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Senior webmethods admin/developer-certified

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Country: United States
State: New Jersey
ZIP: 08837
Posted date: 4/3/2009   all resumes
Contact Info: ************@************.***
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Resume Text:


 Currently working as webMethods Consultant at Bristol-Myers Squibb, Co.
 Nine years of experience with multi-dimensional roles in IT industry.
 Around 6 years experience in Enterprise application integration (EAI) and Business to Business integration (B2Bi) framework.
 Expertise in Designing, Developing & Migration of B2B and Enterprise Applications.
 Have worked in multiple roles in the team as various project models e.g. Administrator, development project, production support and migration project.
 Extensive experience with requirements gathering, architecture, design & implementation of EAI & B2B integration projects.
 Expertise includes Full life cycle Object Oriented development utilizing Rational Unified Process, which uses Use Case approach, Object Modeling, and Design.
 Extensively worked with webMethods IntegrationServer, Broker & TN
 Experience in Java for developing enterprise business applications using Enterprise Java Beans (EJB), Servlets, Java Server Pages (JSP), Swing, Applets, JDBC and JNDI
 Implemented web components using J2EE, SOAP, XML and Web Services
 Proficiency in Using Adapters like webSphere MQ, MIS, JMS, SAP, JDBC with various database applications
 Expertise in configuring and monitoring webMethods components.
 Efficient in developing and deploying Integrated Applications using webMethods Integration Server
 Strong Working Knowledge in web technologies like ASP, JavaScript, VBScript
 Worked on applying relevant Corporate Security Standards to the development and testing of applications.
 Expertise in recognizing the potential risks associated with common coding errors and identifying coding approaches to address them.
 Having good knowledge to handle flatfiles, EDI data, XML files, Idocs, etc., using webMethods.
 Well versed with quality processes like CMM-I & have been using in the execution of projects.
 Worked on multiple Operating Systems like Win NT, Win’95, Win’98, UNIX and Red Hat Linux.
 Have Motivation to take independent responsibility as well as ability to contribute and be a productive team member.
 Extensive experience with documentation tools, development tools & office productivity tools e.g. MS Project, Word, Excel, Visio, Power-point, Visual Sourcesafe, Toad, Sql navigator etc.
 Quick learning, outstanding communication & problem resolution skills. A good team player.

Technical Skills:

EAI/ERP Integration Tools:
webMethods IntegrationServer4.6/6.1/6.5, webMethods TradingNetworks4.6/6.1/6.5, webMethodsBroker6.1/6.5.2, webMethods Modeler6.1, webMethods Monitor6.1/6.5, webMethods Workflow6.1, webMethods Manager6.5, My webmethods Server 6.5.2/7.1.1, Optimize for Infrastructure 7.0/7.1.0, SAP BC4.6, Portal, web services.

SAP, SAP BC, WmDB, Siebel, websphere MQ, JMS, MIS, AS/400, JDBC with various databases.

Oracle 9i, SQL Server6.5, IBM DB2 7.0, Sybase, MSAccess.

Web Technologies:
ASP,, VB, COM, DCOM, Java Script, VBScript, HTML and DHTML.

Developer Tools:
webMethods Developer, webMethods Designer, webMethods Trading networks, Net Studio, VB, Visual Interdev.

Application Servers:
Weblogic, IBM Websphere, iPlanet.

RUP, UML with Rational Rose/MS Visio/RequisitePro.

Data warehouse tools:
Informatica & SAP BI7.0

C, C++, JAVA, J2EE, JSP, Visual Basic 6, COBOL/400.

XML & WebService Technologies:

Operating Systems:
SUN Solaris 2.x, AIX 5.1, HP-UX 11.x, LINUX 6.x, and Windows NT/9x/2000/XP.

Education & Training:

• Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science from JNTU Univ. Of Engineering & Technology, Andhra Pradesh, India.
• webMethods Certified webMethods Developer.

