, logic diagram, cause and effect matrix, electrical load schedules, cable schedule, work methodology, construction scope of work, equipment specification, etc.; Familiar with various International Codes, Standards and Publications such as IEEE, API RP 540, API RP 550, ISA RP, NFPA (NEC), AND NEMA.

Sept. 1977 - Oct. 1979 Philippine Nuclear Power
Plant Project

As Senior Electrical Engineer, I was responsible for electrical design system and installation for the construction of site office buildings, warehouses, welding shops, staff houses and barrack and lay-down areas. I was responsible for the installation of various electrical equipment and instruments for the Nuclear Unit such as power switchgears, control centers, power panel, UPS system, DC system, lighting system, grounding system, instrument installation system, etc.

Sept. 1976 - Sept. 1977 Permaline Metals Corporation
Manila, Philippines

As Electrical Engineer for the Aluminum Extrusion Plant Project, I developed design drawings and was responsible for the installation 34.5kV Power Switching Station; 10MVA, 34.5kV Power Substation; 34.5kV OCB and Metering Structure; ; 34.5kV/4.16kV Step-down Power Substation; 480V Power Distribution Layout; Power transformers; Motor Control Centers; Power Distribution Boards; and Cable Installation System. Such various drawings are: power distribution layout; small power and lighting layout; grounding layout; lightning protection layout; cable tray layout; and miscellaneous installation details. Related works: write work progress report; attend construction review meeting; perform calculation for voltage drops, transformer sizing, lighting level calculation, short circuit calculation, preparation of load schedule, perform electrical load calculation, etc.

Feb. 1975 - Sept. 1976 Hooven COMALCO Inc.

Project: Aluminum Cold Rolling Mills Project ( A joint venture of Philippine Hooven Aluminum
and Australia Commomwealt Aluminum)

As Electrical Engineer, I developed design drawings for the installation 34.5kV Power Switching Station; 5MVA, 34.5kV Power Substation; 34.5kV OCB and Metering Structure; 34.5Kv Short OH Lines; 34.5kV/4.16kV Step-down Power Substation; 480V Power Distribution Layout; Power transformers; Motor Control Centers; Power Distribution Boards; and Cable Installation System. Such various drawings are: power distribution layout; small power and lighting layout; grounding layout; lightning protection layout; cable tray layout; and miscellaneous installation details. I was responsible for the installation of power supply and associated instrument installation for the erection and construction: Aluminum Melting and Holding Furnaces, Aluminum Casting Line; Homogenizing and Annealing Furnaces, Cold Mills, Foil Mills, Foil Slitters, and Aluminum Formers.

Educational Qualification : B.S. in Electrical Engineering
(5 year course)
University of the East
Manila, Philippines
Graduated year 1972

Professional Membership : Philippine Professional Regulation Commission
Licensure Board for Electrical Engineers
Registration Cert. No. 03586
Year Issued: 1974

Affiliation : Integrated Institute of Electrical engineer (IIEE)
UAE Chapter

Certification : Certificate of Higher Education (U.A.E.)

Date Of Birth : 29th June 1950

Specific Technical Expertise :Conceptual design, FEED and detail design for electrical and
instrumentation installations; design and installation
of Low, Medium, and High electrical system equipment such
as: 115kV/380kV GIS; Switchgears (34.5kV, 13.8kV, and
4.16kV); 480V MCC and Switchboards; Distribution Boards;
UPS; Rectifiers; RTUs Distribution and Power Transformers;
grounding installation; lightning protection; lighting system;
cathodic protection; oil and gas instrument installation
system; switchgear protection; transforment protection; bus
protection; line and circuit protection; coordination; review
of design drawings, technical specs, equipment specs;
project engineering; project management; project supervision;
project coordination; work implementation; inspection,
testing and commissioning

Permanent Address : Patac, Santo Tomas
La Union, Philippines

E-mail Address :

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