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Supply Chain Customer Service

Greensboro, North Carolina, United States
May 31, 2012
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**** ******* **** • Greensboro, NC 27410 • 336-***-**** (H) • 336-***-**** (C)


Master of Business Administration, Operations Management – University Louisville, Louisville, KY

Bachelor of Business Administration, Finance – University of Georgia, Athens, GA


Albaad USA Inc., Reidsville, NC 2008-2012

Director of US Operations (Director of Supply Chain 2008-2011)

• Manage all areas of operations for a $90 Million consumer products manufacturing business. Current functional responsibilities include, manufacturing, facilities, maintenance, purchasing, production planning, transportation, imports, exports, warehousing, quality control, technical services, new product development, and IT.

• In November of 2011 assumed responsibilities for all US manufacturing operations in addition to the Supply Chain responsibilities.

• Grew supply chain areas of the business to support $90 Million in sales from $18 Million while increasing the margin of produces goods 14% through aggressive re-negotiations of materials. Saved $100K in the first year in corrugate and chemical purchases. Saved $400K per year with an aggressive reorganization of the distribution chain. Established rigorous Request for Quote (RFQ) procedures that increased competition of suppliers during bidding, established a basis for apples to apples comparisons, and outlined a structure for price increases tied to published price index journals

• Accelerated new products time to market by fine-tuning the planning procedure, by structuring the way the planning interfaced with the ERP system, and by improving vendor response times to the Rand D team members.

• In 2010 successfully completed a $15 million expansion of the US operation that includes additional warehouse and manufacturing space, production equipment expansion, and IT infrastructure expansion. Negotiated government backed bonds and Local and State employment incentives to finance part of this expansion.

Gildan, Inc., Eden, NC 2005-2008

Director of Distribution/Director of Supply Chain Optimization

• In March 2008, was promoted to Director of Supply Chain Optimization to optimize finished goods inventory movement from manufacturing through distribution through improved reporting and tighter procedural controls.

• Presented Global Distribution Strategy to the Executive board. This plan was the culmination of data and analysis considering yarn manufacturing locations, ocean and domestic carriage, port selection, distribution centers and customer ship-to points that will save $2 million in supply chain costs/year.

• Managed the Distribution of T-shirts and other active wear to retail and wholesale customers throughout North America through a staff of 200-500 associates and 22 exempt employees. Combined warehouse space of 800,000 square feet. Areas of responsibility include inbound, outbound and export freight, MIS, Engineering, inventory control, quality, 24-7 operation groups, HR, accounting, internal customer service, and retail compliance/scheduling.

• In May 2005, took over a failing operation with a new WMS Red Prairie implementation. From May to October, increased productivity from 85 to 163 measured units per clock card hours. Implemented new leaders across 4 redundant shifts and installed train the trainer programs to teach WMS.

• Implemented transaction level Labor Management software program that calculates productivity (measures actual time to Standard allowed times) in all standard production jobs resulting in a $1.2 million reduction in labor costs with an increase in production volume in 2007.

• Restructured budget modeling to allow what-if-scenarios in areas of product mix, density changes on inbound loads and outbound shipments, productivity variability, and staffing variability.

• Implemented loading verification process, increasing accuracy of loads while building a retrievable series of reports that prove load accuracy to customers. Over the first 4 months of operation, returns related to warehouse errors decreased 90% and charge backs are down $40,000/month.

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GSI Commerce, Riverport Industrial Park, Louisville, KY 2000-2005

Director of Operations

• Managed the Distribution of general and Specialty merchandise to Internet Customers through a staff of 300-700 associates. Combined warehouse space of 775,000 square feet. Areas of responsibility included Traffic, Value Added Services, Shipping (First, Second, Weekend Shifts), and Receiving.

• Managed 16 exempt staff covering all areas of operations. Hired and trained over 2200 associates during the first 4 years of operations. Tested, wrote procedures for and implemented Logistics Pro 6.1 Warehouse Management System (Manhattan and Associates WMS) in 14 weeks. Implemented 4 upgrades to the WMS and 40+ modifications. Wrote attendance and safety guidelines, personnel policy manuals and over 400 pages of training, and standard operating procedure documents.

