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Ranch Manager/ Caretaker/ Mechanic

United States
June 17, 2009
Contact Info:

Leonard (Len) E. Jennings

*** ******* **** ******

Franklin, TN 37064

Cell phone 406-***-****

Wife’s cell 406-***-****


Work History:

I am currently employed as a mechanic on a ranch in WY. I do all of the mechanical work on all equipment on the ranch, large and small: tractors, atvs, irrigation equipment, mowers, and approximately 50 vehicles. I also do welding when required. However, this is a seasonal position and I am seeking full time employment.

May 2008 to Sept. 2008

Caretaker for small horse farm in Wisconsin..

Duties: Grooming and handling horses, feeding and medicating horses as required, cleaning stalls, cleaning barn, grounds maintenance and landscaping, upkeep of all equipment, mowing pastures, yard, upkeep on swimming pool, caretaker’s house, and maintaining fences and all buildings on the properties.


IX Ranch, Big Sandy, MT

Ranch Hand

I worked on a large working cattle ranch performing all duties such an operation requires. We ran 3000 head of cows on approximately 180,000 acres of range land, mostly private, some public grazing leases.

I operated 4 wheel drive John Deere tractors using a front loader and hay buster for feeding and bedding cattle. I operated a L-900 Ford Truck transporting round bales from field to stack yard. I also hauled hay longer distances using a semi tractor and trailer.

I moved, sorted, healed, penned, performed health checks, branded, and doctored calves. We performed 99% of our operations on horseback. We used 4 wheelers where it was convenient and effective in handling cattle. I did maintenance on all equipment. I performed maintenance on the fences, installed H-braces, gates, and corrals. I rode on a daily basis checking health and for foot rot during certain times of the year. This was mostly done on yearlings and young bulls. I moved injured or sick cattle to a trailer or treatment facility and treated as necessary. On some occasions we would have rope and treat the animal in the pasture. I vaccinated, performed flushes on RP cows and pulled calves as necessary. I did night calving for the 3 year olds for 2 seasons. When the snow fell and danger of sun burnt utters could become an issue I rode the pastures checking for this condition. I am very familiar with cold weather calving and the dangers and preventions as well as intervention. I am very familiar with and experienced in grafting calves.

We as a team rounded up cow calf pairs in large pastures where we gathered them into a portable pen branded and vaccinated the calves. I moved pairs to new pastures as the grass became utilized in the existing pasture, I was called upon to check these pastures for grass availability and to determine if the cattle should be moved. Ranch grazing policy was to graze 50%, leave 50%. Furthermore, noxious weeds were an issue and so I had to able to identify and then apply herbicide as necessary. I also checked and maintained the water sites in these large pastures, most of them were spring fed with a trough and overflow away from the watering site.

The IX ranch ran 60 head of Quarter horses. In addition to this population there were studs, brood mares, and fouls to handle and train. Often we transported horses 40-60 miles to perform our tasks. Furthermore, it was ranch policy to use the studs and train them in this varied and diverse environment; I rode some of these studs and handled them. I performed health checks, injections, worming, grooming, saddling and fed of all horse stock on the ranch at my location. Daily I checked my horses for worthiness, and instructed and advised less experienced personnel on how to carry out the task. Sometimes I had to ride at night with flashlight in hand if a cow needed assistance in calving.

Furthermore, the ranch encouraged and sponsored a riding clinic put on by Pat Wyse. This was done annually and I attended. The purpose was to instruct the riders in how to safely and effectively utilize their mounts and prolong the horse’s usefulness by improving on our riding ability and therefore reduce the discomfort and injury induced by improper riding techniques.

I also had the duty and responsibility to insure that the ranch headquarters was secured and that all equipment and buildings were shut and lights off. Often I was given the responsibility of taking one or two interns with me on fencing projects, I instructed, supervised, planned, and organized these outings.

I was also given the task to take the interns out and conduct a ride though the cattle and to do a health check. This was often done with 1 or more other riders, I would instruct them on what to look for and what would be our plan of action if we should sight a sick animal.

Additionally at the IX I was called upon to maintain and operate pivots; maintain waterways, adjust head gates, and make dam moves after 24 or 12 hour sets depending if it was grass or alfalfa. Noxious weeds were an on going concern on the ranch and so I had to be able to identify, mix and apply the appropriate herbicide.


Fort Pitt Farm and Ranch

Sask. Canada

I operated and maintained heavy equipment: blades, scrapers, semi trucks and trailers, cats, large cat loaders, and all large farm tractors. I built, maintained, installed culverts and graveled roads with a belly dump trailer; bladed roads for maintenance and snow removal.

Wire feed welded, arc welded and made repairs to equipment that required it. Hauled livestock with semi tractor and cattle pot on long and short hauls.

I worked in a 1700 sow farrow to finish operation. I selected, weighted and insured the structural conformity of gilts for shipment to other farms. We were a PIC multiplier operation. I also worked 300 head of range cattle: branding, sorting, doctoring.


Odessa, Wash.

Self Employed

I owned and operated a (100 head) registered cattle operation in central Washington. I performed my own spring calving, pregnancy checks, branding, vaccinating, weighing, and documentation. I worked my cattle from horse back and 4 wheelers. I repaired and installed my own fences and corrals. I maintained the vehicles, tractors and buildings. I was also elected to the board of directors of the Murray Grey breed association.

