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Business Analyst, Project manager

Concord, Massachusetts, 01742, United States
50 - 70 hr
September 03, 2011
Contact Info:

Thirty years of system programming, development and implementation experience that has included three major conversion projects from IMS to DB2 functioning both as programmer and DBA; 24/7 production support ; and the building of web and inter-company life-cycle applications.


• Extensive knowledge and experience in current data technology (SQL, SEQUEL, EXCEL VBA, MS Products, etc.) as well as an expert in mainframe software (COBOL & COBOL II, CICS, DB2, PL1, VSAM, JCL, Easytrieve, FTP, etc.). This experience has encompasses financial, telecommunication and insurance.

• Extensive knowledge and experience in designing and building (code, transaction layouts, CICS screens and flows, etc.) mainframe applications to in-house proprietary (user / client) systems as well as third party applications (screen interfaces, data feeds, confirmations, etc.).

• Years of experience in life cycle support from addressing trading floor user /client issues, to re-installing third party software, to running critical daily SQL queries to identify issues with business applications. • SSA in numerous conversion projects with responsibility for producing & incorporating business and functional specs into transactions and database warehouses processes; the building of test environments with hands on QA and production installation support.

• Years of exposure in dealing with middle management in the development of systems from writing code to being a DBA responsible for all data aspects of the process … and from on-line data gathering to the FTP downloads of files critical to historical data warehousing.

• Extensive knowledge and experience in building financial data transaction systems dealing with mutual funds & stocks (NSCC, DTCC etc.); bonds (fix, corporate, etc.); lending of securities; benchmark funds; and derivatives (swaps & options)etc.

The Photo-graphic Corporation …(06/2010… current) Webpage product development

Currently, senior tech developer building a non-profit initiative ‘Math in the Box’ for enticing kids to use sport box scores to learn and enjoy math. The project involves designing the initial concepts; top to bottom procedures for creating TV shows; building hands on programs and interactive websites. Also, required to have a strong business knowledge of TV software such as Frist Cut; web page design and development products (HTML, EXCEL, ADOBE, etc.) and excellent communication and presentation skills. Managed up to a half dozen business partners.

State Street Bank & Trust …(05/2006...05/2010)… Investments / Security Lending

Senior system programmer / analyst required to work on all of SS’s security lending / collateral management data flows from web base to in-house applications (SLE1, SLE2, LCM, GSMAC, DML, FED/ DTC, etc.). Worked on the daily mainframe transactions, CICS screens, and cycle runs resolving system issues with the Boston and London trading desks. In addition, involved in the writing of system coding specs, initiating new FTP processes, and the building of test plans. A few highlights:

• Point person for resolution of issues with mainframe and intranet applications.

• Responsible for understanding and documenting system cycle issues – London & Boston.

• Responsible for generating detail management reports (monthly) thru on-line mainframe files.

• Created SS implementation docs, test plans, pert charts and verified FISMA specs.

• Monitored SS production install(s) and participated in NIST-800-53 standards.

Senior Level Consulting Positions

Boston Globe / New York Times …( 2/2005 – 4/2006 )… Retail / E-Commerce

As a owner of a small business, Senior project management position that required designing, developing and producing a new e-commerce product line for the Boston Globe / New York Times. This project required strong verbal and writing skills; coming up with the initial concepts, managing the specs, proofs, and financing; handling the printing, and establishing internet retail store protocol.

Stop & Shop ….(2/2005 – 8/2005)… Retail / Financial Statements

Application - Senior programmer / QA position required to review the Stop & Shop financial inventory application and then where necessary add new code and JCl for numerous programs, transactions, accounting reports, etc. … involved in this major conversion. A few highlights:

• Immediately grasped the business and technical requirements.

• Add and rewrite code for numerous programs and procedures thru COBOL, JCL, CICS, IMS, VSAM, Easytrieve, SyncSort, etc.

• Created a series of conversion sign off routines and rewrite dozens of new JCL steps.

Accomplishments – Over 700 stores converted with no major production issues.

Fidelity Investments …(10/2003 – 2/2005)… Investments / Brokerage

Application - Senior system programmer for major enhancements to Fidelity’s brokerage order entry system (FCAT) as it related to equity trading, fixed income products and mutual funds. A few highlights:

• Designed and wrote the programs for a new Order Entry (OET) process feeding into a DB warehouse of 350 million recs involving COBOL, CICS, FileAid, Easytrieve, JCL, etc.

• Designed and implemented new CICS transactions and DB2 tables and code.

• Identified new fields to be used by OET for the database warehouse.

• Wrote the specs for the new processes and reviewed all JCL.

• Designed an extensive test environment to mimic production (five regions).

• Secured approval from Fidelity’s design review board.

Accomplishments – Ability to accept a wide range of roles.

PNC / PFPC …(1997 –1999 & 2000 – 2003)… Investments / Mutual Funds

Application – A complete top to bottom service environment that required reviewing and implementing National Securities Clearing Corporation’s (NSCC) Important Notices for a slew of fund companies and products with specific knowledge in fixed income, SWAPS, 529 funds, annuities, etc. A few highlights:

• Reviewed regularly NSCC notices with senior management.

