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Preeti Reena (QA/Prgrammer)

Bay Area, California, United States
January 01, 2009
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Preeti Reena Francis


• Energetic Software Professional, Securing around 8+ years of hands on experience through out the Software Development Life Cycle on software analysis, design and development.

• Certified 'C (Brain Bench) Programmer'.

• Developed scripts for Product Lifecycle Solution using C/C++, UNIX shell scripts and VB scripts.

• Experience in development and technical support for mobile phones using C/C++, Unix, Linux, Clearcase, Gdb, Insure++, Valgrind, Windows

• Skilled in developing wireless LAN MAC protocol for wireless products using C, POSIX threads, Gdb, Valgrind on Linux platform.

• Well Versed in developing banking Server applications using C/C++ on UNIX/Linux, TCP/IP, Signals, IPC’s, ISO 8583 (message conversion), Dbx, Top, Embedded SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle

• Well Versed in developing applications using UNIX and Linux internals.

• Worked on coding stored procedures, functions, triggers and packages using PL/SQL.

• Experience in E-Supply chain management Applications using AMTrix Tool (messaging product), C/C++ and Oracle.

• Experienced in design techniques like developing Sequence diagrams and State diagrams.

• Experience in full SDLC, including analysis, design and development cycles as well as coordinating testing, turnover and performance monitoring.

• Experience in debugging tools like Dbx, Gdb, Valgrind, Insure++ and Trace.

• Worked on large-scale highly integrated enterprise systems as an individual contributor as well as a team player

• Experience in client management and business requirement specification.


• Brain Bench certified C Programmer.


Operating Systems UNIX (Sun OS & DEC UNIX), Linux, Windows .

Languages C/C++, UNIX shell scripts, Perl,

Pro*C, SQL, PL/SQL, VBScript, XML

RDBMS Oracle & Sybase

Networking TCP/IP, IEEE 802.11 MAC.

UNIX & Linux Sockets, IPC’s, Posix threads, timers and System Calls


Testing Tools Quality Center.

Case Tools Version Control System - Clearcase, FATS

Debugging Tools (Dbx, Gdb, Valgrind, Insure++, Trace),

Other Areas ISO 8583 messaging protocol,

AMTrix Messaging tool,

Specification & Description Language (SDL)

Project Details (In Reverse Chronological Order):

1. Project Name Product Lifecycle Solution.

Client : Cisco Systems, Inc, San Jose CA.

Role : Software Engineer

Platform : Windows 2000, Linux Calendar : Sep ‘2007 – Till Date

The Product Lifecycle Solution is customized for Cisco products to maintain the manufacturing and engineering data in a single database. The parts or documents are maintained in the system starting from creation to the end of product.


• Developed scripts for the system using C/C++, UNIX shell Scripts, VB Scripts.

• Worked on the process extension modules for customizing the product

• Worked with the business team on functional requirements.

• Worked on Roles and privileges in the Product Lifecycle Solution system.

Languages and Tools: C/C++, UNIX Shell Scripts, VBScripts, QTP, Quality Center.

2. Project Name Loan Management system enhancements.

Client : Terasoft International Inc.

Role : Programmer/ Analyst

Platform : Sun OS , Linux Calendar : Feb ‘2007 – Aug’2007

Loan management system (LMS) enhancement includes analyzing the existing LMS and the new Loan origination system (LOS) in Daybreak system and identifying LMS modules that needs to be modified to incorporate the new LOS. The modules identified are modified appropriately to isolate the dependencies existing with the current LOS and incorporate the new LOS.


• Analyzed the existing LMS and specification of the new LOS that needs to be incorporated.

• Development of the identified C/C++, Pro *C modules in the LMS system. Existing modules are modified to make it compatible with the new LOS.

Languages and Tools: C/C++, Pro *C, SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle

Significant Projects done at Tata Elxsi Ltd, Bangalore from Oct’2003 to May’2005

3. Project Name Technical Support for connectivity layer in Motorola mobile phones.

Client: Motorola Inc, IL

Role: Sr. Software Engineer

The architecture of the mobile software contains various layers and subsystems, of which connectivity layer is between the hardware and the services layer. The overall architecture of connectivity layer is called connectivity framework (CF). CF is a collection of services and conventions that facilitate exchange of payload data between the hardware and the services layer in the mobile phones.


• Study the P2000 architecture of the Motorola mobile phone.

• Involved in solving (coding) the change request for the connection manager module of the connectivity framework using C/C++ on Linux.

• Prepared Release documents required for implementing the change in the software.

• Implemented the change request by exporting the files to production.

• Update the weekly and daily status of the team, scheduling testing activities of the team members.

Languages and Tools: C/C++, Clearcase, Gdb, Valgrind, Linux, SunOS and Windows2000

Significant Projects done at Indchem Software Technologies from Aug’2000 to Aug’2003

4. Project Name AIRBEE Product Development.

Client: Airbee Inc, MD

Role: Team Leader

The Airbee product involves technology that will communicate voice and data wirelessly over short distances (2 to 5 meters), and ultra short distances (1 to 2 meters). The hardware-software engine, the Micro-OS and the software stack form the Airbee product. The Airbee stack shall implement the proprietary protocol for wireless communication.


