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Wind Resource Analyst

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 600119, India
June 18, 2008
Contact Info:

Curriculum Vitae

Wind Resource Analyst / Consultant – Renewable Energy

Personal Details



Date / Place of Birth: 4-December-1983 / Trivandrum

Nationality/Religion: Indian / Hindu

Marital Status: Single

Address: TC 25/2195, Thyvila Lane

Thampanore, Trivandrum (Dist)

695001. Kerala. India

Phone: +91-471-******* / +91-09846689051

Mobile: +91-979*******


Passport No: G 7339250

Valid up to: 21-Feb-2018

Executive Summary:

KIRAN K R has graduated from the University of Kerala, India in Physics. He holds a post-graduate Master of Science degree in Meteorology (Atmospheric Science) from Cochin University of Science and Technology, India. He is also pursuing another Master of Science degree in Physics from MS university, India.

Presently working as wind resource analyst based in Chennai and has nearly one year of consulting experience for various renewable energy projects.


• Identification of potential sites for wind farm development; Perform wind study based on the available data for the location; generate reports of site features; estimate the performance of wind turbines and micrositing of the wind turbines;

• Setting up of meteorological wind mast, data collection and archiving; Wind farm project engineering, application of software tools in wind farm development engineering like (WAsP, GH WindFarmer (Demo version), Wind energy and EMD WindPRO)

• Handle GPS receivers; generate digitized maps based on site topography. Handle data loggers (NRG 9200+ / Symphonie/Nomad) measuring instruments, feasibility tools like RETScreen, RAPSIM, HOMER. Development of specific custom spreadsheets for projects; Work in areas of energy planning, policy studies, prepare project report

• Good analytical and programming skills in C, C++, FORTRAN, Mat lab and Surfer 8.0

Career Objective:

Secure a challenging position in areas of renewable energy masterplan, analytic data research where in my team player attributes, experience, and communication skills can be utilized in obtaining personal career goals and those of the employer. To advance technically and contribute to sustainable energy technology development.

Bio Data

Countries Worked In: India,Denmark Countries Lived In: India, Denmark

Foreign Languages: Learning German

Work Experience

July 2007 – Present

Wind Resource Analysis

Vestas wind technologies, Chennai, India

• Wind analysis of sites at Andhra Pradesh and Kerala

• Wind data collection and analysis

• Worked with a full fledged 12 sector wake effect analysis tool for calculating the loss in generation of a particular turbine under consideration and the other wind turbines in its surrounding, based on the wake effect model derived by Katic, J. Højstrup and N.O. Jensen, 1986 – The wind speed deficit at the down wind turbine is calculated in this tool.

• Familiar with Wind Statistical Model using the hourly time series data of one full year from 2 Anemometers [wind speed & standard deviation data] and 1 Wind Vane. The following outputs are produced from this tool

 Percentage frequency distribution of wind speed (annual/monthly);

 Distribution of Wind Power Density (annual/monthly);

 Diurnal mean wind speed, standard deviation (monthly/annual);

 Wind shear (power law index) and wind speed profile;

 16 direction sector joint wind speed distribution (annual/monthly);

 Turbulence Intensity and Energy Pattern Factor (monthly/annual);

 Wind rose graphs (monthly/annual);

 Performance estimate of wind turbines based on the wind resource;

• Preparation of comprehensive reports for the identified/proposed wind farm land indicating the access routes using Mapsource™, aerial satellite imaging (using Google Earth™), describe location features as observed from site visits; estimations of wind flow and energy production based on the wind mast data in the surrounding and the site topography;

• Micrositing of wind turbines taking into account the local regulation for distances and the wind flow patterns at the site; The terrain features, existing wind turbines in the surrounding and the obstacles for wind flow were analyzed and optimized locations are selected for maximizing the annual energy yield.

• Organized the collection of data from NRG Data Loggers (Models 9210, Nomad 2). Developed Quality Control procedures in line with the proposed methodology in AWS-Scientific Inc. USA – Wind Resource Assessment Handbook to international standards for data collection, archiving and presentation.

Trinings and Workshops

Jan 2006 Atmosin- National Seninar on Atmospheric and Climatic issues conducted by

Department of Atmospheric sciences, CUSAT, INDIA

Nov 2007 National level training workshop conducted by Centre for Wind

Energy Technology (C-WET, Ministry for Rewnwble Energy, India) on

Wind Farm Devolopement and Related Isssues.

Mar 2008 Training in wind energy related softwares like Wind Pro and WAsP

from VESTAS, Randers, Denmark.

May 2008 Training in Wind Sector Management and Site Checking tools during Wind&

Site rally, Julsminde, Denmark

Publications & Presentations:

May 2007 A case study on monsoon rainfall variations in India – A case study on the rainfall variations over the last decade in India.

Education Academic:

Cochin University of Science and Technology, India

Master of Science in Meteorology (Atmospheric Science), 2007

University of Kerala, Kerala, India

Bachelor of Physics, 2004

Computer Literacy:

Operating Systems GUI’s &

Languages General & Graphics


LINUX C, C++ AutoCad

Windows BASIC MS Office

FORTRAN Photoshop

Mat lab Wind Pro2.5

Surfer 8.0 WAsP