Project Details:

webMethods Consultant for Bristol-Myers Squibb, Co. Nov’17, 06 – Feb’ 09
webMethods Consulant

BMS, a global pharmaceutical and related health care products company, has a central ‘Software Engineering’ team which provides services for all data warehousing & Integration tools. Working as webMethods consultant in the team, providing 24x7 support for all webMethods production servers on a rotating basis and developing common frameworks. BMS has a high available clustered environment.

• Install, setup & configure new webMethods environments for the application teams across development, UAT, Production and Disaster Recovery(DR).
• Support the applications in a very high availability environment, clustered across four servers which are loadbalanced externally through F5.
• Extensively worked on EDI Modules(Core component, Trading Networks Component) in processing EDI documents and flatfiles.
• Creating scripts to automate the configuration & maintenance.
• Responsible for promotion of code from QA to production
• Involved in supporting environments & resolving architecture issues.
• Mentoring offshore developers.
• Performing capacity planning and performance tuning on servers.
• Migrated Integration server 6.5 SP2 to 7.1.2.
• Developed common frameworks to be part of production baseline.
• Design & Administered webMethods components Architecture.
• Supporting the applications and resolving the issues involved with webMethods components like Integration Server, Developer, Broker, Trading Networks, Manager/Optimize for Infrastructure & webMethods Monitor.
• Upgrading SAP Adapter from 4.6 to 6.5.
• Configured Optimize for Infrastructure & My webMethods server to monitor all the production webMethods components.
• Created, Configured and Tested web service connectors from WSDL document to the remote server.
• Co-ordinate with webmethods technical services to resolve the issues with webMethods components.
• Providing 24X7 on call support on rotational basis.
• Monitored all the requests through remedy.
• Applying fixes & service packs upon requirement.
• Upgrading SAP BC 4.6 to webmethods for SAP.
• Upgraded webMethods Manager to Optimize for Infrastructure.
• Migrated MQ server to websphere MQ Adapter.

Solaris 8.0, Red hat Linux 8.0, webMethods6.5, webMethods Developer, webMethods trading Networks, Webmethods Monitor, webMethods Designer, webMethods Manager, My webMethods Server, Optimize for Infrastructure, SAP BC 4.6, XML, EDI(850,832, 855, 850), Flatfiles, XML, java, webservices, SOAP, JDBC Adapter, JMS Adapter, webSphere MQ Adapter, SAP, Remedy.

webMethods Consultant for Freddie Mac Jun’14, 05 – Nov’17, 06
webMethods Consultant

Worked as a webMethods Infrastructure Engineer in WebInfrastructureOperations (WIO) at Freddie Mac, which has about 50 applications running on webmethods. WIO team supports the entire infrastructure in Freddie Mac and B2B support team in WIO exclusively supports all the applications running on webmethods under development, staging and production.

• Install, setup & configure new webMethods environments for the application teams across development, UAT & Production.
• Engineering & Developing solutions to automate the processes like file transfer, log viewing and installing webMethods components.
• Creating partner profiles, document types and processing rules via TN console.
• Responsible for promotion code from QA environment to production
• Involved in supporting environments & resolving architecture issues.
• Design & architect webMethods applications in UNIX environment.
• Performing architectural reviews for projects and recommend scenarios to increase the performance.
• Designed common utilities to be part of production baseline.
• Resolved the work requests,deployment tickets & change requests created in remedy.
• Supporting the applications and resolving the issues involved with webMethods components like Integration Server, Developer, Broker, Trading Networks, Workflow & webMethods Monitor.
• Perform code reviews while improving the performance of the applications.
• Involved in configuring LDAP & troubleshooting related issues.
• Better understanding of changemanagement processusing clearquest.
• Applied fixes & service packs for webmethods environment & tested accordingly.

