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Senior Systems Analyst

Montgomery, Alabama, 36109, United States
April 07, 2008
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A U.S. citizen looking for a Senior Systems Analyst position with high responsibility in a complex development environment. During military service of over 21 years served as a financial management specialist and a financial systems accountant. Served at various military installations, finishing at the Air Force Accounting and Finance Center, Denver, Colorado (now DFAS Denver Center). In a follow-on career of 17 years, served in senior systems development positions within mainframe as well as Unix environments.


Troy University - Montgomery

Bachelor's Degree: 5/1998

Major: Computer Information Science


CACI, Inc. 2/2005 - 11/2007

Montgomery, AL

Systems Analyst III

Wrote functional requirements documents for use in building and maintaining the Financial Information Resource System (FIRST). FIRST is a complex web-based U.S. Air Force planning, programming, and budget system that leverages Oracle database and server products on a Unix platform. FIRST is implemented in the Global Combat Support System - Air Force (GCSS-AF) environment.

Researched and documented common budgetary methods, practices, procedures, regulations, policies, and processes for U.S. Air Force Air Staff and Major Command activities while working in an Air Staff agency. FIRST is built to accommodate the Department of Defense Standard Financial Information Structure (SFIS) when the structure has been made final.

Defined data for incoming and outgoing file transfers from and to external automated systems such as manpower, accounting. The external systems include manpower, accounting, and cost factors for the U.S. Air Force as well as Department of Defense agencies.

Managed the functional system requirements and communicated these to acquisition program managers and to system developers. Reviewed system design and implementation documents from system developers and provide comments and corrections based on functional requirements.

Assisted trainers and testers with understanding interactive terminal inputs to the system and the expected, and acceptable, outputs from the system. Provided advice and assistance to budget management and functional users on effective use of the automated system to formulate, justify, and monitor execution of budget resources.

BAE Systems Information Technology 9/1994 - 11/2004

Montgomery, Al

Senior Functional Analyst

Harris Data Services Corporation 11/1991 - 8/1994

Montgomery, AL

Senior Engineering Specialist

Analyzed statements of functional requirement and provided specifications needed by programmers to design and modify applications software for various Air Force automated financial management systems. These financial management systems are mainframe-based on the Unisys 2200 series platform using DMS1100 database and Cobol on-line and batch programs.

Analyzed functional requirements and wrote detailed specifications including system level analysis, individual software unit requirements, database design parameters, interfaces with other systems, and required documentation changes. The systems included Integrated Accounts Payable System (IAPS), Standard Materiel Accounting System (SMAS), General Accounting and Finance System (GAFS), and Non-Appropriated Fund Management Information System (NAFMIS). Coordinated with Defense Finance and Accounting Service – Denver Center (DFAS-DE) specialists to understand goals and objectives for Air Force accounts payable policy, directives, and work flow.

Defined requirements for the many interfacing systems including the Automated Business Services System (ABSS), Standard Procurement System (SPS), Standard Base Supply System (SBSS), and General Accounting and Finance System (GAFS). Assisted with producing formal interface agreements at high levels within the Air Force corporate structure.

Communicated functional requirements to system developers and assisted in writing design documents for implementing the systems. Lead and participated in Peer Reviews of software requirements analysis, software design, and software test document contract deliverable products. Lead a Test Group, required by the customer's Systems Engineering Process. Used customer required COTS tools for analysis and testing such as Dynamic Object Oriented Requirements System (DOORS) and Mercury Test Director as well as the Air Force's proprietary configuration management system, the Automated Software Control System (ASCS).

Provided contractor management teams with management and analysis inputs for estimating, tracking, and monitoring the cost of labor provided under government contract. Assisted in developing corporate standards for compliance with the Carnegie-Mellon University Software Engineering Institute Capability Maturity Model -- Integration (CMMI) standards and with corporate efforts to convert the current corporate certification to the CMMI Level 3 certification.

CACI, Inc. 7/1991 - 10/1991

Montgomery, AL

Systems Analyst

Computer Sciences Corporation 8/1990 - 8/1990

Montgomery, AL

Systems Analyst

Provided systems analyst support and guidance to regular Air Force, Air Force Reserve, Air National Guard, and other Department of Defense organizations as a member of an Air Force centralized Help Desk. Performed trouble call analysis and resolution processes involving interviewing system users and monitors; analyzing procedures and functions; and provided viable temporary or permanent solutions within time constraints. Used diagnostic tools, historical data, and extensive documentation to resolve the difficulties and identify possible system changes to the system managers.

U.S. Air Force 12/1968 - 7/1990

Various Worldwide Locations

Financial Management Specialist/Systems Accountant

Performed a successful career in the U.S. Air Force in financial management. Assumed increasing levels of responsibility and rank at many locations, domestic and foreign, as well as within higher organizational levels. Served at installation, Air Division, Unified Services Command, and the Air Force Accounting and Finance Center - considered to be the "home office" of Air Force financial management.

Responsible for a variety of financial management subject matter areas, including accounts payable, fund accounting, general ledger, and budget. Supervised groups of financial management personnel. Managed and certified Air Force and other Department Of Defense funds for disbursement to commercial vendors and to other government agencies.

Provided guidance to Air Force as well as non-Air Force personnel, including Air Force and other service General Officers, on proper execution of Air Force budgets. Directed financial working groups consisting of officers, equivalent-ranking civilians, and enlisted personnel.

At the Air Force Accounting and Finance Center (now Defense Finance and Accounting Service - Denver Center) coordinated with various collateral and higher level agencies to develop standard accounting policies for the Air Force. Planned, developed, tested, evaluated, implemented, and maintained U.S. Air Force accounting systems, also provided guidance to individuals in software programming and software testing. Translated policies and law into automated financial management system requirement documents. Assisted in development of the original Integrated Accounts Payable System applications and independently implemented these at the lead U.S. Air Force locations in Europe.




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