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Perl Developer

Jersey City, New Jersey, 07306, United States
September 15, 2008
Contact Info:

YOGESH PATIL Phone: 415-***-****



• Have over 6 years of professional experience in the field of IT.

• Expert level experience in Perl, DBI/DBD and Oracle based applications

• Experience in developing various systems using PL/SQL, Packages and procedures in Oracle

• Well versed with Software Development Life Cycle and comprehensive understanding of software testing methodologies and tools

• Experience in Financial and banking related applications


LANGUAGES: PL/SQL, Perl, Unix Korn Shell, Html, JavaScript, SQL

RDBMS: Oracle 8i/9i/10g, Sybase 11.x/12.x, MySQL

OPERATING SYSTEM: Sun Solaris 2.x, HPUX, Linux 8, Windows 2000

MISCELLANEOUS: SQL* PLUS, SQL * Loader, CVS, CronTab, MS Visio, Visual Source Safe, ERWIN, DBI/DBD, DB Library, FTP, ISQL, VB 6.0, MS Frontpage


Comcast (May 2008 – Present)

1500 Market Street, Philadelphia,


Project: Velodrome (Data Migration)

Project Velodrome is migrating the mail system from ABS to Comcast mail system. Provides market level reporting for detailed email usage across markets, store a large volume of long-term data for trending and provide short-term data for current system snapshots, secure login access, supports existing reports and provides a simple mechanism to build new ones.


• Created Perl scripts to migrate the data from mysql database, secured http sites, and log files to oracle database and generated many migration reports.

• Created Perl modules and packages for database connectivity and multiple applications.

• Designed, developed, and implemented an application that extracts IP addresses of multiple active servers using Unix shell script. Wrote shell scripts to automate the feeds and to send mails about the status of feeds. Wrote shells scripts to execute stored procedures.

• Created tables to hold migration data. Created many stored procedures using PLSQL to load, display and summarize the table. Did performance tuning on PLSQL queries. Created on-the-fly PLSQL queries for backfilling the tables. Wrote Perl scripts for generating ad-hoc reports. Worked on implementing truncate logic in oracle. Created test cases and test documentation. Worked on moving-window partition logic. Scheduled stored procedures using job scheduler. Wrote SQL queries for Managed object. Worked on creating support documents for handover.


PERL, KSH, CPAN modules, DBI/DBD, Oracle 10g, SQL Developer, Sun Solaris, Windows XP, PLSQL, Crontab, UNIX

Barclays Global Investments (April 2007 – March 2008)

45 Fremont, San Francisco,


Data migration from DSWindows to DDL (DataStream Data Loader)

DSWindows was a legacy product running on the client NT server, due to limited support and no more new development this application was built. The purpose of this application was to migrate DSWindows macros to DDL macros.


• Involved in learning DDL request file concepts.

• Created a robust infrastructure with walk through documentation for creating a request file. Worked on migrating all the DSWindows macros to DDL request files. Worked formatting the DDL request file.

• Wrote synchronization code using Perl and Unix Shell Scripts. Used Unix commands and Perl scripts to format the output, also comparing and validating the output data. Wrote Perl code for processing the feeds. Created Perl modules and packages. Wrote Perl scripts for on-the-fly applications. Wrote Perl code to generate reports based on requirements.

• Worked with WS_FTP pro tool for requesting DDL data.

• Wrote many PLSQL stored procedures and packages.

• Provided support to the data files by running extracts and performing data import. Provided support for bulk import by running scripts on the server.

Futures data project plan

This application was initiated to build up and maintain a data set on futures contracts. The scope of the project was to build reliable history of futures data, a system to extract historic futures data and synchronize with the existing data warehousing framework. Incorporate the futures data as part of daily data extraction process in DWH.


• Worked with Bloomberg terminal to validate the market data. Worked with Bloomberg request files to get daily market data and historical contract level and contract level data. Worked with trading research team to sort Canadian market data, BarraID.

• Worked on selecting the reliable source using Perl/KSH scripts. Created Perl code for mapping the daily market level data, and processing the historical contract level data. Validated the processed data using KSH and Perl comparison scripts. Created Perl script to load the data into Oracle database.

• Worked with SQL server 2005 and oracle database creating many tables and stored procedures to summarize the data. Used DTS tool for transferring the data.


PERL, KSH, DBI/DBD, oracle 10g, SQL server, WS_FTP pro, Bloomberg, DDL, Mail::Sender, Sun Solaris, Windows NT, PLSQL, Crontab, CPAN modules

Friedman, Billings, Ramsey & Co (January 2006 - March 2007)

Mutual Fund Reporting

Application deals with the mutual funds mainly used by the fund managers. The application deals with the portfolio details and net asset value reporting. Other module include distribution module to send the reports, historical reporting module, search module to search for module and get the report on those module and so on.


