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Houston, Texas, 77001, United States
January 08, 2009
Contact Info:


Sr. Consultant (SAP BI/BW)

Summary of Experience:-

• 10 years of IT experience in ERP leveraging skills in SAP-R/3/BI7.0/BW3.5/ABAP/4 in functional areas SD,MM,PP,PM,PS,SN and FI-CO.

• 5 1/2 years of NW BI7.0/BW3.5 - 2 full implementations.

• Certified in SAP BPC 5.1 at SAP knowledge development center.

• Excellent communication, presentation, interpersonal and analytical skills.

• Project scoping: Requirements, interaction with functional and business users, work effort analysis, work estimation, scheduling, Solution design, development, deployment, RTP planning, manual tasks during post RTP phase etc. Work estimation, delegation of responsibilities among team members, team sizing, status reporting, Project management tools like Primavera, QC mercury tools for SIT, BIT, issue tracking, resolution and follow up. Assigning tickets, distribution of issues for resolution of defects during testing.

• Change management process through approval process and prioritization of issues and show stoppers.

• Managing go live support and post go live activities and warranty support. Design presentation, system architecture, sizing ( Servers based on DB size transaction volume). Naming conventions based on functional areas, company standards, company policies etc,. Managed several KT sessions to support teams in regions NA, EMEA, APJ and business user training for reports execution. Managed off shore teams in India, China and Mexico to get the project deliverables on time across geographies, advantage of getting work done round the clock to meet the SLAs in time to the partners.

• Worked extensively as a Techno Functional Analyst evaluating user requirements, converting business requirement documents (BRD) to Application design document (ADD), designed, developed end to end application by leveraging expertise in BI7.0/BW3.5 in functional areas SD, MM, CS and FI-CO.

• In-depth understanding of BI/BW functionality from a functional and developer’s perspective in the areas like inventory management, purchasing, vendor analysis, vendor inventory management in MM, Orders management in SD, Service notification, Customer Service, Reverse logistics, Sales and Demand planning(APO) and CRM environment.

• Architecting and implementing ETL/EDW concepts to acquire data from R/3 and partners by using external scheduling tools like TIDAL for incoming data to BI and from BI to partners by leveraging the Open hub technology in BI. Experienced in writing Technical specifications from Functional Specifications with good interactive skills with Business Analysts and users.

• Scheduling of data loads like critical master data, non critical master data, transaction data with respective to staging, transformation and data mart layers, based on dependencies to meet SLAs of the customer.

• Designing & developing BEX queries, Workbooks involving Structures, Cell definitions, User exits, exceptions, conditions in BI7.0/BW Queries for SD, MM, FI and HR. Experienced in Visual Composer/ WAD.

• In Depth knowledge of BI/BW 7.0 in areas like Data Warehousing Workbench, Data Store Objects, Enhanced Info Set, Virtual Providers, Remodeling, Unit of Measure Conversion, Transformation Groups, Transformation(Start Routine, End Routine), Info Package, Data Transfer Process and new functionalities in Process Chains.

• Experienced in enhancing the business content extractors, Generic extractors for Transaction data, Master data extracts in SD, PM, PP and CS. Loading data from R/3 system from application specific data sources, generic data sources for master data, transaction data and flat file from third party systems to info cubes and DSO.

• New Extract structures using LO Cockpit which includes the functionalities like maintaining the extract structures, data sources, activating updates and Controlling V3 updates. Installing and Activating of Business Content wherever necessary as per the requirement. Experienced in coding for Generic data extractors, Customer exits and SAP Enhancements. Involved in the technical upgrade from BW 3.5 to SAP BI 7 like PREPARE and R3UP. Involved in MTP Activities and Production Support for several releases. Experience in creating Test Scripts/ Mercury QA tools and End User Documentation.

• Creating user authorization to Info cubes/ Roles and assigning various roles to Report trees. Creating and maintaining Aggregates & Statistics, Performance tuning for Queries and Loading. Supporting with good troubleshooting skills in BW global implementations.

EDUCATION: - Bachelor of Engineering.