Solaris 8.0, webMethods6.0.1/6.1, webMethods Developer,webMethods trading Networks, webMethods Designer, WmMonitor, DB2, JDBC Adapter,SAP BC, JMS Adapter, MQ Adapter, Mainframe adapter, HP openview, IBM Rational Clear Quest, Remedy.

webMethods consultant in 3M July’04 – Jun'05
Lead webMethods Developer/Administrator

Project Description:
webMethods is the global strategic integration tool at 3M and part of the IT Applications portfolio (common platform). WIPRO has been selected as an exclusive partner to design & architect the solutions in webMethods and execute the integration projects end to end. Integration components are developed to enable data and transactions to flow between various source and target data sources within 3M or externally to Trading Partners.
The project performs a Re-Architecture of the BTBI platform (version 4.5/5.0 to version 6.1), migration of current productive Integration components while supporting the deployment of planned integration efforts.

• Currently involved in migrating & optimizing the integration components using webMethods IntegrationServer, webMethods Developer, webMethods Broker, webMethods Workflow and webMethods Monitor.
• Responsible for setting environments for development & testing
• Responsible for moving code from QA environment to production
• Installed & configured webMethods components.
• Involved in high level & detailed design issues and also building canonicals.
• Developed Integration server solutions to communicate with trading partners via EDI and XML.
• Promotion of code to Test/Production processes.
• Publishes, subscribes, parses, validates documents (XML, flatfile, EDI 850, 855, 810) from various platforms.
• Developed a Express shipping interface (XSI) in SAP BC, which is a middleware for FEDEX SAP & Ship manager server.
• Also involved in fixing the errors generated as exceptions in the error logs while looking into debug and audit logs.
• Working on a separate Exception Handling Framework, which will be implemented later for all of the Integration Components for proper error handling.
• Configuring the adapters that are essential for the application.
• Used to get the XML document(Sales order) from Legacy Syytem which needs to be converted into IDoc.
• A BAPI is called(outbound process) to send an IDoc to SAP system, where it should create a sales order.
• Sending/receiving documents from websphere MQ series Interchange server through webSphere MQ adapter.
• Writing use cases & designing rose models for the developed/migrated Integrations.
• Developed a separate remote file handling approach for handling remote files.
• Also involved in doing reviews of the developed integration components.

webMethods Business Integrator 5.1, webMethods6.1 , webMethods Broker6.1, webMethods Modeler6.1, webMethods Monitor6.1, webMethods TradingNetworks6.1, EnterpriseServer 5.1, DocumentTracker 5.0, Java, webServices, XML, XSL, EDI, SQL, DB2, SYBASE, Rational Rose, RequisitePro.
Adapters: JDBC, WebSphere MQ, MIS, SAP BC.

3M CRM Apr’04 –Jun’04
Lead webMethods Developer

The main objective of CRM integrations are to enhance the performance of customer care, keep tracking of customer questions and solutions, route their issues to relevant departments, provide solutions in the least possible time, maintains the information of account, customer, contacts, etc., and interacts with various partners of 3M like siebeleMarketting, siebelPMC, OHES, IRS, BANTA, etc.,
On receiving a notification or a publishable document from EAI , parses and validates the document against the XML schema ,performs the basic transformation on data, fetches/inserts/updates data from database, generates a valid xml string based on a schema and queues the document to webSphere MQ or writes the document to the corresponding server. The integrations are responsible for a guaranteed delivery of documents.

• Lead the entire team.
• Involved in the logical/physical design of integrations using VSS.
• Design & architect webMethods applications in UNIX environment.
• Currently involved in developing the integration components using webMethods IntegrationServer, webMethods Developer, webMethods Broker, webMethods Workflow and webMethods Monitor.
• Created listeners,notifications and configured the adapters.
• Developed an interface to interact with webSphere MQ series interchange server.
• Generated tasks through webMethods Workflow for manual approval.
• Involved in generating XML documents and queuing those documents in webSphere MQ.
• File Polling: Suggested a new approach for file polling.
• Logging Enhancements: A unique logging criteria is maintained across the integrations.
• Gear Methodologies: Has been used in the execution of projects.
• Writing Use Cases & designing rational rose models for the developed/migrated Integrations.
• Explored an approach for resubmitting a document on MQ Adapter shutdown/lost connection.
• Also involved in doing reviews of the developed integration components.

webMethods6.1 , webMethods Broker6.1, webMethods Modeler6.1, webMethods Monitor6.1, webMethods TradingNetworks6.1, EnterpriseServer 5.1, DocumentTracker, Java, XML, SQL, SYBASE
Adapters: JDBC, WebSphere MQ, SAP BC.

