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A.W.S. C.W.I. ( Welding Inspector & R.T. Film Auditor)

Ville Platte, Louisiana, 70586, United States
January 19, 2012
Contact Info:
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Winston Perron

Seeking a position in the pipeline fabrication and inspection /film auditing field with a respectable company. I am looking forward to utilizing my qualified inspection skills to benefit the client. Safe, honest, and cost effective work aligns the forefront of my actions. I possess the necessary quality Welding inspection tools, pyrometer, Amp/voltage meters, Digital Laser Levels, Squares, caliper, Bridge cam gauge etc.
Coating Insp. Tools such as (DFT) Mill gauge, Digital Psycrometer, Anchor Profile gauges to perform the duties expected in order to obtain a quality product for the client.

9/19/11 to present Enterprise
Eagle Ford Crude Pipeline Texas

• Level lll NDE Film Auditor
• Contact person

2/01/11 to 9/09/11 Enterprise Louisiana
Acadian Haynesville Ext. Spread 5

• Level lll NDE Film Auditor
• Contact person Randall Richard, Enterprise Auditor

12-06-10 to 01-14-11 Kinder Morgan Louisiana
Johnson Bayou Bridgeline Metering & Regulation Station
Site 22/23

• Lead Welding Inspector
• Overseeing complete welding operations
• Red-lining
• Hydro- testing
• Final Inspection, purging, packing and bringing facility on-line

11-07-10 to 12-05-10 Fayetteville Express 42” Pipeline Mississippi
ANR Meter & Regulation Station
• Lead Welding Inspector
• Overseeing complete welding operations
• Red-Lining
• Hydro-testing
• Final inspection purging, packing and bring facility on line

10-18-10 to 11-06-10 Fayetteville Express 42” Pipeline Mississippi
Texas Gas Meter & Regulation Station
Welding Inspector
• Welding Inspector
• Overseeing welding operations
• Hydro- testing

9-21-10 to 10-17-10 EL Paso Gas Corp Louisville, Ms
Chief Inspector
• Overseeing complete operation of Filter Separator and vessels
• Testing of welders
• Hydro pressure testing
• Installation of new piping and inspection
• I&E installation and inspection
• Coating SP 2888 and inspection
• Building of concrete support structures
• Close-out procedures
• Contact person Mr. Joe Freeman, Robert Tate

7-20-10 to 9-21-10 El Paso Gas Corp. Coudersport, Pa

Chief Inspector

Overseeing complete operation of Catalyst installation, structure & piping
Testing of welders, welding inspection
Hydro testing
Coating SP2888 and inspection of same
Removal of piping and installation of new piping
NDE/ film auditing
I & E Inspection
Close-out procedures
Contact person, Mr. Ben Hansen, Paul Mosher

6 /2010 to 7/2010

Chief Inspector
Petrologistics Houston, Tx.

Overseeing complete job of anomaly digs Deer Park TX.
Testing welders
Overseeing one calls
Hydro-testing of pipe
NDT testing ( R.T. & UT) film auditing
Corrosion detection & measurement
Nitrogen purging
Removal and replacement of pipe
Inspection of welds
Coating of pipe & backfilling
Inspection of launcher installation
Close-out procedures
Contact person, Mr. Patrick Bardwell,

1/2010 to 6/2010

24" Denbury Green Pipeline, Spread 4&6


Welding Inspector
N2 testing at Buhler Pump Station
Inspection of fabrication Buhler Pump Station, launcher & receiver and MLV installation
Inspection of pre- fabrication of White Castle metering and Pump Station
Launcher & receiver
Inspection of fabrication of Oyster Bayou Facility ,
metering station , launcher & receiver, S.T. valve installation
Inspection of N2 testing at Oyster Bayou Facility
Testing of welder qualification
Testing of welding procedures
Coating inspection Oyster Bayou Facility
Inspection of complete civil work at Oyster Bayou Facility
Complete red-lining and 100 % traceability accomplished
NDE film auditing
Contact person, Mr. Alvin Shores,
3/2008 to 03/2009 Gulf South Pipeline Louisiana
Mainline utility inspector

Coating Inspector on FBE 6233 Coating
Anomaly digs
repairs using Denso Protal 7200, SP 288 8
welding inspection of tie-ins as per clients specifications
contact person Matt Ranson

03/2007 to 12/2007 Williams Gas Pipeline Georgia / South Carolina

Utility inspector
Anomaly dig up
Detecting and repair as per client’s specifications
assisting SCC testing (Hydro)
mainline construction
tie-ins welding inspection and coating inspector of FBE and SP 2888
Denso Protal 7200 Contact person, Thomas Miller

1987 to 2004 Owner / Manager

Oakdale Loan Inc., Oakdale, La.
WP Construction Co.,
Southern Converters Inc.
Lender / Manager / Owner
Provide excellent customer service
Consistently reached profit goals
Land clearing, Pond construction, Building of site foundations
Heavy equipment operator
Welding and inspection
Supervised employees

1983-1987 Harris Well Services Eunice, La

Pipe Welder / Welding Inspector 6 days on 7 days off
Welder foreman / Inspection / Film auditing
Building of Rigs #`s 26 , 30 & 56
Rig welder / field welder on pipeline
Contact person, Jeff Thibodeaux

1983-1987 Tenneco oil co.
SMI 61-C & 252, 25, U.I. 252 , 442 ,446, H.I. 446, 481, Vermillion 25
Class, Lead Operator
operator of production facilities & simultaneous operations & start ups
Heavy lift crane operator, Welding Inspector / film auditing
7 & 7 Schedule
Note: I worked for both companies during this time period, on my days off from Tenneco I would work for Harris Well service Inc.

