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Electrical Engineer Power Plant

Doha, Ad Dawhah, Qatar
May 27, 2012
Contact Info:

H.No *** Block B St o.6
Gulshan-e-Ghazi Baldia
Town Karachi No 51
Cell No 0332-2471381
Zubair Ullah
To work in a professional environment where I get ample opportunities to use my skils and chances for growth and career development are higher.
Professional experience :
Working in tapal energy PVT Ltd (a 126 MW Power plant (IPP) that supply electricity to KESC Balidia & Hub Choki Network) As Assistant manager Electrical from 2006 till now.
1) Worked in gatron Industry Ltd as an Assistant Electrical Engineer from 2001-2006
Sikll Profile

1 Worked on different loops of temperature monitoring through K-type thermocouple & RTD
2 Testing and calibration of temperature controllers & control valves
3 Overhauling and testing various pneumatic actuators/valve
4 Testing calibration and overhauling of viscosity control unit of HFO
5 Overhauling of flow counter and flow meter
6 Testing & overhauling of limit switches & needle valves
7 Calibration & testing of temperature & pressure transmitters
8 Worked on vibration monitoring loop DG sets
9 Testing & calibration of speed monitnoring units of DG sets & turbo chargers
10 Testing & calibration of speed & actuator of DG sets (related with the load of DG setes)
11 Involved in the replacement work of hydraulic speed / load actuator with /motorized actuator (stepper motor)
12 Testing of different electrical comments such as contactor ,relays & timers
13 Overhauling & testing of motor
14 Overhauling & testing of oil mist of DG sets
15 Overhauling meggering & gap clearance of alternator as per manufacturer specification sheets
16 Meggering & winding resistance checking of exciter meggering of alternator heater & testing of other instruments of alternator. Also new generator installed and commissioning which capacity 11kv out put mad in ABB & SEMINAS
17 Testing of varrestor & power diodes of alternator .
18 Worked on switchyard maintenance.
19 Motor control center and switch gear maintenance (11kv & 6.6kv & 380v)
20 Overhauling and trouble shooting of LV&HV motor and MOV (motor operated valve)
21 Trouble shooting and modify drawing .
22 Ensure safety throughout the maintenance activities by following LOTO system
D.A.E (Electrical) from cranial text ail (2000-2001)
Computer skills
Windows 2000
Personal data:
Father Name; Atlas khan
Date & place of Birth 13th of Feb 1980 karak
C.N.IC NO 42021-3987020-3
Marital status; Married
• B-TECH (HONS 1ST )from NED University of Engineering. And Technology.(2011)
• B-TECH (Pass 1ST )from NED University of Engineering. And Technology.(2008)
• D.A.E in Electrical (2000)
Technical board Karachi
Matriculation (1997)
Technical board Karachi
To be furnished upon request