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Embedded Software Engineer

Toronto, Ontario, M1S 5T1, Canada
March 21, 2012
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- Extensive experience in real time embedded software development in C and assembly languages.
- Used various microprocessors/microcontrollers and DSPs, with analogue and digital hardware interface.
- Used software tools such as IDE, ClearCase, PVCS, DDTS, DOORS, Doxygen, and CodeCheck.
- Used hardware tools such as emulators, signal generators, oscilloscopes, and logic analyzers.
- Progressed through software development life cycle (SDLC) from design, coding, testing, debugging, documentation, software release, to maintenance.
- Experienced in project management, quality control/testing, software/product development, and industry standards compliance.
- Detail oriented and have good analytic and problem solving skills.
- Good written and spoken communication skills, and work effectively in a team.

- C, C++, assemblers, Perl, Java, Pascal, Fortran.
- TI DSP TMS320xx, Microchip PIC30F4011, Rockwell C19, intel 8048, intel 8086/80188, Motorola 6809.
- Windows, Linux, Sun Solaris, Mac OS, TAS.
- Clearcase, PVCS, DDTS, DOORS, Doxygen, CodeCheck, PcLint, Beyond Compare, Caller ID, SDT, PSTN, ISO9000.

Jul 2011 - Oct 2011, Etron Energy Corporation, Markham
Embedded Software Engineer:
- Developed and debugged the BSP and embedded software for the Microchip PIC30F4011 on the MPLAB IDE using C and assembly languages.
- Developed and tested embedded software on ballasts for igniting and controlling HID lights.
- Implemented ZigBee/802.15.4 wireless communication Digi XBee module control software.

Sep 2004 - Nov 2010, Thales Rail Signalling Solutions Inc., Toronto
Senior Software Analyst:
- Developed and tested C/C++ simulation software for testing the subway train's vital control centre (VCC).
- Designed, developed, and tested embedded C software for the subway train's vehicle on board control (VOBC)system and cab display unit (CDU) subsystem.
- Worked in system communication, ARP/UDP telegrams, Ethernet, CAN, RS232/RS485, and proprietary protocols.
- Worked in fail-safe design, PVCS, Codecheck, PcLint, Doxygen design documentation, DOORS requirement documentation, and DDTS development defect tracking system.
- Installed and set up simulation software on test labs and target systems.
- Supported subway systems or their simulations for projects in Paris, Shanghai, Beijing, Dubai, Kuala Lumpar, Vancouver, Guangzhou, and Istanbul.

Jul 2002 - Aug 2003, ATI Technologies Inc., Markham
Senior Diagnostic Engineer:
- Developed and maintained diagnostic software (C/C++) for MIPS based HDTV ASICs pre tape-out net-list emulation block testing, actual chip screening, and multiple platform system testing.
- Supported customized diagnostic software for HDTV and set-top box customers.
- Accomplished Dolby AC3 and MPEG audio standard compliance testing for the ASIC.
- Developed and automated combination matrix test environment.

Aug 1993 - Jun 2001, Thomson Multimedia Ltd., Singapore
Staff Software Engineer:
- Designed, coded, tested, and debugged real-time embedded firmware for GE telecommunication products such as full featured digital answering machines using TI DSP, full featured Caller ID boxes using TI DSP, and 900Mhz/2.4GHz digital spread-spectrum cordless phones.
- Reduced embedded software code size to reduce memory component and saved $110K annually.
- Led technology platform development in DSP, ISDN, Caller ID, and SDT.
- Defined and wrote product engineering concept, product engineering specifications, software test plans, software development process, and multi-handset/multi-peripheral wireless protocols.
- Developed test reporting format and bug tracking log which significantly improved test process.
- Participated full product cycle (SDLC) from concept, design, development, testing, to mass production.
- Trained and mentored local engineers in the new development center started up in China.

May 1992 - Jul 1993, Santai Electronics Ltd., Hong Kong
Assistant Project Manager, Electrical:
- Supervised and managed a team of 4 engineers in the electronic engineering department.
- Planned and coordinated OEM/ODM projects from concept, design, development to mass production within schedule and budget.
- Participated in the company's ISO9000 auditing and certification.
- Dealt with customers for product requirements and schedules.
- Talked to vendors to get component samples or assigned tasks to selected subcontractors.

Mar 1991 - Nov 1991, Apple Computer, Hong Kong
Software Project Engineer:
- Defined specifications, test requirements, and project schedules for Mac Chinese operating systems.
- Coordinated with engineering, subcontractors, and marketing executives to ensure proper and timely project development.

May 1990 - Feb 1991, Apple Computer, Hong Kong
Software Quality Control Specialist:
- Supervised a software test team of 4 members.
- Planned test schemes and set-up environments to test operating systems and applications.
- Verified, maintained, and tracked bug reports.

Sep 1986 - Dec 1989, Geotech Ltd., Markham
Intermediate Software Engineer:
- Coded TI 32010 program for an airborne real-time multi-DSP data acquisition system.
- Wrote Pascal and i8086 programs for the PC user-interface that controlled the multi-DSP system.
- Designed and coded the BSP/BIOS and driver firmware for an i80188 ground probing instrument.
- Upgraded and maintained a large user-friendly Fortran program on Vax/VMS system which performed scientific data processing for geophysical analysis and contour plotting.
- Documented user manuals for the Fortran program.

- Bachelor of Applied Science - Electrical Engineering, 1984, University of Toronto, Toronto.

- Professional Engineers of Ontario, PEO membership #7528201.

- Awarded the "High Five" award in recognition of outstanding contribution at Thales.
- Won twice the Star Performer Award in recognition of outstanding performance at Thomson.
- Led the software development of the product that won the company Product Of The Year award at Thomson.
- Filed patent #6697471 for "Type 2 Caller ID Device Extension Off-Hook Check Algorithm" at Thomson.