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Customer Service Assistant

london, SW12 1PW, United Kingdom
September 05, 2010
Contact Info:

Lily Florence O’Hara

Home Address: *** ***** ********,

Brierfield, Nelson, Lancashire BB9 0EY

Current Address: ** ******** *****, ******, ****** SW18 1PW

Mobile: 07792929349




Royal Holloway, University of London

BSc Management with International Business

I am currently an undergraduate studying for the above degree. For my final year my modules include Modern Business in Comparative Perspective and Multinational Enterprise.

Skills acquired from my degree:

 Excellent People Communications: As part of my degree, I am regularly expected to give presentations, write-up reports and work as part of a team to meet deadlines. This means I am always working with different types of people on a variety of tasks, which I extremely enjoy the challenge of meeting and dealing with different people on a daily basis.

 Time Management: I am able to coordinate academics including lectures, seminars, private study and extra-curricular activities (including sports, societies, part-time work, volunteering and being an NUS Delegate). This means on a daily basis I am putting to effective use my time management skills in order to ensure each task is fulfilled to a high standard.

 Team-Building: I am able to coherently work as a team and motivate the members in order to achieve the task in hand; in addition from my work experience I am able to do this whilst maintaining customer satisfaction.


Westholme School, Blackburn

A level: Business Studies (B), English (B), Psychology (B).

GCSEs: 10 including Maths (A), English (B), Drama (A), Art (B) and I.T (A).

Employment History

September to Present

Michael Wisher & Associates: Bar and Waitressing for Sporting and Music Events.

Most recent job was working as a within a hospitality suite at Wembley Stadium for the England match against Kazakhstan. I worked alone looking after 6 tables, for example serving them complimentary champagne, serving their meal and making sure they had an enjoyable experience.

May 2008 to September 2008

Lancashire Constabulary: Public Enquiry Assistant.

I absolutely loved working here because I was helping people from the general public and I was part of an organisation that was based around making the community a better place to live.

My duties involved assisting anyone at the front desk with any problems or answering any queries, taking driving licence details from people with a speeding ticket, taking statements and making appointments with officers, ensuring the people are calm if they show any distress and ensuring they are directed to the correct officer to deal with their case. It was hectic and mostly all the time unpredictable but this came with the job and I loved every minute of this experience.

April 2008 to May 2008

Lancashire County Council: Administration Assistant.

This was a temporary job through an agency. My duties involved general admin work including answering the phone and helping with any enquiries, data inputting, filing, organising filing systems so the social workers could do their job with more efficiency.

September 2007 to December 2007

Optimum Contact Solutions (Part of the Littlewoods Group): Call Centre Advisor.

I worked here on a temporary contract in the Call Centre. I took orders, answered enquiries, managed the switchboard and learnt the jargon and the specific computer system used by the company. For example, I learnt how to ensure security of the person before accessing their account and placing the order using catalogue numbers etc, generally providing excellent customer service. Although I did have to deal with complaints from customers that had received a poor service from us so in these cases I accepted responsibility from our part and resolved the issue by, for example, giving me sincerest apologies, offering discount and express (next-day) delivery on their next order.

August 2007 to September 2007

Euravia Engineering and Supply Co. Ltd.: Receptionist and PA to the Managing Director

This was also temporary work through an agency but I enjoyed it immensely because I was given empowerment within the job through responsibility. I was my own boss in a sense because I organised the company events and meetings, e.g. I assisted the visiting guests from oversees, booking their hotel accommodation and transport to and from the airport and to the company, also arranging their flights. Sometimes I had to arrange this last minute so I had to prioritise my workload. I also manned the switchboard, assisted the other employees and set-up for meetings and conferences, also personal errands for the MD. I was the face of the company so at all times I had to conduct myself within a professional manner as sometimes I communicated with the press regarding meetings with the MD.

February 2007 to August 2007

Posh Nightclub: Bartender and Sales Promoter

This is the job where I learnt to work under pressure. What can be busier than a popular bar at midnight on a bank holiday? I did enjoy working here, being my favourite club but also negotiating and dealing with potential customers was enjoyable, meeting new people every shift, not forgetting the regulars.

Additional Skills

Duke of Edinburgh Award (Silver currently), Young Enterprise Award, English Speaking Board (merit plus), Critical Thinking (AS level).

In my first year I was an NUS delegate for the university where I had to run in the election, giving speeches and producing manifesto also, conversing with other students to win their vote. I represented the student body at regional and national conferences, voicing their opinions and making our student experience better!

For two years I was a member of the elite University of London Air Squadron (a University based branch of the RAF). I was selected from a large number of candidates to be given flying lessons and be enrolled as an officer cadet of the RAF, of which I can join in on their expeditions. My first expedition was to Canada where I was taught how to dog sled and how to live in the wilderness.

I am also an active volunteer within the local community, for example I have volunteered at Tate Modern as a Customer Entrance Assistant, providing assistance to customers and promoting recent art displays and giving information. I have also taken part in Make A Difference Day where I volunteered at a local primary school doing gardening so the children can plant bulbs for the spring. This was all part of being a Volunteering Representative for the Student Union in my second year.

Hobbies and Interests

I am a life-long fan of my home town football team. I am a season ticket holder and my step-dad is one of the directors on the board so it means I have a real insight into the daily running and operations of the club. I have a real love and passion for the game. I also enjoy travelling and reading. As you can see from my CV I am open to many challenges and am currently looking for a new one within a thriving company!


Liz Owen

President of the Student Union

Royal Holloway, University of London


Surrey TW20 0EX

Tel: 01784 434455