Software Engineer, Cuda Opengl Gpu Gpgpu Glsl

Boulder, Colorado, United States
November 19, 2010   all resumes
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• Proven ability to work from initiation to successful completion of a software application.
• Demonstrated ability to function effectively either individually or in team.
• Able to work optimally under pressure to meet tight deadlines.
• Strong in both verbal and written communications.
• Excellent ability to learn new technologies and domains rapidly

• Solid C/C++ including STL
• Expertise CUDA OpenGL GLSL Cg
• Experienced Operating Systems Linux and Windows (XP/7)
• Agile development
• Experience dbx Visual Studio Qt TCL/Tk XWindows Matlab sh boost HTML Python Perl

3M Medical CT scanners Boulder CO 2007-present
Senior Software Engineer
Responsibilities Medical CT image processing and visualization
Personally developed and coded
- Reconstruction and image processing of large data sets of CT scans in CUDA.
- Real-time Volume renderer in CUDA and OpenGL Shading Language.
- Volume stitching application in CUDA.

Rhythm & Hues Visual Effects and Animation Studio Los Angeles CA 2004-2006
Senior Software Engineer
Responsibilities add real-time OpenGL 3D graphic effect tools to a proprietary animation software application used by the studio artists
Personally designed and implemented
- GLSL lighting reflection and refraction shaders shader quality matched the studio s in-house slow software renderer application by using same algorithms.
- Ported application s rendering to a Qt.

Alias 3D animation modeling rendering special effects software Alias is now part of Autodesk Toronto Ont Canada 1994-2003

Software Architect
Responsibilities OpenGL 3D graphic rendering
- Maya 5.0 Architected and coded application tool for fast and high quality video card rendering in vertex fragment and Cg code.
- Personally rewrote Studio Tools interactive rendering and shading tools in OpenGL significantly improved performance and added transparency reflection texture bumpmap textures
- Maya and Studio Tools Responsible for Linux and Windows XP cross platform code.
- Studio Tools ported application from IrisGL to OpenGL and XWindows
- Developed Web 3D Viewer in Java.

IBM Workstation Graphic Card development Kingston NY 1991-1994
Advisory engineer
3D graphic card microcoder OpenGL 1.0
- Microcode (C and assembly) from inception to completion
- Major contributor in determining microcode requirements and development environment requirements
- Personally designed and coded multiprocessor data stream logic and math functions

Motorola Unix Operating System Schaumburg IL 1989-1991
Senior Software Engineer
- Personally responsible for XWindow port for Unix BSD Operating System.
- Development of XWindow applications.

Reuters Financial stock reporting application Franklin Park IL 1987-1989
Senior Software Engineer
Implementation XWindow Graphic User Interface for stock reporting application.

Siemens Medical Equipment Des Plaines IL 1985-1987
Principal Software Engineer
Designed and developed firmware (assembly and C) for graphic user interface for medical imaging

Motorola Silicon Chip Manufacturing Austin TX 1981-1984
Team leader for the software design and development of tools (assembly and C) used for the
design and verification of a 32bit floating point microprocessor chip.

Bachelor of Electrical Engineering Georgia Institute of Technology
CUDA course Aug. 2010 "Proven Algorithmic Techniques for Many-core Processors" Virtual School of Computational Science and Engineering Ga Tech

"Automated Testing Scheme for Floating Point" ACM Signum Conference on Numerical Computations and Mathematatical Software for Microcomputers Conference Boulder CO March 28 1984