1978-1983 Oilfield Manufacturing and Iron Work Inc. Eunice, La
1980-1983 Welding Foreman / inspection / film auditor 1978 -1980 Certified pipe welder & building high pressure vessels and related structures

2009 American Welding Society
Obtained Certified Welding Inspector Certification

2004-2007 Louisiana State University at Eunice Eunice, La.
Pursued an R.N. Degree
Cumulative GPA: 3.54

1977-1978 Mitchell Welding and Drafting College Lafayette, LA
Obtained Certification of pipe, structural welding and drafting

Personal Characteristics

●Safety ●Reliable ●Organized ●Strong work ethic ●Quick learner
●Honest ●Diligent

Computer Skills ●Microsoft Word ● Microsoft Excel

• American Welding Society, Certified Welding Inspector #09052081
• TWIC and Passport ready
• Houston Area Safety Council, 19 Basic Plus and site specific 19DOWSS, 19SSV
• Note: I will be attending an AWS Radiograph film interpretation ( CRI ) class and certification test the week of 9-12-11 - 9-17-11 in Chicago IL.

Operator Qualifications

C.B.T. via Veriforce on the following:

ELP, Construction Drawing Redlining
ELP, Survey Standards
ELP, Welding Standards
ELP, Land Pipeline Standards
ELP, Engineering Documentation and close-outs Procedures, Part 1
ELP, Engineering Documentation and close-outs Procedures, Part 2
ELP, Electrical, Instrumentation, Communication Standards
ELP, Nondestructive Evaluation Standards
ELP, Compressor and Meter Station
ELP, Coating Standards
ELP, Environmental Inspector training overview part 1
ELP, Environmental Inspector training overview part 2
ELP, Shop Fabrication Standards
ELP, Pressure Test Records overview
ELP, Offshore Standards
ELP, Abnormal operating Conditions
002 PIP, Perform and Inspect Pressure Test
004 PIP, Perform Welding Inspections
008 PIP, Identify/Locate/Mark Pipelines
011 PIP, Inspect coating applications
046 PIP, Perform joining other than welding to include various
Connections: Threaded, Bolted, Flanged, Compression, and other connections as specified.


Operator Qualifications via Veriforce

Contractor Mustang Engineering


2021 Monitoring of Welding Process 10-23-13
2031 Visual Inspection of welds not NDT 10-23-13
2131 Joining of Steel Pipe-Threaded and 10-23-13
Flanged Connections.
4021 Apply Approved Coatings to Above Ground Piping 10-23-13
4031 Apply Approved Coatings to Below Ground Piping 10-23-13
4211 Measurement of Depth of Pitting with Pit Gauge 10-23-13
5011 Conduct Pressure Test to Substantiate MAOP 10-23-13
6071 Damage Prevention: Observation of 10-23-13
Excavating and Backfilling
7041 Permanent Field Repair by Grinding 10-23-13
900AMAOP I Foreign Line Locating 10-23-13
901AMAOP I Grading (Right-of-Way Preperation) 10-23-13
902AMAOP I Ditching 10-23-13
903AMAOP I Hauling and Stringing of Pipe 10-23-13
904AMAOP I Field Bending 10-23-13
905AMAOP I Horizontal Directional Drilling 10-23-13
906AMAOP I Pipe Inspection 10-23-13
907AMAOP I Lowering Pipe into Ditch 10-23-13
908AMAOP I Right-of-Way Cleanup and Installation of Line Markers 10-23-13
910AMAOP I Installation of Cathodic Protection 10-23-13
911AMAOP I One Call Notification 10-23-13

Operator Qualifications continued

via National Center of Construction Education & Research (NCCER)

Successfully obtained level of Performance Evaluator 3/2011

Task # PV # Specific Duties / Task

32.0 PV320 Monitoring Excavation Activities
33.1 PV331 Determine Allowable Line Pressure in section to be moved
33.2 PV332 Preparation for Movement Activities
33.3 PV33.3 Moving In-Service Pipeline
34 PV340 Inspect Existing Pipe Following Movement
35 PV350 Measure Clearance from Existing Pipe to Underground
Structures Installed
36.1 PV361 Safe Disconnect of Pipeline Facilities
36.2 PV362 Purging of Pipeline Facilities
36.3 PV363 Sealing a Disconnected Portion of Pipeline
37 PV370 Repair/Install Support Structures on existing Above
Ground Components
38.1 PV382 Visually Inspect Pipe and Pipe Components

Continued below

Task # PV# Specific Duties / Task

38.2 PV382 Verify Non-Destructive Weld Test (NDT)
38.3 PV383 Visually Inspect that Welds Meet DOT Requirements
39 PV390 Backfilling a Trench Following Maintenance
40.1 PV401 Tight Fitting Sleeve
40.2 PV402 Oversleeve

References Call for References contact numbers, ( protecting their privacy)

Name Company Title

Patrick Bardwell Petrologistics Project Manager

Joe Freeman El Paso Gas Project Manager

Benjamin Hensen El Paso Gas Project Manager

Jason Lopez Trans-Canada North American Sr. Q.C.

Paul Mosher El Paso Gas Project Manager

Thomas Miller Williams Sr. Field Constr. Mang.

Randall Richard Enterprise N.D.E. Supervisor

Jeremy Booksh Enterprise Field Construction

Robert Tate El Paso Gas Project Manager

Alvin Shores P.C.S. Construction Project
Charlie Smith Tenneco/ Chevron Field Proj. Mang.