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Sr Developer & Analyst

Jacksonville, Florida, 32257, United States
November 29, 2011
Contact Info:

Meena Kaggal
***** *****'s Crossing Ct, Jacksonville, FL.
Phone: (904)***-**** Email: ********@*****.***
OBJECTIVE: To seek a part-time position in Jacksonville, FL.
EDUCATION: M.S. Computer Science, Wayne State University, MI (05/95 - 04/97)
B.S. Computer Science, Kuvempu University, India (08/90 – 09/94)
CERTIFICATIONS: CompTIA Security+, Nov., 2011
Systems Architect , Medical Clinic, Pinnacle Health Center, Casa Grande, AZ
Responsibilities: Install & Configure AltaPoint Medical EMR Software on XP, RedHat ES4 hosting
Advantage Database 7. Networking – Setup RDP, Secure WiFi. RedHat Administration – Build Servers,
Configure SMB, Manage Logical Volumes, Setup Tape Backups, Bash Automation Scripts. Other Hardware –
Setup & Configure Netgear ReadyNAS, SmartUPS XL. Office Automation Tools - Apache, Perl/CGI scripts.
XP- Housekeeping tasks, Interface with EKG Devices, RxNT, SonoraQuest, LabCorp Agents.
Management/Other: Manage Office Tasks, Conduct Interviews, Hardware/Software Research & Decision
Making, Electronic Medical Billing, Conciliate Electronic Billing with ENS.
Courses: Completed RedHat Certified Engineer Course, RedHat.
Software Analyst, Apollo Group Inc., Phoenix, AZ
03/06- 03/07
Responsibilities: Synchronize, Provision & Maintain Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003 Identity
Data connected to ADAM, Active Directory, Oracle & SQL Servers. Develop & Maintain C# Management
Agents. Provision Accounts to AD & ADAM. Develop Batch Processes to extract data. Troubleshoot MIIS,
ADAM, AD. Perform ADAM Updates - ldifde, ADSI tools.
Training: Deploying & Managing Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003, Microsoft.
Programmer/Analyst, Maricopa District Office, Tempe, AZ
12/04 - 03/06
Responsibilities: Deploy, Synchronize, Provision/Deprovision Corporate Identity Data using Microsoft Identity
Integration Server 2003 from ADAM, SQL Server. Deploy Web Services for EIMS Student Application using
.NET framework. Maintain, Enhance C# Middleware. Design tables, create T-SQL Stored Procedures,
Triggers, Schedule Jobs for Microsoft SQL Databases.
Security Analyst, US Courts Testing Services Branch, Phoenix, AZ
05/02 - 08/03
Responsibilities: Harden RedHat Linux , Perform Ethical Hacks - URL manipulation, SQL injection, Cross-
Site scripting, Buffer Overflow. Perform Vulnerability Tests for Court Applications, Browsers and Other
Platforms. Vulnerability Tests - Protocol Analyzer - Ethereal, Netspy, Snoop, Nessus, John the Ripper,
Caesar Cipher Decryptor. Develop Security Guidelines - Authentication, Audit Logs, Access Control,
Disaster Recovery & Backup based on NIST standards.
Courses: Cisco Networking Fundamentals.
Systems Analyst, Ford Motor Company, Dearborn, MI
5/98 – 10/01
Disaster Recovery & Backup Group: Responsibilities: Re-initialize, Tune Data, Create & Maintain
Replications, Upgrade & Migrate iPlanet LDAP Server 4.13 Data. Load balancing- Cisco Local Director.
Support/Maintain B2B Security Application in DMZ Environment.
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Asset Management Group: Responsibilities: Develop 3-tier application - Java1.1, PERL5, Oracle7 using
Visual Cafe IDE.
B2B Group: Responsibilities: Re-engineer B2B Security Application, Restructure Schema, Migrate Data,
Deploy 3-tier iPlanet LDAP Server Infrastructure, PERLDAP Data Manipulation, Provide Customer Support,
Perform UNIX system administration tasks.
Network Monitoring Group: Responsibilities: Develop Server Socket Programs, Documentation Tools in
PERL 5.0, Oracle7.
Courses & Training:
Java 1.2, Netscape iPlanet Directory Servers, Microsoft Meta Directory.
Software Developer/Analyst, ALLTEL Information Services, Aurora OH.
05/97 - 05/98
Responsibilities: Develop E911 Application, Reports in C, Oracle PL/SQL 2.0 on HP/UX, Code Optimization,
Process Improvement using Fagan Inspection Methodology.
Training: Oracle PL/SQL2.0, Oracle
Hardware & Software:
Hardware: Cisco Local Director, SGI, HP, Sun, IBM PC, Smart UPS APC, Netgear ReadyNAS.
OS: Red Hat Linux ES4, CentOS, Irix, Solaris 8, Windows XP, Windows 2003.
Languages: MS Visual C#, T-SQL, PERLDAP, PERL, Java, C, C++, Bash, Ksh, PL/SQL, SQL, Javascript.
Databases: AD, ADAM, SQL Server 2003, MIIS 2003, Injoin Critical Path LDAP,
iPlanet LDAP Server 4.13, Berkley Databases, Oracle 7.3.
Version Control System: RCS, Visual SourceSafe, Star Team, Subversion, Tortoise Subversion.
Personal: Excellent Team Player, Strong Communication Skills, Highly Motivated to learn New
Technologies, Possess Good Employee Management Skills.
Relocation: Not willing to Relocate.
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