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Software Engineer

Jasper, Indiana, 47546, United States
August 23, 2010
Contact Info:

C/C++ C#/.Net DirectX OpenGL
HLSL/GLSL XML x86 Assembly ARM7
Linear Algebra Physics Calculus 3D Collision

Visual Studios AlienBrain Tortoise SVN VTune
Parallel Studios Maya RenderMonkey MS Office
Win 7/Vista/XP VLD

Full Sail University Winter Park, FL June 2010
Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering with an emphasis in Game Development

• Efficient—in project/group situations I strive for maximum efficiency/efficacy
• Quality—on code/projects I demand quality over quantity in the face of deadlines
• Team—working on a team fosters my desire for cooperation and integration
• Organized—following a plan always keeps me on track for completion and polish

Student Work Experience
QA Lead/General Programmer January 2010 - May 2010
App Attack by Banana Sticker (2 Producers, 7 Developers, 9 Artists)
• Built advanced 3D collision systems in C++, including character capsule generation, bounding
volume hierarchy—splitting of world geometry, and collision testing/reaction so world
objects reacted in accordance with preexisting design
• Developed object allocation system allowing memory allocated from the heap to be accessed
through templated functions and stored in memory map, alleviating CPU cycles
• Created a character state machine that updated all of a character’s relevant information
• Implemented bug fixes from outsourced testing as well as in-house testing

General Programmer November 2009 – December 2010
Fire From the Sky by Hungry Designs (1 Developer)
• Researched GLSL to produce a post-process effect that checked a normal map to find the edges
of in game objects and give them a hard outline for a cell-shaded effect
• Found a way to create a normal map by casting 6 lights as colors representing inverse
normals onto an object to give a per pixel representation of all face normals
• Wrote a fragment shader that did per-vertex lighting to light object surfaces

Interface Lead/ General Programmer May 2009 – June 2009
Fire From the Sky by Hungry Designs (4 Developers)
• Created a 2D tile editor through C# to alleviate time spend on the level creation process
• Implemented FMOD Api to add audible responses to the game
• Designed and developed in-game interfaces such as front-end/in-game menus
• Developed a game state system that told the main game loop what state to render and update

Awards, Memberships, and Activities
Eagle Scout/ Troop Leader
• Over four years I worked my way up through all six Boy Scout ranks, earning the final rank
of Eagle Scout. The process of becoming an Eagle Scout necessitated an in-depth project—
planned and executed under the guidance of a board of directors and involving the
leadership of a troop of younger scouts over a three-week period