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Oil Refining/Terminal Foreman

Austin, Texas, 78753, United States
$13.00 to $15.00 per hour
August 30, 2010
Contact Info:

John L. Jones, Jr.
*** **** ****** **** ******* #89
Austin, Texas 78753
(318) ***‐****
 Dedicated, service‐focused professional seeking a challenging position that will advance and utilize my
talents,skills, and expertise.
 Highly motivated to work with a company and team in an industrial, construction, refinery, factory, or
offshore environment.
 Reliable worker with the ability to quickly learn new concepts and skills.
 Backed by a solid work history, reputation as a team player and passion for working with others to
achieve company goals.
 Background includes over 10 years of loyal work with the same company in the oil refinery industry
with 4 promotions during service to company.
 Maintained 4 years supervisory experience.
April 2000 – January 2010 Ergon Refinery, Inc. Vicksburg,MS
1/2010‐3/2008 Terminal Foreman/Leadman, (Promoted 2008)
 Supervised Process Oil Operator, Shift Loader, Pool Operator, Assistant Operator, Scale House Clerk.
 Troubleshoot all Terminal Yard or Scale House Problems.
 Trained Process Oil Operator, Shift Loader, and Pool Operator.
 Insured trucks, rail‐cars, barges are loaded or unloaded properly and promptly..
 Signed off on Truck, Rail‐car, and Barge training paperwork.
 Provided “hands‐on” supervision where I assisted workers when needed.
 Assisted with “Special Projects” as instructed by Refinery Supervisor.
 Maintained close communication with Refinery Supervisor, Lab, Scale House Clerk, and Dockmaster.
 Wrote work orders and work permits
 Evaluated improvements of Process Oil Operator, Shift Loader and Assistant Operator.
 Notify United States Coast Guards before any barge activities.
 Assist Construction, Electricians, and Mechanics with work load as needed.
 Worked 12 hour shifts under “all” weather conditions
 Available for work 24/7/365 for in case of call‐ins.
 Communicated with Supervisory team via Email System as well as Face‐to‐Face concerning “Special
Projects” and workers progress.
 Commended on high work ethic and good technical skills.
3/2008 ‐ 4/2006 Process Oil Operator (Promoted 2006)
 Loaded/Off loaded Tanker Trucks.
 Conducted Tank to Tank transfers.
 Tested, Read, and Adjusted Boiler.
 Read and Adjusted Air Compressor
 Gauged and Sampled Storage Tanker
 Supervised Shift Loader and Pool Operator.
 Drove shuttle to remove rail‐cars
 PH tested and released Outfall water.
 Completed all Computer‐Based Training Classes as well as other training classes according to Refinery
 Commended on dependability, multi‐tasking, great communication skills and ability to work with
4/2006 – 1/2004 Shift Loader (Promoted 2004)
 Loaded/Off Loaded Rail Car Tankers
 Gauged Tanks and Rail‐Car Tankers
 Tank to tank transfers
 Moved Rail‐cars with Shuttle wagon
 General labor
 Completed all computer‐based training classes for this position as well as other training classes
according to Refinery Standards
 Commended on dependability, being a quick‐study, and computer skills.
1/2004‐12/2000 Pool Operator (Promoted 2001)
 Loaded/off‐loaded barges
 Conducted Innage and Ullage Gauging
 Gauged tanks
 Painted
 General labor
 Computer Training for this position as well as other training classes according to Refinery standards
 Commended on multi‐tasking, computer skills, ability to work with others, and work enthusiasm.
12/2000‐4/2000 Utility Maintenance
 Maintained Fire Watching
 Cleaned oil spills in water and on land
 Conducted Grinding
 Cleaned Storage tanks
 Washed cars
 General labor
August 1998 – March 2000 Doug’s IGA Supermarket Tallulah, Louisiana
3/2000‐ 5/1999 Inventory/Stocker (Promoted 1999)
 Maintain Inventory and count of assigned aisle.
 Assist customers with located grocery items.
 Stock shelves.
 Report all information including discrepancies to Shift manager
5/1999 – 8/1998 Bagger
 Bagged grocery items
 Located items for customers
 Maintained excellent customer service
June 1998 – August 1998 and June 1997 – August 1997 Hammond Boating Company Hammond,
Summer 1998 and 1997 Maintenance Worker
 Washed Boats
 Cleaned motors
 Assisted with heavy lifting and mechanical work
 General labor
 10/2008‐Present: All People’s Outreach, Inc. (Community‐Based Youth Center), Volunteer Youth
 4/2000‐Present: Louisiana State Fire Academy
 6/2000‐Present: Mississippi State Fire Academy
 Computer Skills MS Word, Internet applications, other Word‐processing programs, and Data entry
 Operating Forklifts, Bobcats, Boats, and Front‐end loaders
 Boat and Water Safety
 Confined Spaces Training
 Fire Fighting Training (Louisiana State Fire Academy and Mississippi State Fire Academy)
 First Responder
 USCG Equipment Deployment
 Lockout/Tagout
 Terminal Process Training
 24 Hour Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response
 Fire Extinguisher Training
 SCBA Training
 MSDS Training
 Spill Management Training
 Available for all shifts, extended hours, weekends, and travel.
 References available on request