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RF Level III

Phoenix, Arizona, 85043, United States
March 19, 2012
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**** * **** **, *******, AZ, *****469-***-****


I am a Telecommunications Professional with 25 years of highly skilled experience. I am a hands on leader in

engineering, commissioning, testing, troubleshooting, and installation on large scale fiber optic, microwave radio and cellular projects for Fujitsu, MCI/Worldcom, JEFA International, Nortel Networks, and Alcatel-Lucent.

Recognition for attention to detail, adherence to standards and expert technical background. I am resourceful and creative. I enjoy challenges and overcoming obstacles. I have excellent interpersonal and customer relations skills. I have been a project leader with a proven record of quality job completions.


25 years of experience in analog and digital electronics relating to telecommunications equipment.

18 years field work testing fiber optic, microwave radio and cellular equipment. Testing on channel banks,

multiplexers, modems, network elements, transmitters, receivers, and associated equipment. Turnkey install

and testing on many microwave radio systems. Testing on Nortel Networks OC-48/192 fiber optic ring systems.

EVDO upgrade on Nortel Metrocell CDMA cellular equipment. RXAIT install and test with GSM and UMTS.

7 years test and repair on microwave radio, fiber optic, satellite equipment and related digital products down to component level. DS-1 to DS-3, OC3 to OC192. Test and repair on analog and digital headend cable television equipment. Audio and video transmission experience. Cellular installation and commissioning.

Have used a wide variety of test equipment such as Hewlett-Packard, T-Bird, Firebird 6000, Phoenix 5575A, Tektronix, Anritsu, JDSU-5000, Tau Tron, W&G-MLA, and Motorola. Used for different applications.

Attended training and certification classes on the following equipment and related products:

Cellular: Microwave radio: Lightwave:

Nortel Metrocell CDMA Fujitsu DMR and SSB Fujitsu 405, 810 and 1800 Mb/s.

Alcatel 5000 and 8000 Nortel Networks OC-12/48 SLAT.

Alcatel/Lucent 9500 Nortel Networks Optera OC-192.


• Full turnkey installation and testing on Alcatel 8000/9500 radios for Verizon Wireless. These are microwave

radio ring networks in conjunction with Fujitsu fiber optic multiplexer equipment at many sites.

• Installation and testing Nortel CDMA cellular equipment. Commissioning and testing radio carrier additions.

EVDO upgrade and DOM integration. Worked with main MTX switch troubleshooting T1’s and alarms.

• Traveled to MCI facilities to do complete testing and troubleshooting on microwave radio and fiber systems.

Alternate access interconnects with local carriers. Worked on southern and west coast fiber backbone routes.

Overbuild testing on existing routes. Full acceptance testing with alarm verification.

• Lead technician in test and repair lab on fiber optic transmission equipment for Fujitsu America Inc.

Traveled to test and troubleshoot new systems. Technical support and customer assistance.

• Network technician at a long distance alternate access provider over a microwave radio network. DS-1, DS-3

testing and troubleshooting. System maintenance, channel overbuilds and customer assistance.

• Local and national travel to do complete turnkey work for JEFA International. Active in areas of surveying, planning, engineering, install, test and acceptance. This included several different digital and analog radios.

Justice Dept. contract for Border Patrol microwave communications network. Motorola two-way for vehicles.

• Installation and testing RXAIT Andrew equipment that combines 850 & 1900 GSM ,WCDMA and

UMTS for AT&T/Cingular Wireless. Troubleshooting on 2206 Ericsson GSM cellular equipment.

• Project leader responsible for coordination, install, testing, cut-over and acceptance on a 4 hop, 8 radio

system for U.S. Cellular. Maintained system integrity on a live network with no outages during integration.

• Test and repair on head-end audio/video equipment for cable television leader General Instruments.

• Commissioning and testing optical linear and ring systems for Nortel Networks. OC-3 through OC-192.

Worked with MOR amplifiers and DWDM’s. Project leader in Los Angeles and New York City.