• Shipped just over 11 million units in 2004. During peak periods of operation the center produced 45-50k parcels/day. Throughput of outbound staff during peak increased from 150 parcels processed per hour during the first month of our operation to 4500 parcels per hour in peak 2004. Inventory accuracy remained at 99.947% and pick accuracy remained 99.8% on an SKU base of 123,000. Managed the plan building mechanism in LogPro to maximize pick density and general increase throughput in outbound process. Wrote procedures to control aging and communicated production to rest of the organization and to top management.

• Implemented freight vendor programs with LTL companies to include a Beta test with Consolidated Freight to move residential freight for the Internet community, as well as electronic manifesting (in LogPro) for UPS and USPS. Started the first program in Louisville to use preprinted delivery confirmation labels with USPS electronic manifesting in LogPro. Worked with a taskforce at Corporate Headquarters to train Customer Service Reps on the proper use of LogPro. Structured freight program on the Webstore to make shipping and handling a profit opportunity for the company.

• Implemented a comprehensive engineered labor standards program called ACE, taking into consideration individual work elements in over 30 different production areas. This program produced shared savings in labor over 4 years of $4.0 million. ACE program support reporting allows for 100% control of direct and indirect labor dollars spent in production and production support areas ($220,000/week off peak).

Aftermarket Technologies Corp. Distribution Group, Louisville, KY 1999-2000

Distribution Center Operations Manager

• Managed the Distribution of Hard and Soft Transmission Parts to 27 Branches and External Customers in the eastern half of the US and internationally through a staff of 125-130 employees. Combined warehouse space of 170,000 square feet. Managed areas of Final Assembly, Receiving, Shipping (1st and 2nd shift), Inventory Control, Materials Management, and Facilities Engineering.

• Grew the operation from 47 employees to 125. Increased output from 1015 lines processed to the present 3200 lines processed for outbound shipments. Productivity increased 18% over 7 month period. Re-established the warehouse “footprint” to minimize receiving and putaway effort while maximizing pick density and overall optimization of pick operations.

• Implemented attendance policy, and revised salary structures to compete in Local Employment market. Wrote 120 page Standard Operating Procedures Manual. Fine-tuned training procedures to deal with turnover. Increased Inventory Accuracy from 70% to 91%. Increased fill rates to internal customers from 60% to 89%. Increased Fill rates on outbound shipments to External customers from 70% to 94%. Increased output in final assembly operation from 850 units/day to 3500 units/day.

• In the area of Materials Management, developed an analysis mechanism to draw data from the company mainframe system and analyze the data using a desktop Microsoft Access Application. This project facilitated the increases in inventory accuracy and fill rates to customers.

Schwarz Pharma Manufacturing, Seymour, IN 1997-1999

Distribution Manager

• Managed the Distribution of Pharmaceutical products domestically and internationally through a staff of 25-30 employees. Combined warehouse space of 150,000 square feet. Annual budget of all warehouse operations including receiving, manufacturing order picking, sales sample distribution, domestic customer order picking and export customer order picking was $3.7 million.

• Implemented a Warehouse Management System that integrated order picking to manufacturing, all internal warehouse material movements, cycle count programs, and outbound customer orders.

• Managed a staff of 10 consultants and 5 internal programmers to link WMS to Corporate AS400 and JD Edwards software. Total Budget for implementation was $758,000.

• Implemented Cycle Count program and Inventory Investigation Team that maintained 99% inventory accuracy on $25 million of raw and finished goods inventory that turned 6-7 times per year. Outbound sales orders were picked to an accuracy of 99.947%. Sales order volumes supported a sales staff of 300 people and an annual sales of $240 million.

