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Assistant Computer Science

Rowlett, Texas, 75089, United States
April 12, 2012

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Bofolaver Mbuntum 240-***-****

**** **** **, ******* ** 75089


In class programming experience in Java and Web Technologies.

Experienced in Web-based development with Java, XML, JSP and J2EE architecture.

Proficient in OOP/OOD and databases.

Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, good team player.

Great in analysis and critical thinking.


Operating System: Windows, Linux, Apple MacOS

Technologies: Java1.4/1.5, J2EE (EJB2.0, Servlets, JSP), XML, AWT, JavaBeans, C++, SQL, HTML,HTML Forms, JavaScript, CSS, MatLab, some php

Databases: MySQL 6.0 and MS Access

Web Servers: Apache-Tomcat 6.0

Application Servers: Jboss

IDE: Eclipse, NetBeans, Dr Java.

Tools: Eclipse, Textpad, Dreamweaver

Protocols: HTTP


Masters of Science in Computer Science (New Mexico Highlands University, New Mexico- In progress. Expected Graduation: May 2012)

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (Software/Hardware Systems)

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

(New Mexico Highlands University, New Mexico. GPA: 3.86) Summa Cum Laude PHI KAPPA PHI


Dean’s List for all semesters attended

Nominated and Current member of Sigma Alpha Pi (The National Society of Leadership and Success)


Graduate Assistant Aug 2010 – Present

Role: Research Assistant

Task: Research for professors and Tutor.


• Helped teachers in grading papers

• Assisted in teaching some classes

• Helped Students in programing problems

• Research for Professors

Housing Office –New Mexico Highlands University Aug 2007 – May 2010 Role: Senior Resident Assistant

Task: Guide Freshmen through leadership.

The Housing office at New Mexico Highlands University hires highly disciplined students with team work ability to help keep the order in the residence halls. Working here helped me gain leadership experience.


• Through leadership and respect, I was required to guide freshmen throughout their freshmen year to help them enjoy their stay at the university, by creating fun activities and/or educational programs, making them able to interact with other students on campus.

• More so, I was required to show them the importance of discipline, monitor their behavior and be a role model for them.

Student Support Services, Las Vegas, NM Aug 2009 – Jan 2010 Role: Web Designer and Developer

Task: Build Website for Participants

Student Support Service (SSS) is an institution whose goal is to promote literacy among college students. They work with close to two hundred students per year, offering tutoring and mentoring services. My task was to build a website to hold records for the students involved. The classes they are taking, grades, extra-curricular activities, and how often they attend tutoring.


Consulted with director on how many and who should have access to the student records, and what such records should be. Also, settled on how the layout and general design should look like.

Used JSF and Hash tables for user authentication.

Designed a MySQL database to contain the records, and also wrote SQL scripts to query the database.

Designed JSP pages for user views and authentication authenticated login

Design and develop entity beans for persistence objects

Wrote Servlets and Java DAO classes for database access.

Resources Used: JSP, Java, Servlets, EJB 3.0, Eclipse, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Photoshop.

Sandia National Labs, Albuquerque, New Mexico Jun 2008 to Sept 2009

Role: Analyst/J2EE Programmer

Task: Resource Searcher

The Research was based on simulating the adsorption of gases into the MOFs using the Monte Carlo method, with the goal of finding optimized parameters that could be used for the adsorption of other gases. To help ease the process of research, I developed a program that does searches on a document or URL and highlights the results.


Designed the look and feel of the GUI, to make it user friendly to employees.

Used Java Threads, Histograms, and TreeMaps to manipulate the data.

Increased the functionality of the GUI, such that searches could be done given a URL.

Trained employees on how to use the program.

Resources Used: Java, Threads, TreeMap, Histograms, Events


Designed websites that lets members put up books on the site for advertisement. It was designed to avoid the insane prices the ore on college campuses bookstcharge students for books.

Simulated Mass Spring and Damper Systems using C, Simulink and Matlab.

Written various algorithms such as binary tree, quicksort, heapsort using Java and others.

Used UML and Object Oriented Patterns to design an Address Book.

Assisted professor in making holograms.

Using David laser 3D scanner to scan objects in 3D and a 3D Laser Printer to Print images out.


Vice President of AGSNMHU (Association of Graduate Student New Mexico Highlands University)

Member of Sigma Alpha Pi (The National Society of Leadership and Success)

International Club member

NMHU Soccer Club.



Fluent in French

Some Spanish


Dr. Hossein Tahani


Computer Science Department

New Mexico Highlands University

Phone: 505-***-****

Ms. Yvette D. Wilkes

Director of Housing

Housing Department

New Mexico Highlands University

Phone: 505-***-****

Lonny R. Montoya


Sandia National Laboratory

Phone: 505-***-****

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