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Engineer Manager

Madhya Pradesh, 452020, India
April 16, 2012
Contact Info:


Name:- Mrityunjay kumar Seangar Contact:+91-977*******
E-mail:- +91-881*******

IT-Operation & Support Engg.

Around 4+ years of experience in I.T industry. A self-motivated, ambitious and responsible company representative with experience of operational activities of payment gateway services and the proven ability to keep the satisfaction of customers up to an expected level, now keen to move ahead in some more and alternate challenging areas of the company. A good communicator at all levels who enjoys meeting challenges and seeing them through, while remaining calm and cool headed under pressure. An experienced problem-solver, able to consider all options with an open mind before making a decision.


Use to Provide Technical Support, Incidence management, Application Support and Operation Engineer .With 4+ Year work experience from installation to administrating network Activities and providing support to remote Clint. HTML, Web designs and layouts.

ADOBE Creative Suite: Various creative Applications, Including In Design, Photoshop, and Dreamweaver.

GOOGLE Analytics: LinkedIn profile, Twitter, personal website, etc.

Exchange, Active Directory. Out-Look.

Knowledge of OS: (Linux-5, Win-XP, Windows 7 & Vista, Windows 2003- Server).


University / Board
B.E in EnTc
Mod Tech Engg Coll, Pune. M.H
First Class
Diploma E.E
Govt Polytechnic
Pune, M.H
First Class
Govt.High Sec. School
Arunachal Pradesh
CBSE Board
Second Class
52 %
Govt.High Sec. School
Arunachal Pradesh
CBSE Board
Second Class 51%

Certification :

MCSE 2009
CCNA 2010
RHCE 2011 …… Certification Pending.


Technical Experience: 4+ Year’s
Employer : - Yes-pay International Pvt.Ltd
Duration : - 8-Agust-2011 till date
Designation : - Sr. Operation and Remedy Support Engineer.
Job Profile :- Linux and Window based network monitoring

1: Downloading J-boss s/w on server.
2: Uploading patches.
3: J-boss Log check / Space management / Log generation / Deletion.
4: Finding error from J-boss Log file.
5: Providing Application Support to client. (Regarding services)
6: Monitoring J-boss performance on cmd window’s (Scrolling).
7: LOG understanding and need to solve issue accordingly.
8: Installing Jboss at Clint side.
1: Running sql cmd on services.(Predefine cmd).
2: Monitoring the Services & Need to note down the error if any found & need to
resolve it as soon as possible and also need to report Manager.
3: To Start & Stop the services on server.
4: Monitoring Transaction Rate / Rejection / different kind of transaction Graphs.
Red Hat:
1: Working on Linux-5
2: Working with SSH Command & understanding LOG to fix the issue.
3: Mentoring Services & need to work on it accordingly (Action need to e taken)
Space Management / Log Checking / Editing & deleting.
Finding error & Reporting to Development team.
Providing Linux based s/w (Evt). & testing Evt s/w on Linux.
4: Monitoring other imp. Services & if problem occur necessary action taken n need
to report to Canada team & manager.

Remedy Support Engineer:
1: Monitoring Clint Transaction rate & help them to complete their transactions.
2: Working on Refund / Settlement / Flag reset uploading patch on Pin-Pad s/w.
3: Help Clint to install & update the Evt s/w (U.K & Canada) though Phone &
4: Need to guide them to perform: Finding Bugs in there s/w n report to
Development team.
CNP / Online – Offline Transaction.
Setting there Flore limit / Configuring there s/w…etc.

1: Web Server: Apache Tomcat 6.0
2: Application Server: Jboss, Mboss..…etc Application Server
3: Technologies: Java, Hibernate (Basic)
4: Operating System: Windows 2003 / Win-Xp & Vista / Linux-5

TESTING: Need to do Negative Testing on performance of EVT on its s/w. Need to check the Stability of s/w over EVT.

Employer : - IBM Global India Pvt.Ltd
Duration : - Dec2010 to Agust2011
Designation : - Technical Support Engineer (McAfee & Norton)
Job Profile :-
Handling Antivirus and Malware Issue (Symantec and MacAfee)
Handling Online Data Backup and recovery of data done online (VERITAS tool).
Technical Support for Microsoft, McAfee & Norton
Configure Router, Network and Internet related Issue.
Resolving PC performance issue.
Providing security to Clint PC and Network ….etc

Employer : VC International (Cisco Process) , Navi--Mumbai
Duration : March 2010 to Aug 2010
Designation : Technical Support Engineer (Cisco & Linksys).

Job Profile as a TSE :-
The product (CISCO & Linksys)…….. Job Profile use to Configure And Installs This Product According to the need of the Customers and End Users:- (Voice & Remote…Cisco Remote Session) :-
ISP……Configuration (Comcast and Dsl)
Router….. Configure Wired and Wireless Device.
E1000, E2000, E3000
WRT320N, WRT160N, WRT 54G…etc
Range Expander… (WRE160N, WRE120N…etc)
Configuration of Wireless Camera, Bridge….etc

Plate Form: Win-Xp ; Win-Vista ; Win-2007 & 2003 ; O.S-Mac

Employer : - Singhad Institute Of Business Management, PUNE.
Duration : - Aug 2007 to Mar 2009
Designation : - System Technician

Job Profile as a System Technician
Knowledge of firewalls, IP Camera, Video Conferencing, Network connectivity and Wireless connectivity.
Cable Structure, Crimping & Installing of TCP/ IP Address, workgroup and Domain Configuration, domain user creation, policies, Backup activity and virus activity, etc.
Provide on-going operational support including releases, upgrades, bug fixes, security updates, and any system change activities
• Assist the Teacher in taking Technical Test and process by conduct technical interviews.
•Out Look / SQL/ V.B/ Oracle9i and .Net etc….S/w Installation and Configuration.
Install various Microsoft S/w.
Provide on-going operational support including releases, upgrades, bug fixes, security updates, and any system change activities.
Antivirus (Quick Heal, Symantec):- Antivirus Server Management
Virus definition files update……Patch Mgmt.
S/w restriction Policy.

Employer : - Direct Consulting Group, Pune
Duration : - Jan 2004 to Jul 2007
Designation : - Service Engineer
450+ Computers, 120+ Laptop, 20+ Printer & Plotter.
Responsible for the day-to-day Operations of the IT Infrastructure.
Arrange weekly engineer training and test and group discussion.
Scheduling of tasks and Activities.
Maintaining DHCP, FTP and MS Exchange.
Troubleshooting of LAN, and Network & Hardware Problem.
Handling the wireless network connectivity entire Office.
Handling Video Conferencing Camera, IP Camera (Cisco Make)
Create Domain User Profile, Email ID & Apply the Branded Policies
Checked the antivirus updated definition file. Sending the mail of Daily call Report, Monthly Report to IT Manager and DCG office.


Mrityunjay kumar Seangar
Date of Birth:
Marital Status :
11th Nov 1982.
Address :
1: Permanent add.
2: Work add.

Flat No.11, SaiNager, Kondhwa. PUNE. M.H
Flat no.18, New Sital Nager, AB-Road, Indore (MP)
Joining Period:
English, Hindi, Marathi
15-Days. (977******* & 881*******)

Mrityunjay Kumar Seangar
Sr. Operation and Support Engineer
www.yes-pay International, Indore
PhNo. =91 977*******