SAP Technical skills: -

ERP/BI : SAP R/3 ECC 5/4.7/4.6C, SD, MM, CS, FI-CO, NW BI7/BW3.5/3.0B & BPC5.1

Languages : ABAP/4

Database : Oracle 10.2/9i, Informix, IBMDB2

Operating Systems : Windows-XP, NT/98/95.

Others : Mercury QC tool, Lotus notes, Microsoft Outlook, MS Office etc,.

Work Experience:-

HP, Houston, TX, USA Techno Functional Consultant Jul’06 to Aug’08.

Modules : SD, MM, CS, PM, FI-CO

Environment : BI 7.0, BW3.5, ECC5.

Project profile:- Implemented BI 7.0/BW3.5 for HP’s global operations covering Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific with SAP ECC5.0

BI 7.0/BW3.5 Experience:-

Worked as a Techno functional consultant, evaluated user requirements, converted the Business requirement documents (BRD) to Application Design Document (ADD), designed and developed application by leveraging ABAP/4 programming skills and functional expertise.

• Designed and developed Enterprise Data Warehousing concepts in all areas of BW/BI7.0 to maximize the efficiency of loading cycle and meeting the SLAs of HP partners.

• Worked on Data modeling in BI/BW with Data Warehousing Workbench Info Objects, Info Sources, real-time Info Cubes, Multi-providers, Aggregates, Data store objects, Transfer Structures, Installing & Activating Business Content, coding in Transformations, Info sets and Data Sources.

• Implemented Data Warehousing concepts in all areas of BW/BI7.0 to maximize the efficiency of loading cycle and meeting the SLAs of HP partners. Worked on remodeling of info cubes BI to add the characteristics & key figures etc. Coded ABAP/4 wherever necessary in extractor enhancements and BI DTP transformations like start routine, end routine.

• Expertise in OLTP extractions from SAP R/3 using BI content in areas like LO Cockpit, CO-PA, FI-GL/4, FI AR/AP, Generic extractions and extracted data from the flat files.

• Extensively worked on Open hub destinations in BI (Outbound) and developed Info Spokes code BADI transformation to send files to HP’s several partner systems.

• Developed custom programs to fix problems in the upgrade project from BW3.5 to BI 7.0.

• Extensively worked on data loading using Process chains and Job scheduling by using external scheduling tool.

• Developed loading strategies for loading Daily loads, Weekly loads & Monthly loads for critical master data and non critical master data based on the dependencies like Master data, transaction data for layered architecture.

• Involved in MTP activities for several releases.

BW Sales & Distribution:

• Designed and developed several BEX Queries in SD-Order Management, Customer service and Reverse logistics areas as per the Business requirement.

• Used NW Visual Composer (BI7.0) to create report on transactional data sourcing from multiple systems.

• Good exposure WAD for dashboards by using analysis and planning services.

• Designed and developed the modeling for Backorder processing (Order management) and extract for Loan Management tool for HP. Presented several KT sessions to the Global support teams.

BW Purchasing:

• Configured the Info cube Purchasing Groups (0PUR_C04) to analyze the buying activities of purchasing (buyer) groups by obtaining how many documents, document items, and document schedule lines have been created by the purchasing group.

• Purchasing Data enhanced with Account Assignment Category and Assignment (Cost Centre/WBS/IO) by enhancing the communication structures MCEKKO/MCEKPO using enhancements in customer exit like LEINS001, RSAP001 to extract transaction data and Master data for appended structures.

• Loaded data through different levels of ODS for Purchase order and deliveries. Loaded data into Cube with auto update from different levels of ODS to which data is fed from flat files for sales order and deliveries. ABAP code was incorporated in update rules to check the conditions like status of the delivery completion, sales order quantity and overall status of the sales order.

• Logistics Extraction Cockpit: Maintained extract structures for Purchasing, Inventory and Sales & Distribution. Generated data sources & activated the extract structures for the above modules. Scheduled data loads.

Upgrade BW 3.5 to BI 7:

• Involved in PREPARE Phase that includes: Validating BW Data Dictionary and Database Data Dictionary for consistency/Remove unnecessary BW temporary database objects/Validate BW Objects for correctness prior to upgrade/Ensure DB Statistics are up to date/Check BW Support Package status /Check all ‘Repairs’/Check Info Object status etc.

