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Mechanical Engineer

Houston, Texas, 77062, United States
August 11, 2011
Contact Info:

***** **. ***** **. 832-***-****

Houston, Texas 77062

Michael J. Word

Objective To obtain a long term position that utilizes and challenges my

Mechanical/Design experience with Autocad 2009, Inventor 2009,

Solidworks 2010 and IPA Animation software

Summary of

Qualifications - Over 25 years years in Mechanical Design/Drafting, utilizing company

standards, ANSI 14.5Y, GD & T , Solidworks, Inventor and AutoCAD software

- Hands on shop experience - knowledge of machine parts manufacturing

and shop requirements to make parts

- Concept to procurement to final build - machine details, shop/engineer

Sketches, sub-assy’s (weldments, fabrication, casting, molding, etc), reverse

Engineering, trouble shooting, manuals and procedures

- Diversified background in surface and subsea oil & gas equipment (rotating

Equipment, structural skids/fab work, machined parts)

- Works as a team to get the product out, correctly and in a timely manner,

whatever it takes

Education Northbrook High School - 1978 grad with 3 years of Drafting

University of Houston - Mechanical Engineering Technology

CAD Institute of Phoenix - Applied Autocad Science


Activities Enjoy spending time with my daughter, Scuba diving, shooting,

waterfowl hunting , Upland game bird hunting, Saltwater fishing,

Water and snow skiing, hiking/backpacking, softball, bowling, pool


Seanic Ocean Systems/Mako Deep Water - ROV Tooling

April 2009-Oct 2009

Sr. Mechanical Designer - Solidworks & Autocad software

2 year old company, competing with Oceaneering, Sonsub, Technip

* Designed ROV tools using Solidwworks, machined parts

* All drafting

* Proto type testing

Handled the day to day drafting, ECN’s, maintenance of existing products, operation

and safety manuals

Aker Solutions - Controls Group

June 2008- Feb 2009

Sr. Mechanical Designer - Solidworks & Autocad software

* Designed Subsea production control systems - SUTA, etc

* front-end design and detailed engineering through procurement

* Worked with up to 4 assigned Engineers

* All detailing of machined and fabricated parts

Flare Industries - Burn off flares for Refineries

June 2007-Nov. 2007

Sr. Mechanical Designer - Inventor and Autocad software

Short term job in Austin, Texas working for a company that manufactures Flares for the

Oil and Gas business. I was hired as a Sr. Level Mechanical designer, but it was a PI & D

drafting and modeling job. Very little mechanical applications, basic detailing piping

designs and Flare stacks.

Venturetech - Hydraulic drilling equipment including power swivels, power subs, and top drives

March 2003-May 2006

Sr. Mechanical Designer - Inventor and Autocad software

* All design work, from concept to final build

* trouble shooting and improving Assembly and Production of product in shop

* design/drafting of mechanical, hydraulic, structural and electrical (where applicable)


All aspects of new design and reverse engineering concerning the design and

improvement of existing and new unique Power Swivels and Power Subs. These design

projects are not just the Swivel/Subs, but the entire skid package that is all self

contained and easily operated. Designs involved all machined parts, weldments,

castings, schematics, assemblies and marketing presentation drawings using Autocad

2007 and Inventor 2007.

Uson/Prex - Test systems for manual, semi-automatic and fully automated leak testing

Sept 2001 to Feb. 2003

Sr. Mechanical Designer - Autocad software

* concept and feasibility studies

* detailing and assembly documentation

* ordering of materials/parts

* coordination/scheduling with machine shops

Designed automated machines for testing catheters, luer fittings, filters, pumps, etc. for

the medical field, and bomb fuses for Navy.

Complete design and manufacture of all machined parts and ordering of all purchased

parts. Trouble shooting final assemblies, assisted in assembly and modifications for

correct fit and function.

All machines are customized for each application for hydraulic and/or air leak

detection. All design, detailing, ordering of materials and finishes (anodize, plating) for

each project. Most medical devices are of high tolerance design and the fixtures are

designed to accommodate these devices during testing.

Sonsub International, Inc. - Remote Operated Vehicles and tooling

Aug. 98 to June 2000

Sr. Mechanical Designer/Modeler/Animator - Solidworks & Autocad software

* Only 3-d Solidworks designer during the concept designing and building of the first

10k deep ROV, Innovator 1 thru 11 and fiber optic laying vehicle.

* managed drafters for detailing of modeled parts and assemblies

* modeled and rendered every detail of Innovator ROV, including working manipulator

arms, thrust propellers, etc for animation

* created animations using IPA software for marketing use

Remote Operated Vehicles (Innovator 1-11)

Assisted in the design of Tooling and Intervention systems for launch and recovery of

ROV's for deep water exploration.

Using Solidworks and IPA, I animated Innovator ROV and Peripherals (fiber optic laying

vehicle) for Marketing presentations. Solid modeling of Mechanical, Structural and

Hydraulics of the complete Innovator ROV.

Oceaneering International, Inc. - ROV and Intervention group

July 97- Aug 98

Sr. Mechanical Designer/Drafter - manual and Autocad

ROV Intervention Systems and tooling using AutoCAD - Design, Detailing Mechanical,

Structural and Hydraulic systems. Liaison between fabrication/machining shop and

engineering department.

Designed ship board launching system of ROV’s

Aker Kvaerner National Inc. - Subsea Wellhead Equipment

March 96- July 97

Sr. Mechanical Designer/ Drafter - Autocad software

All manual drafting of Downhole Subsea Wellhead Equipment using AutoCAD 14.

Design/detail christmas trees, drilling, retrieval tools and valves for Subsea Applications.

Impra, Inc. - manufacturer of Teflon sub-clavian Catheters and Graphs

Phoenix, AZ.

April 90- April 92

Mechanical Designer/Drafter - manual and Autocad

Medical Cardiovascular Products - Manual and Autocad

Design/drafting for manufacturing of equipment to be operated in Clean Room Environments.

Enrolled in 1 year Autocad course while in Arizona

Newman Company - Machine shop I worked at during 2 summer breaks in high school

Small parts machine shop. Learned Machine Shop operations and procedures.

Operated Milling machines, Engine and Turret Lathes, Grinders

and use of machined parts Measuring Equipment (Calipers,

I.D., O.D. and Thickness Micrometers, etc.)