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SOSA - Senior Office Support Assistant

St. Louis, Missouri, 63301, United States
March 29, 2011
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Pamela Shumpert

** *** *** ** ****

St. Charles, MO 63301

Objective: To obtain a position that allows me to use my clerical skills in an office environment.


• 1974 to 1978 Sumner High School – General High School Studies

• 1980 to 1982 Job Corps – Certified Nurse’s Aide

• Trained to use the CIMOR Program

• Trained to use the SMART System


11/2005 –Current St. Louis Developmental Disability Treatment Center,

St. Louis, MO.

OSA (Office Support Assistant) Medical Records Department

• Responsible for daily retrieval and input of client census information. Data input for all admissions, discharges, and deaths into the CIMOR Program (Customer Information Management Outcomes Reporting System). Monitor and update changes in the preparation of daily, monthly and annual reports. Review weekly census forms from the habilitation sites for accuracy. Attend monthly telephone conference calls pertaining to the update of the CIMOR system and follow up with implementing changes as directed.

• Review records received from habilitations sites for accuracy, completeness and compliance. Filling documents (records, forms and reports) into historical files received from habilitation sites. Prepare files for microfiche. Log request from habilitation sites when requesting charts, contact notes, etc. Monitor sign out sheets when staff request to review records from the Medical Records Department. Work with the clerical staff at the three SLDDTC (St. Louis Developmental Treatment Center) habilitation campuses for follow-up client related issues as directed by the Health Information Manager. Answer and process request for client inform from various departments with the region as well as outside agencies. Plan and monitor work assignments for light duty staff assigned to work in the Medical Records Department.

• Assist the Privacy Officer/ Health Information Manager to ensure compliance with the implementation guidelines and system established in accordance with the department operating regulations as they relate to HIPPA. Serves as designee as needed. Rotate recording minutes in the monthly office meeting for the Medical Records Department. Undertake special assignments or additional responsibilities at the direction of the East District Superintendent and or/ Business Manager.

2003 – Current Life Skills, St. Louis, MO.

Direct Care Staff

• Assist consumers in community living

• Chart daily on clients and their daily progress, medication distribution,

• Escort clients to and from scheduled clinic appointments and workshops.

• Distribute medication

2004 - 2007 Bellefontaine Habilitation Center, St. Louis, Mo.

Telephone Operator (Week-end)

• Receive and transfer all incoming calls to appropriate party using a

• Meridian multi -line communication system, log all calls on chrono-log.

• Record verbal check in of building security status on chrono -log

• Record and report alarms sounding /showing up on the fire panel to security officers log on chrono-log

• Put calls long-distance calls in for consumers to family/guardians,

• nurses, unit managers, supervisors of the unit

• Log any problems in log book of any problems reported by staff, nurses, etc. in the homes

• Contact on call maintenance for any urgent problems reported by the homes

• Page nurses to homes pertaining to medical issues

• Page on call Dr. for nurses for medical issues

• Receive nurses assignments for on coming operator at the end of shift

• Copy and file chronology at the end of each shift

1/2005 - 11/2005 OSA (Office Support Assistant) Bellefontaine Habilitation Center St. Louis, MO.

Office Support Assistant

• Responsible for monthly updates in the annual PCP (personal center plan) concerning consumers, as well as nurse’s notes, Dr.’s notes, quarterly notes, as designed.

• Prepare and send out approval letters to guardians pertaining to the PCP

• Open sort, and distribute incoming correspondence, faxes and email.

• Answer telephones within the office

• Rotate taking minutes in morning meetings

• Purge consumer’s charts according to schedule.

• File quarterly notes, Dr.’s notes, nurses notes, etc. in appropriate order in each section of consumer’s chart

• Enter incident and injury information on consumers into the AS400 system weekly.

• Perform daily general office duties such as ordering supplies, maintain records management systems.

Appointment Clerk

• Collect information for clinic appointments for clients.

• Call vendors to schedule appointments, obtain location of appointments as well as the department of the facility appointment is scheduled.

• Log, collate and maintain appointment recall/follow up tracking system.

• Correspond with legal guardians for written consents needed for appointments, procedures and any other special instructions as needed.

• Type weekly clinic schedule, distribute schedule to the homes of the clients with appointments, Unit Manager, Unit Program Supervisor, Service Coordinators, Transporters.

• Act as liaison medical department and vendors (hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices) retrieving information on clients.

• Escort consumers to appointments

• Type of Evaluations and Quarterly Reviews as designated.

• Update and maintain clinic folders with medical insurance information, Physician Orders, etc.

2001-2004 Bellefontaine Habilitation Center, St. Louis, Mo.

Development Assistant I/Developmental Assistant II (Supervisor)

• Assist/train clients with daily personal hygiene and activities of daily living

• Monitor staff/individuals to ensure compliance with policies.

• Stress a positive Interaction with individuals and model at all times.

• Administer medication to clients.

• Train clients on various work activities.

• Ensure recreation/leisure activities are carried out.

• Assist individual in meeting Habilitation Objectives

1995- 2004 Open Options, St. Louis, Mo.

Direct Care Staff Assistant Supervisor

• Supervise staff working in the assigned community home for the MRDD.

• Supervise clients who are able to self-medicate, and distribute medication to those who don’t self-medicate.

• Chart daily on clients and their daily progress, medication distribution,

• Escort clients to and from scheduled clinic appointments and workshops.