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Sales Development

Herndon, Virginia, 20171, United States
$100/ hr
April 25, 2012
Contact Info:

Murali Mallangi

SAP Sr. ABAP/* Consultant


Professional Profile

• More than 12 years of experience in IT industries with full cycle of Software Development (SDLC).

• 8+ years of SAP Experience in ABAP/4 implementations as a Technical Consultant.

• Complete understanding and working knowledge of the full life cycle implementation of SAPR/3.

• Experience in ABAP development, Workflow and SRM Development.

• Working experience in Adobe Forms and subject knowledge in Web Dynpro.

• Experience on SAP modules, which includes SD, MM, SRM, WM, DMS, FI/CO, PSCD, PS and PM.

• Having experience on the following domains Public Sector, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, PSCD, Supply Chain, Medical Systems, Health Care.)

• Expertise on SAP Data Migration project and upgradation projects.

• Very good experience in SAP Interfaces, Support and Technical release upgrade.

• Good exposure to development modules like Reports, Enhancements , User exists, BADI’s, ALV Reports, OOALV, BDC, LSMW, Dictionary objects, ALE, IDocs, RFC, Dialog Programming, SAP Scripts, SMARTFORMS, Enhancements, Web Services, Object Oriented Programming, SAP Query, workflow, Interface design and development.

• Good experience in data migration using Winshuttle, BDSs, LSMW, IDOC development and BAPI Development.

• Good experience in SRM Development with Shopping cart, contracts, Web Services and Internet Services.

• Responsible for all areas of technical development for SAP implementations involving Analysis Design, Development, Testing and Support utilizing SAP Architecture and ABAP/4 Programming utilities.

• Have good Onsite-Offshore co-ordination experience in evaluating the functional specs with process teams, delivering the road map of the functional specs to offshore team, assist offshore team in technical challenges and reviewing technical specs prepared by offshore team, reviewing objects developed by offshore team, unit testing the objects developed by offshore team, transporting objects to other environments and co-ordination in integration testing, regression testing and volume testing.

• Experience in designing, developing, debugging and invoking Adobe Forms.

• Have expertise on Controls like HTML Viewer, Text Editor, Toolbar and ALV trees.

• Involved in the implementation and support of large projects.

• Experience in ALE/EDI, IDOC generation, Extension of the existing IDOC types to create new IDOC types, written several functional modules, User Exists and Enhancements to customize the ALE/EDI process.

• A team member and lead with excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

Technical Skills:

ERP SAP R/3 4.6B / 4.6C/ 4.7/ECC 6.0, ABAP/4 Development Workbench, BDC, LSMW, Winshuttle, SAP Script, Smart forms, Adobe Forms, ALE, IDocs, BAPI, BOR, Enhancement Framework, User Exits, BADIs, Web services, Internet services, SRM Development.

Languages ABAP/4, JAVA, SQL, C, HTML, DHTML.


Database Oracle 7.x/8.x/9.x

QA Test Director, Winrunner and QTP

May 2009 - Current

Client: Nuvasive – Memphis, TN June 2011 – Current

Role: Sr. ABAP Consultant

Modules: SD, MM, WM.

Description of role:

• Responsible for development objects in SAP- SD, MM areas.

• Developed custom enhancements for sales order screens using implicit enhancements and user exists.

• Designed and developed a custom process for the sales order ship to partner and ship to address fields update in the sales order main screen from the item level process for the customer using enhancements.

• Developed screen enhancements for the sales order creation by adding the new fields in the sales order main screen in grid level.

• Developed custom enhancements to trigger the custom email (designed in smartform) for the sales order process by using the enhancements, exists and smartforms.

• Developed enhancements for the delivery block based on customer requirements.

• Design, development and modification of existing forms in Delivery pick list, Packing List, Invoice , PO Form in sales order areas by using Smartforms and sapcripts.

• Worked on production issues in enhancements and exists.

• Design and development of Data conversions by using LSMW’s and BDCs.

Client: BDI Pharma – Columbia, SC Nov 2010 – May 2011

Role: Sr. ABAP Consultant and Lead

Modules: SD, MM, FI, WM and CRM.

Description of role:

• Worked as a Team lead by managing offshore ABAP development team and responsible for complete project development activities.

• Worked as data conversion lead and developer for the Data conversions by using the Winshuttle, LSMW, BDC and IDOCs.

• Responsible for development objects in SAP ECC in SD, MM, WM and FI areas.

• Developed custom smartforms in the areas of SD and FI including customer statement, custom check process and forms in sales order and delivery process.

• Responsible for preparing high-level technical specs for the complex functional specifications to the offshore team.

• Developing objects by using enhancements, Data conversions, user exits, IDocs, smartforms, sapcripts, LSMW, winshuttle , ALV Reports, Dialog programming.

• Responsible for validating technical specifications designed by offshore team and unit testing the objects and transporting objects to the production environment.

• Worked on IDOCS/EDI for Outbound purchase order transactions.

• Worked on IDOCs/EDI for Outbound invoice interface.

