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Mechanical Engineer; Stress Analyst

Kennesaw, Georgia, 30156, United States
September 05, 2009
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P.O. Box *** ~ Kennesaw, Georgia 30156 ~ U.S.A.

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Mechanical Engineer that has demonstrated the ability to provide creative and innovative working product solutions to various engineering problems through the application of new technology to his projects in order to improve the quality, safety, cost, and the time of assembly.


I supervised all engineering projects from the concept stage to the actual installation and test of a completed project. This requires interface with managers, other engineers, technicians, draftsman, machine shop personnel, vendors, etc.

Has exhibited the versatility to take on various job functions which includes management, parts procurement, scheduling, design & operations work, drafting, and quality & safety job responsibilities in order to complete a task on time.

Has demonstrated to be open minded to the suggestions, concerns, and ideas of employees and the ability to recognize which ideas will make the best problem solvers plus can find and train personnel capable of completing a job on time.


Daedalus Technologies Inc. (2008 to present); role as acting President of this corporation involved in developing new technology for various industries.

Vought Aircraft Co.: JSG (Nov 2007 to 2008)

Conducting work on Boeing 787 fuselage manufacturing in Vought’s South Carolina production facilities. MRB work is done for aircraft production efforts. I provide installers with needed engineering data for aircraft manufacturing production. Involved in the updating of planning documentation utilized for aircraft assembly procedures. Redlining of mismatched parts during fuselage assembly. Currently work with composite and titanium structure in 787 production. Assist in fuselage production efforts in all needed capacities to ensure schedules are being met. Work with Catia V5 and Enovia on a daily basis. IVT and other Boeing programs associated with aircraft production is utilized as well. Very strong familiarity with composite and titanium structures and how to best utilize such materials for aircraft production. These materials save weight as a result fuel costs. This is the current trend in aircraft production.

Goodrich Lighting Systems.: Oxford (Mar 2007 to June 2007).

Utilized Ansys stress analysis software to analyze lighting systems to be installed on Boeing aircraft. F22 light systems were analyzed. Acceleration and vibration loads were applied to a light assembly to determine deformation, load limits, factor of safety, stress, and strain. Free body diagram of light assembly was initially developed. Material properties were determined. All collected engineering data was inputed into Ansys program to get desired results. Design changes were recommended for light assemblies that did not meet stress analysis standards.

Boeing Co.: Volt (Jan 2006 to Sept 2006).

Experience with Catia V5 design work on the boeing commercial 787 all composite aircraft. Designing various composite and titanium repair methods to be used in the field. The design concepts are to be used when certified in standard structural repair manuals to be used by field technicians. Involved in the structural analysis of the repair concepts for certification purposes. Experience with both composite and titanium structure. Cutting edge technology.

L3 Communications: Aries Group (July 2005 to Nov 2005). Secret Clearance.

Did Stress Analysis and structural engineering work on the UH-60 and UH-47 helicopters at Bluegrass station (U.S. army base) in Lexington, KY. Involved in doing stress reports on modifications to helicopter structure and/or analysis on equipment installs. Crash load analysis and structural design. Analysis work for engine mounts on helicopters to have new higher output engine replacements. Miscellaneous analysis.

Westar Corporation: ESG Company. (June 2004 to Nov 2004, Secret Clearance.)

Conducted Stress Analysis and structural engineering work on the UH-60 helicopter at Redstone Arsenal (U.S. army base) in Huntsville, AL. Involved with flight testing exceedance analysis, structural modifications, structural analysis, turbine engines, and equipment. Qualification of loads (crash) specifications. Miscellaneous analysis.

Aircraft Experience: EER Systems Contracting Company: Modern Technologies Corp. (April 1999 to May 2004).

This involves aging aircraft analysis, designing repairs for structural cracks resulting from stress corrosion, finding or making tooling needed to fabricate replacement components, utilization of CNC machining techniques to accurately fabricate replacement components to exact drawing specifications, replacing mechanical & hydraulic components when necessary, and maintaining information on repair status of aircraft. Other skills included but not limited to technical manual revisions, creating repair procedures, making technical drawing revisions, etc. C-5 aircraft is the craft I did most work on.

Hydraulic Manifold Design Engineer: Davin Designs: (Dec 1994 to July 1998).

Worked as a hydraulic manifold Design Engineer for Davin Designs in Cape Coral, Florida. Designed hydraulic manifolds used for aircraft and industrial applications. I designed each manifold from startup to completion. Determined raw material of manifold and wall thickness of internally machined out hydraulic passages. Produced engineering drawing of manifold to be fabricated by machine shop. Selected hydraulic directional and pressure controllers like high flow rate directional control valves, pressure relief devices, shutoff valves, pressure measuring connectors to comply with hydraulic schematic. Under engineer’s direction, machine shop personnel fabricated manifold then assembled the end product which was pressure tested at maximum burst pressure determined by engineer. Manifold assembly is then integrated into a hydraulic drive system out in the field used for controlling and hoisting functions.

Mechanical/Structural Engineer: McDonnell Douglas Space Systems: (Nov 1987 to Sept 1993).