• Worked in PERL and KSH. Created many PERL modules and packages.

• Created many Oracle Tables, Procedures and Triggers.

• Worked on Bloomberg data for various lookups including CUSIP.

• Parsed and loaded Bloomberg data using Perl scripts to Oracle database. Created PERL scripts for batch processing and batch updates. Wrote many PERL programs for data file loading using SQL*Loader. Created many PERL scripts with DBI/DBD connection to Oracle database.

• Developed many KSH scripts for batch scheduling. Scheduled PERL/KSH batches using Crontab. Wrote many wrapper scripts. Participated in 24x7 production support of the system. Created many ad-hoc reports and scripts for the users.

• Developed many Indexes for Performance. Did performance tuning of PLSQL queries in Oracle database. Created error handling and data roll backs using PERL programs. Wrote many PL/SQL Procedures/Packages for data handling. Make several enhancements to existing Oracle database design by creating trigger, cursor, and indexes.


PERL, CPAN modules, PL/SQL, KSH, DBI/DBD, CGI, HTML, JavaScript, Oracle 9i, Solaris 2.x, Apache Web Server

Cantor Fitzgerald Securities, NY (August 2004 - Dec 2005)

Derivative Pricing Tool

This tool specializes in the derivative pricing. It provides a feature to export the derivative price for any financial instruments. Also has feature to calculate the bond pricing, swap pricing, vanilla options on equity, FX and commodities and so on.


• Created many reports using Perl/CGI. Developed many Perl scripts for server side data processing. Created Html/JavaScript pages for administration module. Created/Modified numerous web pages using HTML. Created many PERL modules and packages. Created many PERL programs with SQL*LOADER for the data upload and download.

• Created many PL/SQL to apply the business logic. Participated in production support. Enhanced and fixed existing Korn Shell Scripts. Took part in testing and documentation.

• Created many Tables, Procedures and Triggers on Oracle Database. Designed and developed reports using Perl/CGI, Procedure calls through DBI/DBD to Oracle. Participated in Oracle performance tuning.

• Created Unix Shell Scripts for sequential execution of PERL scripts including data extraction, loading and Oracle Procedure execution.

• Involved in unit testing, white box testing, and integration testing. Creating test cases and test plans . Wrote Perl test scripts using test modules.


PL/SQL ,PERL, KSH, DBI, Apache, Oracle 9i, SQL*LOADER, Solaris 2.x, Win 2000

RJ Software, India (June 2003 - July 2004)

Proposal Document Generation System

This system was used to generate pre sale and post sale documents for the users in PDF , word and excel formats. Developed a Proposal Document Generation System for generating pre sale and post sale Documents for the users in PDF, Word and Excel formats


• System study and Database design. Developed PERL scripts. Created PERL programs with DBI routines for the Oracle connection.

• Worked extensively in SQL batch program. Worked with users for changes in the application.

• Created many PERL modules and used the existing ones.

• Created many triggers in the Oracle database. Created many Perl/CGI scripts for front end. Modified existing reports using Perl and procedures.

• Created many Html pages for front-end look up and reports. Worked with traders for ad-hoc reports.

• Created and modified many KSH scripts.

• Created many procedures and packages and enhanced the existing procedures. Worked on unit testing, created test cases and test plans.

• Worked in performance tuning of the PL/SQL batches and Procedures.


PL/SQL, PERL, CGI, Html, JavaScript, DBI/DBD, Oracle 8i, UNIX

Metro Road System Pvt. Ltd, India (August 2002 - April 2003)

Toll Collection System

Application is designed to improve the efficiency of toll collection in highways, skyways and bridges. It uses the single-pass and stored value magnetic cards, vehicle counting system and automatic barriers. The real-time data can be retrieved and stored using the toll plaza computer networked to toll collections terminals.


• Involved in System study and Database design. Developed many PERL programs. Created PERL programs with DBI routines for the Oracle connection.

• Worked extensively in TSQL& PL/SQL batch program. Worked with users for changes in the application. Created many PERL modules and used the existing ones.

• Created many procedures and enhanced the existing procedures. Worked in performance tuning doing a through analysis of the queries in procedures and packages In Oracle database.

• Worked on unit testing using Perl.


PL/SQL, PERL, CGI, Html, JavaScript, DBI/DBD, Apache Web Server, Oracle 8i, UNIX

Educational Qualifications:

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Graduated May 2002

North Maharashtra University, MH, INDIA