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Assistant High School

Las Vegas, Nevada, 89120, United States
April 17, 2012
Contact Info:

Brittany Landers
**** ******** **
Las Vegas, NV 89120
Dr. Ian Orme’s Lab/Dr. Ann Leanart’s Lab/ Dr. Diane Ordway’s Lab on a Gates Foundation Grant for
research in TB (Work Study Colorado State University) 2010-2011
Worked in a high volume fast paced research lab. Lab is classified under Bio Safety Level 2.
Responsibilities included:
Practice of Aseptic Laboratory Techniques: use of industrial grade autoclaves, homog tube, saline, and
glassware sterilization. Familiar with cleaning expensive glassware; which include nebulizers and homog
Agar preparation: knowledge of how to make, sterilize and pour 7H11 agar plates, also responsible for
properly labeling the plates. Ensured the researcher’s requests were fulfilled in a prompt manner; this
included special requests such as the making of 7H9 broths or special antibiotic agar plates.
Weekly planning to ensure all viable counts were complete and set up in a timely manner, also maintained
inventory and stocked lab.
Maintenance of Lab equipment: sharpening of surgical kit scissors, cleaning of water baths, CO2
incubators, balances, and Milipour filtration systems.
Kent T Haynes, D.D.S, P.C. (Dental Assistant) 2003-current Durango, Co
Responsibilities included:
Making sure the office ran on schedule and patient flow was maintained. In charge of all dental supply
ordering within the office as well as stocking operatories and lab stations. Also performed lab work, which
included taking, mounting and pouring models.
Worked alongside fellow employees to make the office run more proficiently and interacted with patients
on a daily basis in person and over the telephone.
Maintained a high standard of sterility and aseptic techniques with use of ultrasonics and autoclaves.
Enforced all OSHA standards and maintained OSHA updates, paperwork, notebooks and participated in
yearly OSHA continuing education classes.
Dr. Alan Schafer, D.D.S., M.S. (Certified Orthodontic Assistant) Summer of 2007 Cortez, Co
Responsibilities included:
Sterilization Technician: practiced aseptic techniques in a medical office setting, use of autoclaves and
Saw a high volume of patients while insuring the schedule maintained optimum flow.
Certified Orthodontic Assistant: trained at Dr. Schafer’s office to become a certified Assistant. As a
certified assistant I placed brackets on patients as well as changing out their wiring and bands. I was also
responsible for all lab work on the patients, this included pouring models, making retainers, taking
accurate photos and placing them in the computer database. I was certified to take digital panoramic xrays
and have experience in computer based charting.
Boone Brewer D.D.S., P.C.( Dental Assistant Manager) 2007-2010 Fort Collins, Co
Responsibilities included:
Knowledge of dental insurance policies and practices as well as up keeps of patient accounts and records.
Experience in digital x-ray programs and paperless charting.
Same responsibilities were performed as when working for Dr. Haynes and Dr. Schafer.
Colorado State University – Fort Collins, CO Bachelor of Science; Microbiology 2011
Extra curricular activities in College included:
Volunteer work:
Participated in Give Kids a Smile for two years
Donated time to Sacred Heart Church
Assisted handicapped lady in Fort Collins with her Decorating business on a
daily basis.
Member of MSA (microbiology student association)
Durango High School- High School Diploma 2006
Extra curricular activities in High School included;
4 years varsity letterman in Football (filmed all away and home football games for the
coaches and put a final season highlight tape together for each season)
2 years varsity letterman in Girls Golf
Excellent time management whether it is in a medical or in a laboratory.
Proficient in PC and Mac based systems: Word/Pages, Excel/Numbers, extensive work in Power
People skills: In an office setting or lab setting. Communicating effectively to fellow employees or upper
management. Working as a team player.
Great telephone ediquitte skills
Great written, verbal, and reading skills
Hard working and enthusiastic
Attention to detail in all the work that I do.
Quick learner
Capable of handling high volume and heavy workload, while being able to deliver high quality work.
Minimal grant writing experience: for my senior seminar I wrote a grant proposal on siRNA therapy
against HepB virus.
BSL-3 Training: Completed 4 hours of BioSaftey Level 3 training senior year.
Virology Skills under Dr. Erika Suchman included:
Cell culturing and subculturing
Freezing and infection cell cultures
Yolk sac/ Chorioallantoic sac innoculations
Hemacytometer use
Concentration Mathematics
Titer Calculations
Karber and Reed-Muench Calculations
TCID50 calculations
Cytopathic Effect Identification
HA/HI assays
ELISA assay
Immunology Skills under Dr. Allen Schenkel:
Lipid/Acid/Heat/Filtration sensitivities on viruses
Serum Neutralization testing
Fluorescent Ab/ Immunoperoxidase Ab staining and testing
Gimenez/ Giemsa staining
Virus purification for DNA extraction
Agrose gel Elecrophoresis of DNA fragments
Id of virus by genome sequences
Determination of virus Nucleic Acid types
Epidemiological studies of West Nile and Dengue fever
Hemacytmeter use and dilution calculations
Nitric oxide production and detection
Complement mediated lysis
Immunofluorescenc and imaging of cells
Single color and double color flow cytometry analysis
T-cell proliferation
ELISA assay
HA assay
Western Blots
Blood Smears