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Health Insurance Data Entry

Lawrenceville, Georgia, United States
8.25 +
March 22, 2012
Contact Info:

Jordan Johnson

Citizenship : American Date of birth : 21 August 1991


Tel : 602-***-****

e-mail :


**** ***** ****** ******

Lawrenceville, GA 30045


Objective Currently seeking all job opportunities and openings. My goal is to secure and maintain a steady job and income.

Availability My schedule will be virtually empty until the beginning of summer courses (late May) at which point I should be able to schedule around my courses

Key Skills

My skills include but are not limited to typing, use of Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, and Excel, other forms of data entry, quick adaptation, and hard work ethic.

I am also used to (and prefer) working with my hands and have experience digging trenches, changing pipes, and operating a variety of tools and machinery ranging from socket wrenches to jackhammers.


2009 to 2011 Major in Biochemistry

Georgia Gwinnett College, School of Science, Atlanta

Currently Major in Business

Georgia Gwinnett College, School of Business, Atlanta

Work Experience

Sun Devil Plumbing: Phoenix, Arizona

Temp Job

June to August, 2008

July to August, 2011

December to January, 2011

The Myers Group: Duluth, GA September to December, 2011

Conducted welcome calls for Wellcare Health Insurance companies

Conducted over the phone surveys to participating members on behalf of their insurance plan

Activities and Interests

Prefer being active and moving around. I enjoy spontaneity and not always knowing exactly what to expect. I enjoy the satisfaction of completing a project or goal whether by myself or with a group of people.

I am most interested in light industrial work and hands on assignments in outdoor areas however; I am also familiar with completing clerical tasks and have experience in the office. I am open to all possibilities.