Client: MGP Ingredients- Atchison, Kansas September 2010 – October 2010

Technical Areas: Reports, Smartforms, Adobe Forms, Sapscripts, LSMW, Enhancements

Role: Sr. ABAP Consultant

Modules: SD, MM, PM and WM.

Description of role:

• Responsible for fixing the issues in the existing development objects including reports, enhancements and forms.

• Worked in the Smartforms, Adobe forms and Sapscripts to fix the existing issues and also developed new forms using smart forms and Adobe forms in SD and MM area.

• Responsible for doing performance check and code reviews for the existing reports and enhancements.

• Developed custom enhancements in the SD area by using implicit enhancements and BADI’s.

Client: ThyssenKrupp Inc, Waupaca, WI Jan2010 –August 2010

Technical Areas: Reports, LSMW, Enhancements, Data Conversions, Adobe Forms, Workflow

Role: Sr. ABAP Consultant

Modules: SD, MM, PP, PM, PS, WM and DMS.

Description of role:

• Responsible for development objects in SD, MM, PM, PP, PS and DMS module.

• Responsible for developing various technical specification and unit test documents for the offshore team.

• Worked on data conversion by using winshuttle, LSMW and BDC programs.

• Worked on designing, development and testing of workflow objects.

DMS module:

• Responsible for developing functional specifications for data conversions in DMS module.

• Developed reports for the large-scale data conversions in the DMS module.


• Modified the existing workflow for purchase order approval.

• Created a workflow for RFQ Tooling for vendor when a milestone is achieved for a project.

• Developed a workflow for release authorization levels for requisition approval.


• Developed data conversion ALV reports for the Material creation, customer creation and Master recipe areas.

• Developed data conversion ALV report to update the images of the material in the DMS module.


• Extensively worked on Idoc customization with message types MATMAS, ORDERS, INVOIC etc.

Client: Howard County ERP Project, MD Feb 2009 to Dec 2009

Role: Sr. ABAP Consultant

Modules: SRM, SD, MM and FI.

Description of role:

• Responsible for development objects in SAP ECC 6.0 and SRM 5.0 in FI, SRM module.


• Worked on designing, development and testing for various Workflow objects.

• Configure and setup the workflow system for initial project configuration.

• Developed a custom General Ledger Invoice creation workflow for the business object FIPP.

• Developed a custom Direct Pay Vendor Invoice Workflow without multiple roles.

• Developed a workflow for the Journal Entry Posting.

• Developed a workflow for creation of enquiry to PS systems of the project to be created.

Reports/Data Conversion:

• Developed Data conversions in FI, MM – Asset Conversions, Cost Centre Group, Internal Order, Funds, Funds Center, GL Accounts, Material, Material Storage location, Shipping Address, Vendors.. Etc, by using winshuttle, LSMW, BAPI and BDC reports.

• Developed a report to upload the County’s legal budget into Funds Management.

• Developed a report to update the ship to address change in SRM system.

• Developed a conversion program to PACA and Tag bidder data (Bidder name and product categories) to the SRM Vendor list.

• Created a conversion program to upload the Purchase Orders.


• Developed on SRM enhancements and custom enhancements by using implicit enhancements and user exist.

• Developed custom functionality using the BADI BBP_SOS_BADI for contracts in the sourcing.


Company: BearingPoint Inc, May2005 – Feb 2009

Client: British Columbia Ministry of Provincial Revenue, Canada Oct 2007 – Feb 2009

Role: ABAP Consultant

Modules: PSCD and FI.

Industry: Public Sector

Description of role:

• Responsible for development objects in SAP 4.6 and ECC 6.0 in the PSCD module.

• Activities included designing, developing and testing of various reports, interfaces, forms, enhancements, BADI’s and custom authorization checks.

• Designed and developed adding custom fields in the area of Master data contract object by using FACTS configuration.

• Developed very complex ALV reports in PSCD and FI areas for calculating Online report for Write-off process by using OO ALV and ALV technologies.

• Design and development of ALV report to display a list of contract object level information that has been moved over to BW for storage.

• Developed a ALV report for calculating extended prescription data in PS-CD module. Because of the complexity of the program developed of lot of test scenarios and executing testing process for the report.

• Developed an ALV report to calculating minimum interest amount for the Overdue Accounts Receivable Regulation.

• Developed an ALV report to calculate extended prescription date at the contract level.

• Developed an ALV report to calculate Account balance and last payment details.

• Developed a enhancement to allows to change PCA (Payment Collection Agency) indicator of the contract objects screen to be changed only by authorized users.

• Developed enhancement for checking and tracing all open Principal items, which are due to be extinguished within the same billing period for the transaction FP04M in PSCD.

• Developed an enchantment and custom authorization check for the transaction CAA1 and CAA2

to restrict the ‘Interest Key field’.

• Worked on development of objects in SAP upgrade project from 4.6 to ECC 6.0.

Client: Johns Hopkins University and Health System July 07 – Oct 07

Industry: Healthcare

Role: ABAP Consultant

Modules: SRM, HR, MM.

