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Finance Manager/Controller

Olympia, Washington, 98502, United States
December 14, 2010
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**** ****** ****** ** **, Olympia, WA 98502
360-***-**** (Cell); (email)

1. EXPERIENCED LEADER: Financial Manager, Controller, VP Finance and CFO

* Accounting Manager * Auditing * Budgets & Forecasts * Cost Accounting
* Expense Controls & Reduction * Financial, Expense & Variance Analysis
* Finance Management * Financial Statements * Fixed Assets
* Policies, Procedures & Process Analysis * Process Improvement
* Record Keeping * Regulatory Compliance & Reporting
* SAP – Financial & Operational Modules * Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Compliance
* Staff Training & Management * Strategic Business Planning * Tax Processing
* Transaction Processing

3. SUCCESSFUL DECISION-MAKER: As an ethical leader, I provide sound,
forward-looking strategic advice to both the senior executive team and shareholders,
helping ensure the long-term profitability and growth of the business. Being open-
minded, assertive, strategic and goal-oriented, mature and stable I perform well in a
dynamic and high-pressure work environment.


VP FINANCE – Globe Specialty Metals, Inc – New York City, NY, USA
CFO - includes HR & Administration
Ningxia Yongvey Coal Industry Co., Ltd. (Joint Venture) – Ningxia, China
10/2008 – 03/2010 (Change due to company restructure)

NASDAQ listed in 2009, Globe Specialty Metals headquartered in New York City is
the world’s largest producer of metallurgical, chemical and solar silicon metal and
silicon-based alloys. Yongvey unit produces carbon and graphite electrodes for use in
submerged arc metallurgical furnaces.

CHALLENGED AS, VP FINANCE & CFO, to setup new policies, procedures and
internal control systems that are aligned with U.S. GAAP, Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX),
Section 404 and local and company standards.

1) Directed alignment of U.S. GAAP policies and procedures with existing
company standards when Yongvey was purchased by Globe Specialty Metals in 2008

2) Negotiated pre-Joint Venture (JV) financial issues

3) Trained staff to prepare for U.S. financial standards implementation

4) Developed and implemented policies and procedures for Financial, Human
Resources, Purchasing and Administration Departments

5) Developed external relationships with local authorities including State
Administration of Foreign Exchange Committee (SAFE) and Ningxia local

Key Safety Systems, Inc – Huzhou, China
04/2006 – 04/2008 (Change due to downsizing for cost reduction)

Automotive industry leader ($1.1BUSD) in Tier 1 fully integrated safety systems. Asia
area consists of seven entities including three manufacturing plants in China and one in
India ($150MM).

CHALLENGED AS, VP FINANCE, to execute financial strategic plan, tax planning and
large expansion market in Asia-Pacific (APAC) region

1) Directed implementation of SAP Financial and Controlling Modules for
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system

2) Prepared financial model and negotiation package setting up Wholly Foreign-
Owned Enterprise (WOFE) and JV in Huzhou and India. This included legal
processing, establishing local government relationships and advising
management about financial risk control

3) Executed the strategic plan and tax planning for new expansion markets

4) Built financial management team to handle controlling and reporting for
planned Merger & Acquisition (M&A)

5) Developed and directed Asian Financial system using Oracle’s Hyperons data
systems software

6) Assisted consulting firm with complete financial and tax evaluation of India JV

7) Trained site financial managers in team leadership and decision-making skills

CFO – Supresoft Imagis, Inc – Beijing, China
11/2002 – 04/2006 (Change due to career move)

Reseller of PCI Geomatics (Canada), venture-funded imaging software used for survey,
mapping and geographic information system (GIS), integrating hardware, software, and
data for capturing, managing, analyzing, and displaying all forms of geographically
referenced information.

