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Design Electrical

Chicago, Illinois, United States
April 19, 2012
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OBJECTIVE: To obtain a full time job opportunity in the field of Electrical Engineering.

University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL.
Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Expected: 05/12.

Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad, India
Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Communications Engineering, 06/10

Graduate: Control Engineering, Linear System Theory & Design, Robotics Control & Algorithms, Advanced VLSI design, Introduction to VLSI, Digital Systems Design, DSP-II, Image Analysis and Computer Vision – I & II.
Undergraduate: Electrical Technology, Control Systems, DSP Processors & Architectures, Digital Signal & Image Processing, Analog & Digital Communications, Computer Networks, Switching Theory & Logic Design, Micro Controllers & Applications, Microprocessors & Interfacing, VLSI Design, Digital & Linear IC Applications.

Digital Design:
• RC6: Implemented a 128-bit RC6 encryption core using VHDL and RTL synthesis in Quartus.
• Wallace tree multiplier: Implemented a 64-bit prefix form multiplier using Wallace tree algorithm using VHDL.
• Hamming Code: Design and verification of a combinational circuit that creates a 7-bit Hamming code from 4-information bits and a circuit to detect and correct a faulty bit in a code word using VHDL in Quartus.
• Kogge-Stone Adder: Designed and simulated the 16-bit parallel adder using VHDL in Quartus.

VLSI design:
• Arithmetic Logic Unit: Worked on a team project to design a 4-bit ALU that performs 1’s and 2’s complement, addition (carry look-ahead adder), add-traction (addition after subtraction), NAND & NOR operations, parallel loading with CMOS transistors using Cadence schematics and layouts for optimum area and propagation delay.

Image and Signal Processing:
• Face Detection: Implemented face recognition Karhonen-Loeve (KL) transform algorithm in MATLAB.
• Digital filter design: Designed linear phase filters, IIR and FIR digital filters and performed multi-rate processing – rate conversion and sub band decomposition in MATLAB.

Robotic Algorithms:
• Multiple robot room coverage for target detection: Developed an algorithm for a pac-man like robot which includes maze solving, multi robot communication and motion planning in MATLAB.

• Embedded C: Used Embedded C extensively in Lab associated with Microprocessors and TI DSP Processors.
• C: Several programs written related to C programming and Data Structures in associated course.
• Lane Departure Warning System: Implemented Image Processing algorithms using MATLAB and Simulink to detect a vehicle’s unintended lane departure and sense obstacles to notify driver.
• Creating an Intelligent Life through Automation and Neural – machine Interfacing: Paper on an idea that can improve the mobility of the physically impaired by implementing tasks based on user’s intentions.

Bartronics India Limited, Hyderabad, India 05/09 – 07/09
Project, Smart Certificate
• Designed and created this application based on smart cards and RFID technology for maintaining the authenticity of documents such as academic certificates.
• Used .NET framework to program and execute, and Visual Studio to develop the GUI.

SKILLS: Design suites: MATLAB, Simulink, Multisim, Modelsim and Cadence. Working knowledge of SPICE.
Software languages: C/C++, VHDL and acquainted with Java, .NET, Visual studio.