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Digital Wideband Repairer, Satellite, RF, Formal School Instructor

Twentynine Palms, California, United States
March 20, 2012
Contact Info:

Aaron Keith Scott

**** ******* ***. ********** *****, CA


Digital Wideband Repairer/ Satellite Technician/ Formal School Instructor


Staff Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps with extensive experience in maintenance repair of both SATCOM and Microwave terminals. Expertise in formal school instruction and curriculum development at the Marine Corps Communication School house. Clearly understands the intrinsic values of leadership, accountability, and program development skills. Leadership experience with a reputation for meeting the most challenging organizational goals and objectives. A pragmatic and focused individual recognized for “making seemingly impossible situations work.” A proven and VERIFIABLE record on Fitness Reports for:

• “Sets an outstanding personal example through his work ethic and proactive leadership. An outstanding role model for junior Marines; unlimited potential. Highly recommended for promotion and retention.” Lt Col Wells D.P.

• “Engages every assignment with tenacity, and actively seeks opportunities to contribute to the unit focus. Continually working toward self-improvement, SSgt Scott spends a great deal of time studying and researching material to support the training of the junior Marines. He is heavily engaged in personal development. His intense and sustained levels of contribution both on and off duty have earned SSgt Scott the respect and admiration of his fellow Marines. I would gladly serve with this Marine in the future.” CWO 4 Jones D.M.

Professional Experience

Staff Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps, 2003 – 2012

Digital Wideband Formal School Instructor at the Marine Corps Communication Electronics School: Sept 2008-Present

• Instructed and trained over one hundred Marines through a combination of formal periods of instruction and hands on training. Achieved the highest Marine Corps teaching certification and acquired over three thousand instructional hours navigating students through a hundred and one training day evolution. Maintained a student grade point average of 92.31 percent.

• Taught the basic concepts of electricity, semiconductor devices, power supplies and amplifiers, operational amps, digital logic, basic soldering and fiber splicing techniques, radio fundamentals, RF signal flow, multiplexing and demultiplexing, antenna propagation, and troubleshooting techniques down to the component level on Super High Frequency and Satellite terminals.

• Responsible for identifying, planning, and executing training design requirements. Researched and implemented available resources to attain the organization's objective and enhance student's development. Prepared short and long term training schedules. Tracked progress of students to ensure the learning objectives were understood and met.

Special Skills: Advanced management experience; Instructor responsibilities included being responsible for every detail of a student’s life, twenty four hours a day seven days a week; Ensuring all training requirements were met, personal and financial problems were handled efficiently and appropriately, personal/medical appointments were coordinated for both the Marine and their dependants, and that the best quality of life was provided.

Digital Wideband Technician: Nov 2004-Aug 2008

• Formal school trained in installation, diagnosis, repair, adjustment, modification, and calibration of SATCOM and Microwave terminals used for high capacity, troposcatter and satellite communications. Fundamental mission was to maintain communications equipment in a high state of readiness for eventual tactical deployment in both training or combat environment, and continued maintenance support while deployed to Iraq. Achieved a quarterly readiness posture of 90.86%

• Experience troubleshooting systems and replacing subassemblies down to component level; Reporting operational status of equipment to higher authority on a daily and/or weekly basis. Assisting equipment operators with installation in the field, including antenna assembly & alignment, system power up and tuning, generator power and ground connections, and other equipment interconnect. Assist subscribers/end users with proper interface to tactical equipment to ensure quality and reliability of services.

• Management experience includes: the coordination of a dozen Marines, repair with other maintenance activities, the requisitioning of parts, monitoring maintenance reports, and mainting the integrity of associated cryptographic components. (KG-194, KY-58, KY-68, CYZ-10, SKLs, and CYKs)

Related Skills:

Proficient with a wide range of telecommunications test equipment, including OTDR, optical & RF power meters, spectrum analyzers, signal generators, frequency counters, BER test sets, multi-meters, oscilloscopes, fiber and more. Excellent verbal & written communications skills. Highly proficient with PC’s, proficient with MS-DOS, MS Windows, MS Office, MS Visio, trouble ticket tracking (GCSS and MIMMS), circuit order/network database (MetaSolv), and more.

Deployments Include: Camp Fallujah Iraq/8 months, Okinawa Japan 2 years


American Military University, Charles Town, West Virginia


Homeland Security

University of Maryland University College, Adelphi, Maryland



Security Clearance:

ACTIVE SECRET: I understand that some jobs may require a Top Secret Clearance and am willing to work with employer in order to obtain one.