Furthermore, I operated and maintained large 4 wheel drive tractors pulling grain carts, drills, disc, cultivators, rod weeders. I also operated and maintained International Combines and drove tandem trucks hauling grain.

I owned, operated and supervised a commercial fencing company at the same time. I employed 3 Hispanic people in this operation.


Boeing Commercial Aircraft Manufacturer

I performed and verified functional tests on the 747 and737 aircraft. This was carried out per the engineering documents and all test procedures had to be followed to insure that the tested system was in the proper configuration to insure the system functioned properly prior flight testing. I inspected the work of other aircraft mechanics: for example: structural rework; assembly and sub assembly installations; wiring installation; power plant installations; fuel cell and fuselage pressure tests. I documented all defects and reported any special repairs or rejection tags to the engineering department. I coordinated with manufacturing the proper procedure in conducting the tests to insure that the functional tests were performed in the most effective and timely fashion.


US Army (Department of the Army Civilian)

I performed maintenance and operational checks on CH-47, UH-1 and King Air Beech Craft. I carried out inspections on the above listed aircraft and documented any and al defects. I performed Flight engineer duties on the CH-47 during pilot training and check rides. Performed flight line and organizational maintenance inspections and operational checks;

Tracked main rotor, and tail rotor of UH-1; tracked and balanced Ch-47 with a Chadwick Helmuth balancer; filed appropriate documentation and reports on the airworthiness of the assigned aircraft. Trained and organized 1-2 trainees at a time in flight engineer duties on the CH-47.

1982-Winter 1983

Raisbeck Group and Rockwell International

Performed sheet metal, and structural modifications to Sabre Liners and Lear jet wings. Drilled and inspected close tolerance holes and installed fasteners per the manufactory’s instructions, sealed fuel tanks and performed assembly and riveting process on leading edge wing boxes.

1982 Summer

Sproul Ranch

Seneca, Oregon

Maintained and operated a self propelled baler, as well as a John Deere round baler. Moved cattle from pasture to pasture (yearlings) in Forest Service leases on horse back. Furthermore, I had the responsibility of maintaining the fences in this 12,000 acre lease. I operated and maintained John Deere tractors used in baling and stacking. Additionally I operated and maintained a New Holland swather. I performed flood irrigation duties in hay meadows, moved dams, adjusted head gates and monitored the water flow.


Highlife Helicopter

Shop Foreman and Field Mechanic

Maintained company helicopters (Hughes 500D, Bell 206, Lama, FH-1100) and conducted company operations. Additionally I had the responsibility as shop foreman coordinating, supervising, scheduling, and managing 3 other aircraft mechanics in the maintenance of all of the shop for their scheduled maintenance. Furthermore, I was called upon to go out into the field and maintain the helicopters as well as operate and maintain the support vehicles, (heavy duty tandem trucks) coordinated product resupply as well as fuel procurement for the trucks and the helicopters. Most of these operations were carried out in remote and mountainous areas, where routes and operating locations had to be picked carefully and coordinated with the customer as well as the pilot and support personnel. Needless to say safety was the number one priority in all of our operations.


US Army (Enlisted)

Fire Team Leader (Non Commissioned Officer)

Responsible for 6 fire team members in an infantry squad. I supervised, managed, trained, and counseled these younger men in the performance of their military duties. I was also responsible for their welfare and had to report any infractions or needs to my squad leader and platoon sergeant. Most of the training had to do with infantry tactics, the use of weapons, and operations in a combat environment.

During this tenure I had the responsibility as Company Training NCO. I had the responsibility to coordinate the Battalion training objectives into the Company’s training schedule and inform the same of any conflicts in scheduling or unnecessary redundancy. Furthermore, part of my duty was to coordinate any support or equipment needed to perform these functions.

Maintenance Team Leader Non Commissioned Officer

Supervised, managed and trained a crew of 5 aircraft mechanics performing maintenance, repairs, inspections and maintenance operational checks on UH-1 and AH-1 helicopters.

Served as a flight engineer and crew chief performing flight tests and maintenance operation checks on CH-47 helicopters; performed normal mission duties for air mobile operations including air assaults and heavy lift with external and internal cargo. I also trained, instructed and supervised flight engineer and crew chief trainees.

I received 2 awards of the Army Commendation medal for meritorious service and won the Expert Infantryman’s Badge, and received my Enlisted Flight Crewman’s Badge.

Honorable Discharge


Pomeroy, Wash.

High School Student

I worked for farmers and ranchers harvesting, grass seed processing plant and working cattle via horseback.


Bachelor’s Degree:

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in “Aviation Maintenance Management.”

“Deans Honor Roll”

Non Commissioned Officers Academy


FAA Airframe and Power Plant license


Welding, carpentry; plumbing; chain saw sharpening; horsemanship; herdsman, aircraft mechanic; equipment maintenance and operations; grounds maintenance; self starter.


I served as a board member in the American Murray Grey Breed Association.

Married and together we have 4 grown children, none at home. My wife and I are willing to go anywhere for the right position.