• Analyzed the impact of the NSCC notices on PFPC programs and cycles.

• Wrote the code, transactions, JCL steps and all the FTP processes for the notices.

• Designed and wrote all the mainframe code and processes for the 529 programs.

• Approved ENDEVOR moves for tested code in the test and acceptance regions

• Responsible for daily / nightly cycle runs and pert charts for the prod installs.

Accomplishments – Implemented five NSCC phases for 529 plans, ‘Same Day Trades’ (orders); confirmation processing (inputs & outputs) TORA security; CDSC processing, new prod cycle, while managing approximately 8-12 contractors.

Previous Consulting Positions

DBA & Senior Technical Consultant …(1987 – 2000)… In this highly visible and fast pace position, performed nearly every function in the mainframe life cycle process… from designing and writing all code for the driver programs; fixing code in the middle of the night; and presenting major development documents to senior management. Below are a few of the projects I worked on:

• John Hancock Funds – senior programmer in an intense project that required extensive knowledge of mutual funds for the conversion of 80+ JHF mutual fund plans to DST. Responsible for writing dozen of conversion programs and securing sign offs.

• Bell Atlantic / NYNEX – DBA on two major projects for the NYNEX… the Manhattan yellow pages and the white pages call-center processing. Designed all the tables, wrote all the specs for coding and verification programs (reports).

• MBTA / State of Massachusetts – programmer / tech analyst in the redesigning of the MBTA’s on-line federal grant system and later the State’s Medicare / Medicaid certification programs. Rewrote all the CICS transactions and programs.

• Investor’s Bank & Trust – SSA and QA position working with OMNI in the Y2K federal certification for Custody, Treasury, Finance, and Settlement. Later created fixed numerous programs affected by the expansion of transactions for OMNIPAY / OMNIPLUS and Oracle Financials.

• Fidelity Investments – senior programmer in two significant Fidelity projects INVESTLINK and Touch Tone Trader (FAST). Designed all the maps and wrote all the b ridge programs

• Bank of Boston –lead programmer working on risk management projects that involved oversight of client risks.

• Boston Company / First Data – senior level consultant writing specs, code, designing flow charts, etc. for de-converting clients.

Senior Systems Technical Lead …(1981 – 1986)… In this contract position, reviewed the specification documents, wrote the code, performed the stress testing and moved the software into production. A list of the clients:

Commercial Union, Marshalls, UNISYS, John Hancock, MBTA.

Permanent Positions

New England Life (SSA)

Application - Worked on the NEL’s conversion project (UNIVAC to IBM) as a

lead programmer, responsible for converting all actuarial data from the UNIVAC

flat files to IMS databases. This also included building the on-line screens to

access the databases.

General Electric (Financial Analyst)

Application - A financial analyst for GE Debentures dealing with quarterly fix

income statements and processing of reports, which required how to write code


Current Outside Interest

• Work with handicap children for 30 years

• Run an age-group related baseball program for the town (10 years)

• Bike, basketball, run, etc.

Education & Training

• Siena College, BS Marketing / Computer Science.

• PFPC Management & Technical Courses (approximately 12).

• IBM Technical Courses (30+).

• Fidelity, GE, Bache Investment Courses (Brokerage & Debentures Procedures).

Daniel X. Coffey

Technical Background


MS Internet Explorer, Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0, XP, & Widows 7, MS OFFICE (2010), EXCEL, EXCEL VBA, Access, MS Outlook, MS Power Point, WEB PV, SharePoint, Project, MAIL, PERFSYS, Oracle 8.6.1 - TOAD, NOVELL, HP Products, Word Perfect, Multimaid, PARADOX, LOTUS NOTES, ACCPAC, ADOBE PH 6.0, DOS/VSE, IBM PRO, Remedy, Clear Quest , Crystal, Metrics, etc..

WEB (Tools)

HTML, JavaScript, MS DMASTER FrontPage 2000, HP 6200C, Adobe, Netscape Communicator, MS Internet Explorer, SOFTWARE (APP & Tech)

TOAD (9.2.0 - Oracle Root), Rapid SQL, GEMS, Oracle Developer, SLE1, SLE2, DML, SQLPLUS, On-course, SAM, SEQUEL, CMOD, MVS/XA, OS/VS, OS2/VS, ISPF, JES2, JCL,







IBM / related products, HP / related products, COMPAQ / related products, MS / related products, various servers, etc. HARDWARE (MF)

IBM 30xx, 40xx, 360, 370, etc.

UNIVAC 11xx, Honeywell 6xxx,

Wang VS 100/300, Data General, etc.


Oracle 8.6.1, PARADOX, MS Access, WORKS, FIRST CHOICE, Oracle (exp),etc.

DATABASES (Mainframe)

IMS, DB2.IDMS and ADABAS Natural, etc.

Knowledge of Miscellaneous Applications

Blue Sky, FCS Wall Street, Oracle Financials, MS Money, Paragon, Monarch, CMS Express Options, NASDAQ, Chase Insight, Hyperion Pillar, NSCC (MF & stocks) products, Equilend, WebLend, FISMA / NIST, On-course, TOAD, SWIFT, etc.