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MCA 1year Experience

Florida, United States
12K to15K
January 20, 2011
Contact Info:

Sandeep Kumar Shukla
Address:C/O M.L. Shukla
*st Floor,B-68,Sector-20
Noida(NCR) Contact No:+919424354637 E-Mail:

I have worked for 6 months as an Internship with “e- psilon IT Solution”
Good Knowledge of RDBMS like Relationships,Stored procedure,View,Trigger etc.
Profound Knowledge of SDLC Life Cycle.
Proficiency in standard software development using .NET framework 2005.


To learn and groom in an environment where I can contribute to my potential and skills for the betterment of myself and in exponential growth of organization.


I have completed MCA from SATI, Vidisha in 2009 with Aggregate of 66%.


Computer Skills:
Languages: C++, C#.NET,java
Web Technology JavaScript, CSS, ASP.NET
Databases: SQL-Server 2000/2005.
Others Crystal Report.

Projects Undertaken:

Project : On Line Scrap vehicle supplier
Work area : C#,Asp.Net , SQL server 2005
Project Specs : The main purpose of our project is to provide the complete details and images of different type of scraped vehicles in the website. Any person can access our website and see any type of vehicles from our repository and get all the information of any interested vehicles and contact. We were only publishing the information on net as an advertisement and was not involved in selling and buying anyhow. Interested customer can contact us directly to gather the vehicle owners information. Advertisement were published on contract not permanently.
Role : Requirement gathering, design and coding.
Duration : jan 2009 to May 2009.

Project : College Web site
Work area : Asp.Net (C# Coding) and SQL server 2005.
Project Specs : College web site was designed on the basis of mainly three scenarios described below. Faculties information was updated on monthly basis to change their experience in years or months and update any new arrival or departure. Students general information was also available on website as well as parents can view the scorecard of their children online with id provided to them for accessing the things accordingly.
Role : Analysis, design and representation
Duration : July 2008 to Nov 2008

Project : Vehicle Insurance
Work area : Java(servlet) , Oracle 9i
Project Spec : As vehicle insurance company deals with the vehicles insurance form the very first day when vehicle is being registered with them till the date when insurance policy is expiring. Claim facility were dealt with too. At the month end
balance sheet was generated to tell the particular months profit and loss. In this scenario we pay insurance on the basis of accidental vehicle or percent of damage and we also see the manufacturing date of vehicle.
Role : Analysis, Design and representation
Duration : Feb 2008 to April 2008


Gender : Male
Date of birth : 11 / April / 1981
Father’s Name : Mr. Murari Lal Shukla
Mother’s Name : Mrs. Saroj Shukla
Nationality : Indian
Marital Status : Married
Strengths : Team player, Smart worker, Never give up spirit

I here by certify that the information furnished above is authentic & complete to the best of my knowledge & belief.

Date: __________ Sandeep Kumar Shukla
Place :