Jonathan M. Kusnitz, page 3 - CAREER EXPERIENCE (CONTINUED)

Schwarz Pharma (continued)

• Established long-term vendor relationships with Freight Companies that saved company over 15% in the three years amounting to a savings of over $500,000. Redesigned preferred carrier programs to match freight needs of organization by focusing on Service, Damage minimization, In transit time and other collective expectations. Established Third party Billing program that saved company $60,000 by identifying duplicate payments on freight bills.

• Revamped Standard operating and inventory control procedures while establishing a train-the-trainer program for forklift operators and order picking operators. BI-monthly employee meetings were established to provide for two-way communications with work force. “Employee of the Moment” program was established to recognize outstanding employee achievements. Trained warehouse staff in MSDS procedures and Hazardous Materials movements domestically and internationally.

Emerson Electric, Louisville Ladder Division, Louisville, KY 1995-1997

Distribution Manager

• Managed distribution of all products through a system of 9 regional warehouses across the country, a staff of 9 regional warehouse managers, and 3 salaried support personnel. Combined warehouse space of 700,000 square feet. Annual Budget of all warehouses of $2.6 million. Sales of $60 million annually required a freight budget of $3.9 million for inbound raw materials and outbound finished goods. Developed the distribution group into a strategic competency for the organization.

• Negotiated rates for LTL and full truckload carriers throughout the distribution channel. Negotiations resulted in a 9% reduction in total freight expenditures through 1996. Cost containment strategies resulted in .2% increase in freight expenditures through 1997 compared to a nationwide average increase of 7%.

• Advised top management on inbound and outbound traffic issues. Focused on freight cost analysis, freight damage tracking and reduction, OTR/city fleet concerns, and strategic distribution issues.

• Coordinated freight movement to support sales and inventory levels in domestic and international markets. Utilized several modes of transportation to include inter modal rail movement, full truck loads, LTL, small package, air, air and ground expedited, overseas air, and overseas containerization.

• Implemented a locator and scanner system to reduce manpower by 28% at the manufacturing plant while increasing inventory accuracy by 40%.

• Developed cost structures for customer distribution requirements.

• Implemented a series of productivity, quality and accuracy measurements that increased capacity while decreasing overtime for the hourly work force by 50%.

Keebler Company, Louisville, KY 1993-1995

Assistant Distribution Center Manager

• Managed a fleet of 6 trucks and a 32,000 sq. ft. warehouse, with 18,000-20,000 units moved weekly, $800,000 yearly budget and 10 full time employees. Teamsters Local Union #89.

• Successfully changed culture of distribution center such that all employees were aware of the importance of efficient operations, and management and personal accountability for deviations to company standards.

• Increased warehouse productivity by 10% by implementation of better traffic flow and product addressing.

• Implemented a real time efficiency feedback program where warehouse handlers and drivers could see productivity gains (or losses) relative to the expected times to complete tasks.

• Completely learned Keebler operating systems in a 1-month period. These included inbound receiving, outbound routing, cost accounting structures, warehouse operations and information systems.

• Contributed from the first day of employment with a systematic implementation of quantitative measurement tools and techniques. Implemented a program to cut fleet per mile costs by 6% through better vendor accountability and equipment warrantee compliance.

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United States Army, Mannheim, Germany 1989-1993

Platoon Leader, Personnel Officer, Distribution Officer, Operations Officer

• Supervised 6-35 personnel in an administrative environment as well as during wartime.

• Responsible for Accountability and payroll for 2300 person organization with $47.5 million/yearly payroll.

• Wrote a 400-page operations manual for a unit used during the Persian Gulf War.

• Dispatched and supervised maintenance on a fleet of 23 commercial vehicles.

• Managed materials (food, medicine, ammunition, building supplies) distribution facility for a 1000 man combat unit.

• Managed fleet of 21 vehicles that supported the full logistical system of receipts and distribution of material for a 1000 man combat unit.

• Responsible for $500 million worth of equipment and resources.

• Implemented new plan for collection and presentation of data in high level military conferences with an 85% reduction in required manpower.


• Excellent computer skills in Windows Environment programs, Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Access.

• Active member of local chapter of WERC.

• Graduate of Dale Carnegie and several Franklin Covey leadership and time management courses.