• Worked on System requirement specification for the Airbee stack.

• Designed the Airbee protocol stack using state machines and message sequence


• Development of states corresponding to Transmission of data to the peer station using C/C++

• Development of states responsible for establishing the wireless network using C/C++.

• Development of library modules for Airbee product using C/C++ on Linux.

• Participated in design-reviews, code-reviews and technical review meetings.

• Integration of peer-peer MAC protocol on Linux machine using serial port


Languages and Tools: C/C++, Linux, Socket Programming, Perl, Gdb, Valgrind, Insure++

6. Project Name: Fingertip Remote printing Service (FRPS).

Client: Fingertip Online Ltd, Chennai Role: Sr. Software Engineer

The FRPS is software that converts any non-IP printer to IP enabled. Smart Box is connected to a Print Server through Internet and it polls for any print document in a specified interval. If any document is in the queue meant for this Smart Box, it is transferred and printed. An update is sent to the Print Server, which in turn sends it to the user about the status of the document. Smart Box runs on Linux OS.


• Design and design review of the system.

• Developed the communication and messaging processing module using C/C++ on Linux

• Participated in code walkthrough and code review meetings.

• Provided technical inputs in optimizing the code and avoiding memory leakage in the

Software using GDB, Valgrind, Insure++.

Languages and Tools: C, GDB, Valgrind, Insure++, Top, Linux 7.0.

7. Project Name: WLAN MAC layer development.

Client: Indchem Software Tech Ltd, Chennai

Role: Sr. Software Engineer

The project involves developing the MAC layer for implementing a wireless station, which is usually a PC equipped with a wireless network interface card (NIC), and an access point (AP), which acts as a bridge between the wireless and wired networks The MAC layer constitutes the following functionalities which implement the IEEE 802.11b standards.


• Study of IEEE 802.11 specification.

• Analysis & understanding of the design of the MAC.

• Development of message sequence charts.

• Provided technical assistance to the team members, update status of the task allocated

to the team members that facilitate the project tracking, configuration management.

• Development of the below modules using C on Linux.

Involved in DCF function for accessing the medium and transmits the fragment.

Constructs control frames for transmission.

Retransmits the fragment when the transmission fails.

Constructs announcement frames for alerting stations in power save mode and

transmits the frame.

Languages and Tools: C, Linux, POSIX threads & timers, Gdb and top.

8. Project Name: AMTrix system customization and migration

Client: Ecnet Ltd, Singapore

Role: Sr. Software Engineer

This system which is a part of the E-supply chain management is a Product which facilitates generation and transfer of standardized files from any consumers to suppliers. The consumers are indicated through email on successful transfer of the file to the supplier. It also keeps track of the file being downloaded by the supplier.


• Development of new modules for new consumers and suppliers using C/C++ & AMTrix tool on Unix

• Responsible for implementing the modules for new consumers and suppliers.

Languages and Tools: AMTrix Tool (messaging product), C/C++, UNIX, Embedded SQL, PL/SQL and Oracle

Significant Projects done at Yalamanchili Consultancy services Pvt Ltd from Jun’1998 to Jul’2000

9. Project Name: E-Mall Payment Gateway Servers

Client: Citibank, India

Role: Programmer Analyst

The Payment Gateway Servers is an online system developed for Citibank Technology that will provide e-shopping technology to their customers.


• Design of the EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) interface for the E-Mall Payment gateway system.

• Development of the web interface and EFT interface for the payment gateway server using C/C++ on Unix (Sun Solaris)

• Development of the message processing module for the payment gateway server. using C/C++ on Unix (Sun Solaris)

• Development of the test cases for the above modules.

Languages and Tools: C/C++, UNIX, Socket programming, IPC’s (shared memory, message Queues), TCP/IP, Dbx, Embedded SQL, PL/SQL and Oracle.

10. Project Name Electronic Fund Transferring System (Enhanced OTIS ver2.0)

Client: Citibank, NA

Role: Programmer Analyst

The Electronic Fund Transferring System (Enhanced OTIS Ver. 2.0) is a real – time application used by Citibank Technology to support On-line Electronic Transactions from ATMs, CASST, POS/EDCs and other networks such as Master, Visa and Citishare.


• Development of the interface layer which takes care of the internal connectivity

between the modules in the system using C & Embedded SQL on UNIX.

• Development of the modules which is responsible for message processing using C & IPC’s.

• Involved in writing SQL queries for database updates.

Languages and Tools: UNIX, C, Socket programming, TCP/IP, IPC’s (semaphores, message queues, shared memory) Signals, top, dbx, Embedded SQL, PL/SQL and Oracle


• Master of Computer Applications, Madras University, Chennai, India.

• BSc Mathematics, Madras University, Chennai, India.