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Voice,Data, and Nortel PBX Specialist

San Diego, California, 91945, United States
$25.00 per hour
December 18, 2009
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OBJECTIVE : To contribute to the achievement of the company objective by utilizing my people skills and my technical skills in a challenging way.


10 Years of experience in Voice and Data communications. As a cable tech and as an Nortel Options tech.

Key systems are Norstars, BCM, and Symposium.

PBX systems are Option 11,61, and 81c. Plus NEC & Avaya.

Software and management systems are TM3 Telephony Manager 3.0, CS1000, Voice mail Call Pilot, Meridian Mail, Octel and BMC Remedy application.


Nov.18th 2006 - Dec.24th 2008

Sony Corporation / Verigent

San Diego California

PBX Specialist

o Perform multiple operations on Telephony Manager 3.0

o Project manage many large department moves. Understanding floor plan and interpreting blueprints.

o Perform day to day adds, moves and changes to the Option 81c in a campus environment.

o Responsible for repairs to all voice circuits both analog and digital, fax, modems and 1mb’s.

o Responsible for the features and administrations of all 2008,2616, and 3904 phones. And ACD call center format.

o Giving training and knowledge to users on business unit and there voice mail system.

o Performing and understanding the EIA and TIA concept on CAT6 and CAT5 cables.

o Operate daily the TM3 /CS1000 system and MAT to reflect accurate records to the Meridian.

o Manage work through BMC Remedy and accessing records to fine tune CDR and MDR and reporting data to management.

o Comparing traffic reports and recording this data.

o Understanding the infrastructure of VOIP and Internet Protocol.

o Install Loops, Shelfs and Cards and build units.

July 05- Dec06

Outsource Telecom

San Diego California

Network Installation Tech.

o Project Manage design new installation of cable path and racks.

o Install voice and data cabling CAT 6 to spec.

o Terminate Patch Panels and dress cables to perfection.

o Connect patch cables to active ports on Cisco equipment.

o Mapping path ways and installing J-hooks to specs. And codes.

o Testing cables and mounting racks and installing Cisco blades.

o Design wiring infrastructure for IDF and MDF for equipment and VOIP and Internet Protocol.

o Study and know blue prints.

September 04- July 05

LPL Financial

San Diego California

PBX Specialist

o Owned duties of programming Nortel sets daily for adds, moves, and changes.

o Perform daily backups on Option 81c and Option 61.

o Organize recordings off Nice Logger system.

o Manage DN’s and TN’s

o Maintain inventory and have access to Vendors plus keep up with the latest of telecom equipment.

o Testing T1’s and T3’s to enable good connections

o Terminate 50 and 25 pair cables.

o Ensure the function of IP phones, ITG and ISDN connections.

February 01- September 04

SBC /AT&T Data com

Ervine, California

Voice and Data Specialist

o Install Wireless system to talk to PBX and Opt.11

o Cable and wire data racks and jacks using the 568B wiring.

o Mount and install Cisco blades and prepare for programming.

o Run jumpers to complete connections for phones and ISDN.

o Program Meridian SL1 system for dialing plan routing and trafficking for trunks on system.

o Installation of Option 11 throughout Sweetwater Union School District.

o Perform MAC orders for the Wells Fargo and Bank of America’s Opt.11 systems


o Certificate : The Familiarzation of the SL1

o Certificate : Maintenance of the Opt81c and 61

o Certificate : Features and Administration of the Option 81c.

o Certificate : EIA & TIA concepts.

o Certificate : CATV, CAT6 and Fiber Optic.

o Skilled in Microsoft Word ,Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Power Point, Publisher, and Quick Book.


o Drawing and Painting, racquetball, Music, singing and spending time with family.


o Upon request.