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Data Scientist

Davis, California, United States
December 18, 2011
Contact Info:

Joerg Rings
Address: *** ******** ******, ********* ***, Davis,
California 95616
Contact No.: 530.***.****

Data Scientist

Qualifications Summary

Goal-oriented, highly accomplished, and curiosity-
driven professional, offering great level of
competence in applying advanced optimization and
machine learning methods in the analysis of data.

Equipped with excellent understanding of the most
efficient algorithms critical in attaining optimal
outcome; comprehensive exposure in numeric modeling of
complex interacting systems along with outstanding
ability in bridging and communicating technical

Other core strengths include:

Passionate and enthusiastic in building scalable
systems that tackle large data processing and
enthusiastic in providing actionable recommendation
toward successful attainment of organizational goals

Demonstrate keen attention to detail, and exceptional
ability in building and interpreting probabilistic
models of complex, high dimensional systems utilizing
Bayesian and Monte Carlo methods

Multilingual communicator; fluent in German and
English, with basic knowledge in French and Persian

Proficient in using Python, MATLAB/Octave, C, C++,
Java, Perl, SQL, HTML/XML, CSS, Data Structures,
Knowledgeable about R, C#, Hadoop/MapReduce, Amazon
Web Services, Graph Algorithms and Linux

Areas of Expertise

Research and Development
Data Modeling
Time Series Analysis
Algorithm Implementation/Maintenance
Science Communication
Knowledge Transfer
Optimization and Machine Learning
Data Management and Analysis
Teaching Methods/Techniques

Professional Experience

Department of Land, Air and Water Resources,
University of California
Davis, CA, USA
Post-Doctoral Researcher
Apr 2011-Present

Assume lead role in developing and optimizing
parameters and transient states for a Tree Water
Uptake model

Exemplify high level of diligence in modifying and
utilizing Markov Chain Monte Carlo algorithms for
parameter estimation and time series analysis

Collaborate with other researchers and colleagues in
addressing issues and concerns associated with models
and optimization frameworks

Render vital contributions in enhancing the
accessibility and extent of newly developed modeling
and optimization methods in different scientific

Institute for Chemistry and Dynamics of the Geosphere,
ICG4: Agrosphere at the Juelich Research Centre
Juelich, Germany
Post-Doctoral Researcher
Jan 2008-Mar 2011

Led the full implementation of an innovative framework
for coupling hydrological and geophysical models while
estimating hydrological property probability

Utilized expertise in Python in creating a software
framework for sequential particle filtering

Created comprehensive methods for parameter estimation
and uncertainty treatment for implementation to the
hydrogeophysics and watershed hydrology fields and
applied them in different studies in cooperation with
other researchers

Institute for Meteorology and Climate Research,
Institute of Technology
Karlsruhe, Germany
PhD Researcher
Dec 2004-Jan 2008

Performed investigation on viability of electrical
resistivity tomography (ERT) in the quantification of
soil water content change

Worked hand-in-hand with various engineering institutes
in performing various experiments using a full-scale
dike model

Explored and studied the inversion software applied in
ERT imaging to analyze the reliability of soil water
content quantification

Appropriately applied ERT as a tool for water content
monitoring, and presented results in the studies
conducted to prove inaccuracies in the current paradigms
of linearized ERT inversion used in retrieving
hydrological properties

Computer Graphics Group, Interdisciplinary Centre for
Scientific Computing, University of Heidelberg
Heidelberg, Germany
Student Assistant
Jul 2001-Jun 2004

Significantly participated in the improvement of a
volume-rendering software tool in C++ for use in
medical imaging applications

Proactively engaged in the implementation of 3D
anisotropic diffusion filter as well as development of
automated density segmentation and graphical
applications intended for virtual reality environment

Other Experience

Musikschule M. Willmes
Lichtenborn, Germany
Music Teacher

Implemented excellent methods and styles in teaching
various musical instruments

Fostered harmonious relationship with students while
maintaining high level of professionalism

Monitored and evaluated students learning progress
while continuously nurturing and honing their skills


Doctor of Natural Science
Thesis Title: "Monitoring the Water Content Evolution
of Dikes"
Research Papers: "Natural Disasters" Institute
Research Training Group and Institute for Meteorology
and Climate Research
Active Involvement in the Interdisciplinary Research
Training Group "Natural Disasters"
University of Karlsruhe
Karlsruhe, Germany

Diploma Studies in Physics (Grade: Excellent)
University of Heidelberg
Heidelberg, Germany

Diploma in Physics
Thesis Title: "Numerical and Experimental Basics for a
Quantitative Analysis of Ground Penetrating Radar"
University of Heidelberg
Heidelberg, Germany


Two-Day Courses in Rhetoric and Project Management


Blog Author, German ScienceBlogs (Blog on Physics- and
Science-Related Recent and Past Discoveries)


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2010: Rings, J., Huisman, J. A., & Vereecken, H,
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2010: Mueller, K.; Vanderborght, J.; Englert, A.;
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2009: Rings, J. & Hauck, C. Reliability of resistivity
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2008: Rings, J., Monitoring the Water Content
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