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Lab Technician, GC/MS Analyst

United States
July 30, 2010
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OBJECTIVE Laboratory Technician-GC/MS Operator


* Analyzed organic compounds to determine chemical and physical properties, composition and structure, utilizing gas chromatography/mass spectrometry detection (GC/MSD) techniques

* Calibrated, maintained and performed in-house repair of GC/MSD systems, Purge and Trap Concentrators and Autosamplers, including MSD Source cleaning, tuning and optimizing systems for specific analyses saving company a lot of money on service calls

* Set up Mobile Laboratories on number of Superfund sites for US EPA Emergency Response Team preparing analytical instrumentation and extraction equipment for analyses which greatly reduce the cost of operations by eliminating shipping of samples

* Developed and customized analytical methods and processes, generated potentially explosive reagents to perform analyses in the field conditions

* Provided Remediation Team every morning with accurate result to avoid costly delays in heavy machinery operation


* NELAC (National Environmental Laboratories Accreditation Commission) certified Organic Analyst

* Analytical Report Writer

* Data Validator


Organic Analytical Chemist

Lockheed Martin Co., Inc. 1999-2009

* Conducted NELAC Certified Semivolatile and Volatile analyses of environmental and tissue matrices on GC/MSD systems for US EPA Emergency Response Team using US EPA Methods

* Completed full analytical reports of above mentioned analyses and submitted to US EPA ERT to be used as evidence in a Court of Law

GC, GC/MSD Analyst

Roy F. Weston, Inc. 1990-1999

* Prepared standards and reagents for laboratory personnel to conduct organic analyses

* Conducted Pesticide/PCB and Semivolatile analyses of environmental and tissue matrices on GC and GC/MSD systems using US EPA Methods


- Homogenized and analyzed plant and animal tissue for variety of analyses


B.S. Technology, Odessa, Ukraine

Hewlett Packard Certificate of Achievement: Techniques of GC. Atlanta, GA.


- HP 5890 GC/ECD, 5995 GC/MS - Dionex SFE, ASE-200

- Agilent 6890 GC/ECD, 6972, 73, 75 GC/MSD - Zymar GPC

- Tekmar 3000 Purge and Trap - Archon Autosampler

- Archon Autosampler - Tekmar Stratum Purge and Trap

- Tekmar Solatek 72 Autosampler - O/I Eclipse Purge and Trap

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