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Houston, Texas, 77056, United States
March 12, 2011
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****-**** *********** **** *******. Mudlogging in the Haynesville shale
And the Eagleford shale.

****-**** ********* ******* ********, Mudlogging in Texas, Louisiana, south east of Oklahoma, Pennsylvania & NewYork.

2002-2003 Diversified well Logging. The Logging activities were Offshore Gulf of Mexico & Beaumont Texas.

2001-2001 Computalog Drilling Services, MWD. Rosenberg, Texas.
Run an Electro-Magnetic tool which consist of the following sensors:
• Directional “ Inclination & Azimuth”
• Gamma Ray “Shale volume – correlate with offset logs – pick up casing & coring points”.
• Pressure sensor “Underbalance Drilling Applications”, Air drilling & no flow limitations.

1998-2001 The Mudlogging Co. Houston, Texas. Mudlogging in east,
southwest of Texas and Gulf of Mexico.
The logging activities are formations cutting descriptions,
ROP, hot wire gas detection and analysis, formations
Particles porosity & permeability, calculating bottoms up
And update, picking up casing points, oil and gas shows

1992-1998 Sperry-sun Drilling Services, Middle East. Run the following tools:
• Magnetic Multishot: Run 275 jobs film system.
• Steering Tool with Side Entry Sub “Wireline” Kicking off,
Correction runs, and side tracks.
• M.W.D “Directional Sensor” – System 1200, 650, and slim hole.
• An “INSITE” training job, the LWD string included.
• Sperry-sun mudlogging units “Mentor and LS 2000”.

1988-1992 The Mudlogging co. Houston, Texas. Mudlogger and relief
unit manager in east, southwest of Texas and Gulf of

Professional Schools: “Basic Directional Surveying” by Sperry-sun
Included the following tools:
• Electronic Survey System
• Boss Gyro
• Level Rotor Gyro
• Electronic Survey Instrument

MWD course with Computalog Drilling Services.

Education: Bachelor in English Literature, major in English as a
Foreign Language.