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Customer Service

Conway, Arkansas, United States
20.00/hr +
May 31, 2012
Contact Info:
****** ***** ****** ** ***-***-**** **********@*****.***

Work Experience:

Integrity Models Inc
Little Rock, AR United States
**/**** - *******
Hours per week: 0
promotional modeling
Supervisor: Colleen Carr (501-***-****)
Okay to contact this Supervisor: Yes
promotional modeling- review product details, advertise and promote product at events or conventions.

acting- fill in actor for short film or movie

United States Postal Service
Conway, AR United States
03/2011 - 10/2011
Salary: 19.88 USD Per Hour
Hours per week: 30
Series: 0001 Pay Plan: AA
Rural CarrierAssociate (This is a federal job)
Supervisor: Dana Urbanski (501-***-****)
Okay to contact this Supervisor: Yes
Sort mail, verify and validate, deliver mail

Delta Airlines
Little Rock, AR United States
07/2010 - 01/2011
Hours per week: 30
Customer Service
Customer Service, Special Services, Reservations, Baggage Check-in, Kiosk Assist

Air Wisconsin Airlines operated as United Express
Little Rock, AR United States
08/2009 - 07/2010
Hours per week: 24
Passenger/ Customer Service Agent
Supervisor: Ray Brown (501-***-****)
Okay to contact this Supervisor: Yes
Customer Service, Trained other employees for ramp and reservations, bookkeeping, updated files for audits, baggage claim, communicated with aircraft, loading and unloading of aircraft, gate duties, daily equipment checks, scheduling for employees, rebooking, issuing reimbursements and vouchers.

Safehouse Security
Conway , AR United States
01/2007 - 08/2009
Salary: 10.00 USD Per Hour
Hours per week: 10
Supervisor: Willie LeVart (501-***-****)
Okay to contact this Supervisor: Yes
Installed Quickbooks. I build proposals; record expenses, sales, and equipment ordered for jobs. Record keeping, general accounting, planning and budgeting. Cost control and reduction. Currently employed at this position.

Univ of Central Arkansas
Conway, AR United States
02/2009 - 05/2009
Salary: 200,000.00 USD Per Year
Hours per week: 40
secretary II G13/ office manager
Open up in the morning, oversee & evaluate student workers performance, responsible for purchase orders, website development & updates, keeping calendar coordinated for 4 faculty members, making appts, purchasing supplies for office, copies for meetings, accounting, keeping up with purchases made by faculty for events, using their pcards, supplied by university.
Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, & Access

microsoft excel, word, publisher. Programming website

currently employed at this position, planning on moving closer to LR, within next couple of months.

Univ of Central Arkansas
Conway, AR United States
07/2008 - 02/2009
Salary: 20,000.00 USD Per Year
Hours per week: 40
Document Examiner II G12
Supervisor: Donna Johnson (501-***-****)
Okay to contact this Supervisor: Yes
Examining transcripts, verifications, validating, working with two different software programs to check classes and degress. Printing transcript for one hour processing, all mail & email requests. Using excel, word, publisher. Answering phones, copying, balancing.

Very fast paced.. type 62 wpm

Vilonia Schools
Vilonia, AR United States
08/2007 - 12/2007
Hours per week: 40
Paraprofessional/ Teacher's Asst.
Substituting for classes, administering tests, pull out small groups for struggling students, overseeing classroom work, pull out individual instruction for make-up work or struggling students. Filing, copying, laminating, and developing projects.
Responsible for inventory and librarian duties in teacher's only library. Library contains teacher's manuals, leveled reading books for testing, computer programs, and classroom text books.

Arkansas Pigeon Racing Club
Whitehall, AR United States
05/2003 - 09/2006
Hours per week: 10
secretary fill in
volunteer position, birds were electronically banded. I used software & scanner for entrants to clock-in birds, entered race date, locations, wind speed, weather for race on weekends. Talked to driver to establish locations with gps reading and windspeed. Traveled back next day with race results. Helped design and order trophies.

No one to contact, racers dissolved

Boy Scouts of America
Sheridan, AR United States
02/2000 - 08/2002
Hours per week: 25
Recruit and Supervise Den Leaders. Coordinate weekly meetings, weekend trips, camp-outs, sporting events, banquets, competitions, advancement and awards ceremonies. Manage sales, product distribution, and inventory. Planning and budgeting outings and awards. Managing and Scheduling fund raisers. Planning and Managing leader meetings. Planning, editing and publishing monthly newsletter. Responsible for collecting information on available on state wide workshops and summer camps. Record keeping on registrations and achievements. Working with District office submitting registration records, achievements, and purchasing awards and supplies.

Russellville Eye Clinic
NA, United States
04/1990 - 08/1990
Hours per week: 40
Computer Programmer
Supervisor: Dewey Jones (479-***-****)
Okay to contact this Supervisor: Yes
Filing Records, Programmed computer for medical billing to Blue Cross and Medicare, daily accounting, data entry

St. Mary's Regional Medical Center
NA, United States
06/1989 - 03/1990
Hours per week: 60
Patient Relations Rep, Community Relations Rep, On-call medical record
Supervisor: Cindy Chase (479-***-****)
Okay to contact this Supervisor: Yes
Job description: visiting all patients daily to check on their satisfaction of care, problem-solving and handling problems with whichever department was at fault, including physicians. Reporting to the CEO on a regular basis, keeping records of daily visits. Helping any department that was in need of relief; including the emergency room.

On-call Medical Records- wear a beeper, on-call to pull medical charts and sometimes of f of micro-fish and deliver to ER within 10 minutes.

Desktop Publishing- trained on MAC to create brochures for hospital. Assistant for seminars and training of staff

Grant County Clerk's Office
NA, United States
01/1988 - 05/1989
Hours per week: 40
Deputy Clerk
Supervisor: Maurice Shoptaw (870-***-****)
Okay to contact this Supervisor: Yes
Filing marriage license, mortgages, deeds, notarizing documents, payroll


Dept of Education Little Rock, AR United States
Technical or Occupational Certificate 09/2007

Credits Earned: 480/480
Relevant Coursework, Licenses and Certifications:
Paraprofessional Test to clip out of Assoc Degree required for employment

Baptist RN School Little Rock, AR United States
Some College Coursework Completed 12/1988

Sheridan High School Sheridan, AR United States
High School or equivalent 05/1987

Job Related Training:

Web Development Training, Groupwise Training, PCard (company credit card- management training), Diversity, and Sexual Harassment Training, Ramp Training/ Air Wisconsin, Customer Service Training/ Air Wisconsin, Basic Accounting Training, Safety & Airport Security test


Donna Johnson (*)
Univ of Central Arkansas
Whit Klein
Transportation Security Administration
BDO officer

Tanya Baker
Baker Refrigeration

Lila McCauley (*)
Univ of Central Arkansas
Secretary II
George Reimer (*)
Hewlett Packard


(*) Indicates professional reference

Additional Information:

Perfect score on Paraprofessional Test with Board of Education, experienced in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Access, desktop publishing, Quickbooks

Typing test at 62 wpm

experience medical records, medical terminology, data entry