CHALLENGED AS, CFO, to develop and execute financial strategic direction,
coordinating planning efforts with operations and administration

1) Established long-term business growth market pricing strategy after departure of
venture capital shareholder

2) Provided financial insight for planned Initial Pubic Offering (IPO) and M&A

3) Provided leadership and oversight for all financial functions of the group

4) Reviewed Supresoft’s financial risk exposures ensuring compliance in all areas

SENIOR CONSULTANT - Ye’s Management Consulting, Inc – Beijing, China

Ye's Management is an American Management Consulting Firm that serves client
companies in the areas of Strategic and Operational Management consulting.
Headquartered in the New York metropolitan area, Ye's Management also has a strong
focus on China with an office in Beijing.

CHALLENGED AS, SENIOR CONSULTANT, to work with at-risk companies
providing solid financial system analysis aligning companies with financial, tax and
accounting authorities

1) China Asia-Pacific Mobile Telecommunications Satellite Co.
a) Provided financial and operational analysis for Chinese partners.
Results – Mitigated investment risk by building solid contracts with other
multinational companies and Chinese government

2) Magnequench (Tianjin) Co. - (Holding Co. of Magnequench Co. USA)
a) Analyzed inventory, cost accounting, logistics and supply chain systems.
b) Trained finance team on how to develop strong efficient controls

3) American Coal Mining Co.
a) Coached finance team in building cost accounting system. RESULTS – Now
General Manager trusts accuracy of costing allowing for accurate decision-making


FINANCIAL CONTROLLER - (Expatriate) – ITT Industries Co., Ltd., (used to
be TRW-Lucas Automotive Control System, LTD., Tianjin, China)

1) Directed implementation of SAP Financial and Controlling Modules for ERP system

2) Managed M&A processes between ITT Industry, Ltd., and TRW

3) Successfully managed TRW divestiture
a) Transferred and adopted within two months new ITT accounting policies
b) Included purchasing, inventory and production data control procedures

4) Resolved VAT tax problem saving company nearly $1MM
a) Co-leader of MAPICS (ERP) software implementation

FINANCIAL DIRECTOR – Shanxi International Casting Co
BUSINESS MANAGER - (Expatriate) – Caterpillar, Inc

1) Directed financial control of company
a) Provided proactive financial and business support to General Manager
b) Established new accounting system with “Fourth Shift” software

2) Developed forward looking financial planning system, preparing all reporting
for annual revenue of $67MM
a) Startup - $98MM total investment; World Bank loan of $35MM
b) Obtained $550k RMB tax waiver on prior year’s tax penalty
c) Obtained $20MM RMB loan from local banks

CONTROLLER - (Expatriate), Babcock & Wilcox – Beijing Co., Ltd

1) Federal Tax Authority issued special tax circulation for waiver of tax liability.
Tax rate was lowered from 5% to 3% after extensive negotiations. This was
a $150MM project, took two years to resolve and saved company $3MM.

2) Managed 37 employee accounting staff and net sales revenue of $250MM
a) Timely and accurate reconciliation of all accounts, assisting with operational
strategy for an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

3) Completed financial analysis of company Accounting System
a) Assisted in implementation of new accounting system, aligning with U.S. GAAP

4) Assisted General Manager, ensuring compliance with financial and operational

5) Obtained VAT waiver of $1.2MM for Yangzhou Power Plant, World Bank Project

6) Secured Import Duty tax waiver saving company $.9MM

7) Turned around company net loss to a net profit, of $630K; a difficult project
with 4,000 employees and existing cash flow problems

8) Initiated and set up Manufacture Resource Planning (MRP) financial accounting

09/1987 – 06/1996

CONTROLLER - Pt GS Asian American Wood Imports, Inc – Memphis, TN, USA

ASSISTANT CONTROLLER – St Joseph Hospital – Mid South Emergency Physician
Group – Memphis, TN, USA

ACCOUNTING CLERK / ACCOUNTANT – Chubb-Sovereign Life Insurance Co –
Santa Barbara, CA, USA


Xiamen University, Fujian, China

University of Memphis & Rhodes College, Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Santa Barbara City College, California, USA


* American Association of CPA’s (AICPA) – Since 2005
* Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) – Since 1990