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Project Sales

Chicago, Illinois, 60656, United States
March 17, 2012
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Mark Monforti

Career Summary Results-oriented professional with over fifteen years of IT experience. Proven effectiveness on many highly visible projects in small and large companies. Fanatical about technology and productivity.

Objective To drive core business needs by engaging stakeholders and technical experts to implement timely and effective solutions.

Experience 2009 - Present Northwestern University Chicago, IL

Sr. Developer

• Created application and workflow for loading and migrating study data which saved days in data entry.

• Automated testing for migration of data via windows .net app.

• Maintaining the MVC architected application known as Assessment Center

• Interfaced with Investigators to create new Computerized Adaptive Tests

• Created highly customizable forms with XML, XSLT and CSS.

• Lead a team that migrated bugs from bug tracker to TFS.

• Lead implementation of over 40 studies and hundreds of instruments.

• Created workflow for tasks which decreased time for deliverables and increased accountability.

2007 - 2009 IncWorx Consulting Schaumburg, IL

Sr. Consultant

• Proof of Concept for Office Writer Solution at Mercer

• Reengineered SQL so that reports would generate in a timely fashion despite tables with 500 million records.

• Wrote C# code for the BenCalX and Client Reports Project at Mercer

• Created a sales information application using C# and the SAP Web Portal for MedLine.

• Worked in all layers of the PetShop 3.0 architected solution.

• Rewrote every existing Stored Procedure that was being migrated to the new application.

• Educated employees on best practices for SQL Server.

• Used third Party Tools, Crystal Report Server 10 and ASPOSE to create pdf’s.

• Created a POC for Mercer’s Office Writer solution for Retirement Studio Application

• Created an eloquent solution for reporting for BenCalX application at Mercer, using C#, SSRS, T-SQL and Word Writer.

• Optimizing and Fixing T-SQL for latest version of Retirement Studio

• Client Reports project utilized my skills in C#, T-SQL, SSRS and CSLA Design Pattern.

2000 - Present Monforti Solutions Park Ridge IL


• SQL stored procedures to export data from Raiser’s Edge to SQL Server

• Migrated sites from asp to .NET using C# and ASP.NET.

• Resold the shopping cart engine to interested parties.

• Consulted other parties on how to advertise their website.

• Wrote custom code for specific needs of other websites.

• Engineered flash movies to give me real time information of activity on the site.

• Created reports for Sales Tax and Capital Gains tax.

• Reduced advertising budget 10% annually with out effecting sales

• Created a VB program to read online price guide and do all data entry.

• Website creates flat file for importing into Quicken and PC-Charge

• Website interfaces with FedEx, UPS, and USPS for automatic shipping manifests and customer package tracking.

• Gather data from customers to understand usability.

• Continuous improvements made for look and feel.

• Coordinated 100’s of ads and registered website on search engines.

• Selected and spent $1,000’s on internet based advertising.

• Implemented security with Thawte CV certificate.

• Created functional E-commerce website during a 4 day weekend.

• Studied the impact of Better Business Bureau, BizRate and ScanAlert on sales.

2004 - 2007 PowerUser Buffalo Grove IL

Web Architect

• Coded sales leader board with C# using AJAX.

• Implemented Hosted Exchange.

• Negotiated for an average of 20% savings from solution providers.

• Estimated costs and assigned resources for projects.

• Managed a project to upgrade our control panel from c-panel to PEM.

• Researched and selected best technology for each solution.

• Scheduled meetings and engaged necessary parties company wide.

• Promoted to Interim Director of IS from .Net Web Architect.

• Code Review for all projects.

• Architect for on all projects

• Created Project Briefs for all projects.

• Prioritized Internal and external projects.

• Instituted new procedures for Version control and promotion of code cutting the down time to market of revision as much as 50%.

• Instituted naming conventions so that offshore programmers would write code that was more readable and cut down the learning curve of new hires.

• ROI analysis for Hosted Exchange, Hosted SharePoint and Web Hosting.

• Created Development and Production SQL Server 2003 databases for all web applications.

• Researched several control panels providers.

• Created a shopping cart to resell to our web hosting customers using C# and ASP.Net.

• Created a web site for our phone carrier which allowed telephone customers to view their long distance calls online in C#.NET and ASP.NET.

• Created project plans for off shore team for deployment.

• Researched Marketing Ideas for selling our new Hosted Exchange Product

• Launched, created and administrated all SharePoint web sites.

• Led a small offshore team to complete asset management project.

• Hired to take over asset management software project for a Cisco reseller written in and ASP.NET.

1999 - 2004 Tellabs Inc Naperville, IL

Staff System Specialist

• Completed an ASP.NET project for HR.

• Created a C#.NET application for table PC’s for deployment engineers site survey which saved 2 hours or more on every job.

• Interfaced old Cold Fusion application with .NET and BIZTALK.

• Provided ROI data and coordinated 11 employees to be trained at DePaul on .NET.

• Studied the benefits of moving SAP to a Windows Server deployment

• Lent to ClickCommerce team to help with writing custom VB.NET application

• Added new product lines to the DSS project, which entails VB, RainMaker and ORACLE reworks.

• Represented GIS in requirements gathering phase of new projects

• Documented known differences in browsers for other web teams.

• Created procedures for best coding practices specific to BroadVision Code.

• Redesigned ORACLE and SQL/SERVER databases for quicker queries.

• Rewrote UNIX scripts to increase performance of the portal.

• Wrote various pieces of BroadVision code in a support role for the portal.

• Took over all of code promotion for the team, including code reviews.

• Closed issues that either the consultants did not do or that were not in the original scope.

• Learned the fundamentals of creating and testing of Verity collections

• Instrumental in getting knowledge from consultants for Tellabs’ portal project written in BroadVision’s flavored JSP.

• Database architect for Tellabs’ CompConnect project which was critical for company-wide bonuses and pay raises.

• Took over online configuration project, which used ASP, VB, MTS, IIS, COM, DCOM, WORD server, SAP/3 RFC Calls and ORACLE to save Deployment Engineers hours on creating work instructions for installers.

• Used Crystal Reports 7 to create reports

• Promoted to Staff System Specialist from Lead System Specialist in Dec 2000.

• Educated peers with a Cold Fusion class during lunches.

• Integrated new applications into the portal.

• Managed VSS so that our support team and the other application teams could work on common code. Keeping code freezes to a minimum and insuring old code does not make it into development stream

• Created Material Master Application in Cold Fusion with Informix backend to keeps materials from getting to SAP without proper approval.

• While on Tellabs first web project, led the three person team to create a website that allowed read only access to SAP.

1997 – 1999 PowerUser Wheeling, IL

Senior Programmer

• Created many small internal web applications for employees.

• Configured NT servers with IIS 4 and SQL Server

• Wrote e-Commerce site for Baker and Taylor in a consulting role.

• Used a combination of ASP and VB for an email maintenance website for PowerUser’s ISP customers.

• Crystal Reports 5

Education 1992 Loyola University Chicago, IL

• B.S., Business Management.

Additional Education 1999 DePaul University Chicago, IL

• Web Developer Suite.

2003 DePaul University Chicago, IL

• .NET Developer Suite.

2007-Presemt DePaul University Chicago, IL

MBA Software Engineering.

Interests Cubs’ Season Ticket Holder. Bowled three Perfect Games