June 2011-present MW Radio Technician III Mycom Holcomb Bridge Rd, Roswell, GA

Added and tested new T-1 circuits over microwave radio and fiber at AT&T sites in the western

Region of the United States. The radio’s were mainly ALU 9500 with some Harris that ran thru

Adtran muxes at the drain site of the cellular cluster. The fiber equipment was Fujisu.

Nov 2009-April 2011 Cellular Consultant Oxford Global 100 Cummings, Beverly, MA

AWS and PCS overlay radio installations on Nortel CDMA BTS equipment for Cricket cellular.

T-1 installation, testing and troubleshooting. DOM additions and script initializing for EVDO.

Complete testing and troubleshooting cellular equipment working with main MTX or NOC.

Feb 2008-July 2009 RF Technician Total Com Systems Harrisburg, PA

Full turnkey installation and testing on microwave radio ring networks for Verizon Wireless.

Tested Alcatel 8000 and 9500 radios in a ring configuration. T-1 installation and testing.

Fujitsu fiber optic multiplexer testing. System integration with Verizon switch personnel.

July 2007-Feb 2008 Cellular Consultant Oxford Global 100 Cummings, Beverly, MA

Cellular and microwave radio work on U.S. Cellular sites in Nebraska. Nortel CDMA cellular

equipment. Harris and Lynx radio maintenance and new hop turn-up. T-1 and DS3 cross patching

and testing between multiplexers and radios. Cut-over to new fiber optics route. E911 testing.

Oct 2006-July 2007 Cellular Technician Nortel Networks 2400 Lakeside, Richardson, TX

Supervised projects in Texas and Oklahoma for Sprint, Cricket and Pocket cellular on Nortel CDMA.

Installations, cutovers, commissioning, DOM integration, drive testing, T-1 & alarm troubleshooting.

Dec 2005-Oct 2006 Wireless Technician SelecTek 1000 Mansell Exchange, Alpharetta, GA

Installation and testing Andrews RXAIT equipment in conjunction with vendor’s cellular equipment.

Troubleshooting RF paths to clear alarms and optimize the cellular equipment. Diplexer, Duplexer,

and Dual Duplexers used with the RXAIT to combine the separate RF signals onto main antenna’s.

Completed large markets for AT&T and Cingular wireless with the launch of the WCDMA/UMTS.

Nov 2004-Nov 2005 Wireless Technician Ajilon Telecom 970 Peachtree Blvd., Suwannee, GA

Installation and testing on Nortel CDMA cellular equipment. MFRM-2 radio additions and EVDO

DOM upgrade on over 300 cellular sites in large markets for Sprint. T-1 installation and testing.

July 2003-Oct 2004 Field Technician Butler Telecom 9202 W. Royal Lane, Irving, TX

Carrier additions on Nortel CDMA BTS. Installed MFRM-2 radio’s, duplexers, battery strings, rectifiers

and circuit packs. At some sites completely replaced Legacy equipment with a new Nortel Metrocell BTS.

Using Vortex software commissioned or configured the new carrier to specifications for individual sites.

T-Mobile retrofit project on GSM equipment in Oklahoma, Indiana, and New York.

Aug 2001-May 2003 Field Services Technician Dycom Telecom 107 Nolan, Broussard, LA

Microwave radio DS3 upgrades and testing on Verizon Wireless and Cingular Wireless cellular systems. Added

DS3 channel banks and cross connects with associated cableing. Tested new DS-3’s across one or several hops,

Maintenance checks on IF, RF output and spectrum bandwidth. Power amplifier output level adjustment.

Oct 1998-June 2001 Field Test Technician Nortel Networks 2400 Lakeside, Richardson, TX

Fiber optic testing on Nortel lightwave equipment. Worked on OC-48/OC-192 in different configurations on the

MCI/Worldcom , Williams Communications and Level 3 accounts. Commissioned Network Elements in new

builds that were part of local or multi-state systems using MOR amplifiers and DWDM’s. 24 hour BER testing.

Site Team Leader on projects in Los Angeles and New York City. Pride Award for completion of NYC job.