Worked as a Mechanical/Structural engineer for McDonnell Douglas Space Systems Division on the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Experience includes the design and modification of various mechanical components, facility structures, ground support equipment, space shuttle & payload structural modifications, valve & gage panels, piping & hydraulic systems, electrical & electronic equipment, clean room environmental systems, containers used for the transport of gases or fuels, etc. which are utilized at various existing installations on the Kennedy Space Center for satellite, rocket, and space shuttle processing facilities.

Management Experience: (Nov 1987 to Present).

Extensive management experience in the engineering field in the supervision of engineering design projects and other engineering related job functions from start to completion. Also, has management experience in the management and renovation of various large apartment projects in the Fort Myers, Florida area.

Additional Elaboration of Aircraft/Aerospace Experience:

- Primary Structures , Durability/Fractures Damage Tolerance.

- Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics and Crack Growth.

- Structural Analysis of aircraft (all different sections of Aircraft).

- Perform fracture analyses.

- Perform teardowns and create load paths.

- Fatigue and fracture analysis.

- Fatigue and Fracture Analysis ------ Structural.

- Extensive experience in dealing with aircraft repair needs by designing repairs or modifications and

deriving repair or modification procedures and engineering documentation.

- Experience in reviewing manufacturing manuals, service requirements, and other data to determine the

correct action to take when an aircraft repair or service issue needs to be resolved by an engineer.

- Has the ability to do static and dynamic analysis of structural components.

- Deals with aircraft repair shops and maintenance personnel to ensure compliance with aircraft operation

procedures, repairs, and maintenance.

- Extensive experience with aircraft aluminum honeycomb panels.

- Deals with material substitutions to improve stress corrosion resistance characteristics.

- Has stress analysis experience with large transport aircraft.

- Can do applicable stress analysis work associated with repairs and design modifications to


- Experience providing technical direction to various personnel to ensure proper fabrication,

buildup, installation, etc. of structural or mechanical components.

- Can prepare engineering drawings, procedures, reports, engineering change orders, and revisions thereof.

- Extensive experience dealing with all levels of personnel or departments like manufacturing,

quality assurance, design groups, safety, materials, management, etc.

- Experience in developing various testing, tooling, and inspection procedures needed for aircraft


- Can provide assistance in design, development, and data analysis of aircraft systems or


- Has excellent research capabilities to meet any engineering challenge.

- Experience with CATIA version 5/ Pro-E/ CADD; Nastran/Patran, Ansys.

- Develop design changes in support of any type of aircraft modification program.

- Can design using forgings, extrusions, CNC machined parts, non-metallic parts, etc.

- Primarily aircraft structural design experience for fuselage, pylon, horizontal stab., under-floor

beams, etc.

- Works with vendors directly on a regular basis to resolve issues primarily technical and provides technical

liaison between engineers and vendors in many technical areas for transport aircraft.

- Can locate qualified vendors to produce new aircraft parts or equipment if not available.

- Regularly complies with program schedules and budgets.

- Familiarity aircraft modification procedures for various types of transport aircraft.

- Can ensure equipment is installed according to supplier specifications.

- Coordinate equipment installation requirements with other groups.

- Can provide or develop layouts, assemblies, and details of component installations.

- Experience in dealing with safety issues like compliance of standards for mechanical component


- Familiarity with aircraft hydraulic components, design, development, testing, or certification


- Works with other engineers on a regular basis to resolve issues.

- Evaluates open corrective action items via engineering changes.

- Can develop repair plans to restore system capabilities.

- Can perform damage assessment and system integrity analysis on aircraft.

- Experience in identifying missing or damaged components to ensure that new or repaired

components correct problems.

- Can train other personnel for various job functions.

- Deals with test labs on a regular basis to determine aircraft component integrity.

- Can prepare and coordinate engineering change requests for mechanical components.

- Investigate and resolve system problems of hydro-mechanical nature.

- Supports manufacturing troubleshooting and problem resolution in final assembly of aircraft


- Can prepare product documentation such as operational restrictions, functional test requirements,

variances, and part certifications.

- Can perform research, design, and development in such areas as mechanical, thermal, hydraulic,

thermodynamic, or heat transfer. Keeps current on the latest aircraft technology which includes new

materials, systems, and equipment that can be used to enhance the safety of passengers or reduce time

and costs for an airline company to safely operate its fleet of aircraft.

- etc., etc.


University of Florida, in Gainesville, FL:

Bachelor of Science degree (BSME) from the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida on May of 1986, Major was Mechanical Engineering; course work included finite element analysis, heat transfer, structural analysis, machine design, thermodynamics, robotics, and other engineering course work in the electrical engineering & computer science engineering fields.

Macon State College, in Macon, GA:

Non-degree seeking student within the Information Technology department of Macon State College. Course work taken to date includes Java, C/C++, Visual Basic 6.0, Web page design, Linux, and computer networking.


• Has a familiarity with the operation of various CADD, solid modeling, and finite element analysis software.

• Has experience in using Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Linux operating systems.

• Knows how to do programming with C++ and Visual Basic 6.0 programming languages.

• Has the ability to repair computers, setup a small network, and diagnose problems with software.