3M IOMS Jan’04 –Mar’04
webMethods Developer

An International Order Management System, which receives purchase orders from its partners(Vastera,Horizon, CECanada, IPA, 3MPO, etc.,) in various forms( flatfiles, XML, EDI 850, etc.,), parses & validates the received documents against the schema, then generates a standard GFC purchase Order document based on mapping document & publishes it to EAI, which is subscribed by B2B, fetches the data from PO document and inserts/updates the data into IOMS. The received purchase orders are formatted into the formats (flat file, XML, EDI 850), their partners are expecting. The data received from different partners is transformed into the standard format of GFC Purchase Order.

• Currently involved in developing the integration components using webMethods IntegrationServer, webMethods Developer, webMethods Broker, webMethods Workflow and webMethods Monitor, SAP R/3 adapter.
• Lead the entire team.
• Generating schemas/dictionaries for flatfiles and EDI documents.
• Design & architect webMethods applications in UNIX environment.
• Involved in the logical/physical design of integrations using VSS.
• Configuring JDBC adapter with DB2.
• E-Transactions were processed using IDOCS, ChemXMLs.
• Generated tasks through webMethods Workflow for manual approval.
• Designed generalized canonical for passing through systems.
• Received purchase ordeders are formatted into flatfile, XML, EDI 850, 855, 810.
• Logging Enhancements: Created services for application logging.
• Also involved in generating a new approach for remote file read/write.
• Writing Use Cases & designing rose models for the developed/migrated Integrations.
• A common error handling approach is followed across integrations.
• Also involved in doing reviews of the developed integration components.

webMethods6.1 , webMethods Broker6.1, webMethods Modeler6.1, webMethods Monitor6.1, webMethods TradingNetworks6.1, EnterpriseServer 5.1, DocumentTracker, Java, XML, EDI, SQL, DB2, SYBASE
Adapters: JDBC, WebSphere MQ, MIS, SAP R/3.

XML Order Processing from eBay to SONY Oct’03 –Dec’03
webMethods developer

Customer (eBay) sends purchase order in XML format to a Vendor (SONY).Both eBay and SONY maintains a webMethods Integration Server on either side to interact with their trading partners. The customer & vendor will communicate via HTTP protocol. On either servers, all the documents need to route through TRADING NETWORKS. As soon as Vendor receives the Purchase order, validates the XML against the schema & sends a functional acknowledgement to the Customer in XML format synchronously. After Validation, extracts all the required fields described in the Point to Point mapping document & puts it in to database with some basic transformation on data.

• Analysis, design and development of integrations using webMethods4.6 .
• Created & executed the scripts in database.
• Configured db adapter with Oracle9i.
• Configured Trading Networks to a database.
• Created a browser based client.
• Generated the use cases in RequisitePro.
• Created processing rules in trading networks.
• Monitored and resubmitted the services on failure.

webMethods IS 4.6, webMethods TN 4.6, HTML, XML, XSL, XSLT, RequisitePro, Rational Rose, Oracle9i.
Adapters: DB

KIOSK Sony/BestBuy EDI 850 processing July’03 –Sep’03
webMethods developer

BestBuy sends a purchase order in flat file format to a Vendor (KIOSK Sony). BestBuy has to analyze the flat file document & convert it into EDI 850 purchase order (PO). The PO is sent to workflow where it checks for stock. If the order is not according to their criteria it is sent to manager else to KIOSK SONY. As soon as SONY receives the Purchase order, validates the EDI 850 against the X12 V3010 850 purchase order & sends a functional acknowledgement to BESTBUY synchronously. The purchase order details are inserted into database on either side and customer details are synchronized on either side. The entire functionality is monitored using WmMonitor and on any failure can come back and resubmit the documents.