Nov 1997-Sept 1998 Test Technician General Instruments 1313 Capitol Pkwy, Carrollton, TX

Testing, troubleshooting and repair on head-end cable television audio/video equipment. Test bench working on

new units in a production facility. Satellite and anti-piracy scrambling technology. Modulating video processors.

Worked with engineers to enhance existing testing procedures. Worked in Quality Assurance pre-shipping.

Aug 1993-Sept 1997 Field Services Engineer JEFA International 1108 Dobie Drive, Plano, TX

Full turn-key installation and test on analog and digital radio systems. Completed a five site microwave radio

project for the FAA in Atlantic City, NJ. Several one and two hop microwave jobs for U.S. Cellular and Cellular

One. Project leader on large radio change out on a live system for U.S. Cellular. No outages incurred while doing

install, hanging new antennas with new lines and alignment. Hot cut over at night to new radio’s on 4 hops over

one week while maintaining system integrity. Full system BER testing and alarm verification before acceptance.

Two-way and and microwave radio work on Justice Dept. contract for the U.S. Border Patrol.

Sept 1989-May 1993 Field Test Technician Butler Telecom 9212 West Royal Lane, Irving, TX

Long haul fiber optic transmission testing on MCI’s main southern backbone from El Paso to Los Angeles.

Responsible for complete testing and troubleshooting on Fujitsu 405 & 810 LTE’s and Add/Drop Regen sites.

Complete site testing of generators, site alarms, downloads to equipment, and setting orderwire levels.

Tested overbuilds on existing backbone from Florida to Houston. Worked in Alternate Access dept. to test fiber

optic and microwave radio. This work was nationwide interfacing MCI’s network with a local carrier.


Feb 1985-Aug 1989 Test & Repair Technician Fujitsu America 1100 E. Campbell, Richardson, TX

First job after technical school. Started as a Technician I tested car mounted cell phones in a production setting.

Microwave radio testing at a modular level. Single sideband and 6 GHZ digital tested at a simulated system

level in racks before shipping to MCI. As a Technician II tested fiber equipment at a component level.

Moved into new building and set up a test and repair lab. Lead technician testing all fiber optic equipment

returned from customers and repairing them. Traveled to test fiber systems in West Virginia and Baltimore.


Nortel Networks

• S/DMS Transportnode User Interface and OAM&P.

• S/DMS Transportnode OC-48 Ring SLAT.

• OC-192 Sytem Overview.

• S/DMS Accessnode Technical Overview.

• Universal SLAT Process.

• In Charge Training Course.

• CDMA Theory-Customized.

• Metrocell O&M-Customized.

• BSSM OA&M-Customized.

• BSC Operations & Maintenance.

• BSSM Navigation-Customized.

• Course FS 550 Metro Cell Overview & Installation.

• Course FS 550 Metrocell Commissioning and Testing.

• Course FS 515 Base Station Controller Commissioning.

Fujitsu America

• 405 Light Transmission Equipment and Digital Signal Processing

• System Training and Troubleshooting 405 Optical Equipment.

• 810 Light Transmission Equipment and Digital Signal Processing

• System Training and Troubleshooting 810 Optical Equipment

• Operations and Maintenance Single Side Band Microwave Radio

• Operations and Maintenance 6 Gigahertz Digital Radio.

Alcatel Networks

• MDR 5000 Operations and Maintenance.

• MDR 5000 Alarm and Control Systems and Digital Support System.

• MPR 9500 Operations and Maintenance.


National Institute of Technology. 1119 West 5th Street, Des Moines, IA

Associates Degree-Electronics Engineering Technology.

Graduated January 1985. Member of school student council.

Certification training by the manufacturer on different types of

fiber optic, microwave radio, and cellular equipment.

My income requirements are reasonable and negotiable depending upon

the responsibilities and opportunities presented.


Alan Green Cricket Level III Sr. Field Technician 210-***-****

Joe Salomon U.S. Cellular Regional Mgr. 308-***-****

Gerald Lanier Nortel Networks Wireless Team Leader 404-***-****

Dan Cox Nortel Networks Installation and Test 513-***-****