Description of role:

• Responsible for development objects in SAP ABAP-HR and SRM modules.

• Designed and developed various reports, interfaces in SCM, Smart Forms and custom search functionalities.

• Developed a custom interface by using dialog programming.

• Worked on custom functionality in SRM by using SRM BADIs.

Client: Accelerated Business Integration (ABI) Solution Development May 07 – June 07

Role: ABAP Consultant

Modules: SRM, FI .

Description of role:

• Responsible for the development of objects within FI, and SRM areas.

• Tasked with identifying and correcting any issues with the Cash Ledger enhancements.

• Developed custom enhancements in SRM by using enhancements and BADIs.

Client: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg, PA May 06 – Apr 07

Industry: Public Sector

Project: SRM implementation

Role: ABAP Consultant

Modules: SRM, SD and MM.

Description of role:

• Responsible for complete development activities for the SRM implementation including analysis design, development, testing and support.

• Activities included completing the tasks within the development methodology in the area/s of data conversion, interfaces, reports, custom development/enhancements using user exists and BADIs.

Reports and Data Extractions:

• Developed a report to extract Shopping Cart data from SRM and updating that info in Z tables in R/3 to provide information for FM reporting and BW extracts.

• Developed a report to track the DGS changes made to the Vendor BP record and email with change information details sent to the list of users maintained in a table.

• Developed RFC program to replicate and update Vendors from SRM to R/3 .

• Developed a report to update Vendor address details based on EIN/SSN number exists in the SRM system, if record exists it will allow user to update information, otherwise redirect to vendor create transaction.

• Developed a report to extract R/3 contracts to CCM catalog based in selection screen values.

Custom Transactions/Screen Variants

• Developed custom transactions for the standard transaction BBPMAININT and created a different screen variants based on different user groups.

• Created screen variants for Ship to address in SC for custom requirements to disable/make non-editable for the fields and buttons.


• Developed a interface to replicate/update contracts from R/3 to SRM, For initial upload contracts a separate contract in SRM would be created.


• Implemented logic for a enhancement using different BADI’s - In Shopping cart if user selects PCARD then changing the logical system and validating different conditions for PCARD.

• Developed almost 15 BADI’s for the custom logic in the SC area by using enhancements and BADI in SRM like.. Sourcing in SC for catalog items – BBP_SOS_BADI, BBP_DOC_CHECK_BADI, BBP_DOC_CHANGE_BADI… Etc….

• Developed enhancement for BBPMAININT transaction to display bank data, based on custom requirements.

• Modified existing program ROS_SLEF_REG and implemented custom enhancements.

Webservices/ Internet Services:

• Modified existing webservices and internet services in the SRM area for the Custom SRM requirements.

• Worked on screen enhancements by using webservices and internet services in SRM area.

Client: Solution Development Project Nov 05 – Apr 06

Role: ABAP Consultant

Modules: SD, MM and HR.

Description of role:

• Developed objects in SAP SD, MM and HR areas where created Web Services, virtual interfaces, reports and custom enhancements.

• Developed custom BAPI’s for various requirements and created web services for these bapi’s .

• Developed

• Engaged in analysis design, development, testing and support.

Client: United States Department of Interior (DOI)

Industry: Public Sector May 05 – Oct 05

Role: ABAP Consultant

Modules: SD, MM, FI and Visual Basic.

Description of role:

• Developed interface for DOI rent calculation process by analyzing existing visual basic application and completely created a new interface in SAP by using dialog programming.

• Developed custom tables and technical document for the complete rent calculation process for the existing visual basic application.

• Worked in interface design/development, data conversions, IDOC development/mapping and smartforms in the areas of SAP SD, MM and FI environment.

Nithin Inc. Feb 02 – Apr 05

Employed by private consulting company as a SAP Programmer.

SAP-ABAP development and QA

Role: ABAP Programmer

Clients: International Paper, Philip Morris

Modules: SD, MM, PP and PM.

Project: ABAP technical development activities, analysis design, testing and support.

• Developed interactive reports and ALV reports in the SD and MM modules in different requirements.

• Developed custom enhancements in the sales order process by adding new fields in the tables and in the sales order screens.

• Created RFC FM to transfer the materials data.

• Worked in BDC reports for several data transfers in the SD and MM areas.

• Worked in custom enhancements and user exists in MM areas.

• Worked in sapscripts and smartsforms in the areas of sales order and delivery process.

Role: QA Consultant

Project: FedEx.

• Worked as team member and Lead position in QA in the areas of QTP and Test Director.

Agam Software Solutions, India

Industry Health Care Systems, Education Portals and Banking Feb 2000 – Jan 2002

Project: Analysis, design, development and Testing of software systems

Role: Software Programmer.

Areas: Visual Basic, Oracle, WinRunner and TestDirector.

• Performed development activities in Visual Basic and Oracle.

• Performed activities as a Quality assurance Tester in WinRunner and TestDirector.


• BS in Computer Science, Osmania University ,India

• PGDCA in Commuter Applications

• Application Programming: IIIT –IBM School , India