• Configuration of applications using webMethods6.0.
• Creating a flat file schems/dictionary according to the requirement.
• Developing the application.
• Configuring JDBC Adapter with Oracle9i.
• Creating EDI schemas from corresponding SEF files.
• Resubmits the documents on failure.
• Synchronization of data is done using the concepts of Key-cross synchronization.
• Configured Workflow with database & created tasks for execution.

webMethods IS6.1, webMethods Broker6.1, webMethods WorkFlow6.1, webMethods Monitor6.1, HTML, XML, XSL, XSLT, RequisitePro, Rational Rose, Oracle9i.
Adapters: JDBC

NSTAR - B2B Integration(Mainframe - Oracle CRM) Jan’03 –Jun’03
webMethods developer

This was the integration between Mainframes transaction with Oracle CRM. It includes data integration for Customer Information to record New customer information, Change & Delete the record. Meter information New Connection, Reconnect, Disconnect of the data.

• Involved in the development of the services using webMethods 4.6 Integration server and Developer.
• Building the solutions on webMethods server, so was involved more into data mapping.

webMethods IS6.1, webMethods Broker6.1, webMethods Monitor6.1, XML, RequisitePro, Rational Rose, DB2.
Adapters: JDBC

SeraNova - B2B Integration for Chemical Companies July’02 – Dec’02
webMethods developer

B2B Integration for chemical companies located at various parts of USA. Establish the e-transactions for various transactions like Purchase Order, PO Acknowledgement, Sales Order, and Sales Order Acknowledgement. E-transactions were processed using the IDOCs and ChemXMLs. Being a confidential business data whole processing was passed thru various servers using HTTPS protocol. Validation rules are applied at HUB as well as at the Partner end.

• Used webMethods 4.6, Trading Networks 4.6, SAPBC, iDoc, Oracle 9i, Rosettanet standard for the integration.
• Trading Networks was used for setting up the partner profiles.
• Document types were created for identification of transactions.
• Processing rules were created for processing outgoing as well as incoming transactions.
• Generic conversation scripts were imported.

webMethods IS4.6, webMethods TN4.6, webMethods Monitor6.1, SAPBC, iDoc, Oracle9i, Rosettanet standards Dec’01 –Jun’02
Lead .Net Consultant

Migration of the production environment of Sun Hydraulics from ASP to ASP.Net, enhancing the site with the upcoming requirements, optimizing the code to enhance its performance and making the environment adaptable to Netscape also. Project is migrated based on the strategies of Hybrid Lifecycle & session sharing strategies. The upcomingrequirements are being handled in .Net. Code optimization is done by creating reusable components which is one of the most advanced features of .Net.

• Creating the reusable components.
• Make the environment adaptable to Netscape7.0 & IE5.0 or above.
• Testing the coded programs with the prepared testplans.

ASP.NET, ActiveX, IIS, JavaScript, VBScript, DHTML ,HTML, XML, XSLT, PLSQL, .NET Framework, Windows Professional Server 2000.

CMAN March’00 –Nov’01
ASP Developer

This is a Maintenance and Future enhancement project for commissary management in its first phase. This project involves all the activities involved in a development project, starting from analysis, specification preparation, coding, testing and review at all the stages.
The project is divided into modules viz., Products, Materials, Vendors, suppliers. All the modules produce user-friendly interface so as to provide Create, Update, Delete functionalities. Whenever the supplier supplies the raw materials it will automatically pop up the raw materials list. Once the raw material is used in developing a product the corresponding raw materials quantity will be deducted. Once the product is supplied to vendors, the corresponding impact is maintained in the product list. Unit of Measure is maintained in kg only. Other unit of measures are converted to kg's using a stored procedure.
A sample production data is collected and inserted into database. Ran the integrated modules against the test data given. Unit Test Plan, Unit Test Result, Black Box Test & System Test results are maintained..

• Analysis and prototype preparation.
• Design of GUI forms.
• Coding products module.
• Help the QA team in understanding the project.
• Unit Testing against the prepared test plans.

SQL Server 2000,Visual Interdev , ASP, IIS, JavaScript, VBScripts, Java Scripts, DHTML, HTML.

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