• Involved in Pre ‘R3UP’ that includes: Cease administrative tasks/Remove unnecessary BW temporary database objects etc.

• Post upgrade (R3UP) tasks that include: Regenerate ABAP loads/Re-check BW Object and consistency/Check Info Cube views for consistency etc.

ASHLAND CHEMICALS, OH, USA BW Techno Functional July’05 to June’06.

Modules : SD, MM, PP.

Environment : BW 3.5, R/3 Enterprise Version.

Project profile:- Implementation of BW 3.5 as major reporting tool integrated with SAP R/3 Enterprise version as backend, covering Ashland Chemicals Global operations like North America, South America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

BW Sales & Distribution:

• Actively participated in the Interface Architecture Team for integrating Vendavo Pricing tool with BW using Web methods. Created sales, product margin & profitability analysis reports using data from BW Info cubes.

• Developed ODS object, Info sets and multi cubes for the COPA with Sales order to suit the query requirement.

• Extraction of data from SAP R3 for various info cubes including Sales Center performance data, Statistical Key Figures info cube, Regional Sales, Sales Overview Info cube, Customer Data Info cube, Material Data info cube, Corporate View Info cube and various other info cubes.

• Created Process chains for ‘Nightly loads of Pricing data’ from R/3 to Daily ODS in BW and developed the necessary ABAP Code for event trigger at the end of the process chain.

• Created the process chains for: Prepare Daily ODS objects, Nightly Sales - Load Sales Order to Cube, Nightly Sales - Load Delivery to Cube, Nightly Sales - Load Billing to Cube, Nightly Sales - Load Condition to Cube.

• Developed ABAP Code for user exits in BW for Global variables, update rules, transfer rules and start routines etc. Developed custom cube for statuses of sales order quantity, delivery quantity completion and overall status of sales order.

• Developed code for a custom extractor for Pricing master data delta extraction to ODS by modifying the function module RSA3_GEN_GET_DATA. Dealt extensively with ROOSGEN, ROOSFIELD and ROOSOURCE tables while creating the Generic data source. Developed result set queries for pricing queries.

Delphi Auto, Troy, MI, USA BW Techno Functional May’04 to Jun’05

Modules : MM, SD, BW/SEM BPS, FI, HR.

Environment : BW 3.0B, SEM/BPS, R/3 4.6C.

Project profile:- Implementation of BW 3.0 B as major reporting tool (front end) integrated with SAP R/3 4.6C (back end) covering Delphi’s worldwide operations like North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.


• Defining planning layouts, planning areas and planning functions in SEM-BPS to convert into group currency and to edit Top-Down distributed values product related distributed inter company revenues (and costs allocations) in relationship to the consolidated profit (P&L) of the relevant BU.

• Workout of a BW data structure (Data modeling: PSA, ODS as modification structure, Info Cube as BPS source for all regions with a common planning area)

• Development of global group reporting for Purchase Controlling as BPS Web Application with BW-Queries.

• Comparison of price changes considering currency influences.

• Defining key figures and characteristics, Info Cubes (basis and transactional, multi planning area BPS) and ODS

• Programming of BW-User-Exits, to convert into group currency, across USD as reference currency using the method „before Aggregation“ to eliminate currency influences in the break down

• Automatic distribution with BPS Hierarchy of non distributed prices changes


• Worked extensively on evaluating user requirements in the areas like Absenteeism management, payroll, postings, auditing and coming up with appropriate design, which sometimes involved mixing data from SAP and non-SAP sources.

• Dealt with info cube, data sources, info sources for payroll data, posting documents and Auditing information and payroll data and extracted the data from SAP R/3.

• Designed and developed several Queries and Workbooks.

• Developed BEX queries involving structures, cell definitions, user exits, exceptions and conditions.

• Used extensively ABAP/4 in user exits for variables in BEX.

• Developed charts and graphs based on the historical data available in queries for HR.

• Developed reports named Total controllable absenteeism, Historical chart, Monthly absenteeism, Percent available hours report, Monthly absence report, Weekly absence report by department, Daily absence report and GMEIS 2460 report for HR. Used RSRT and BEX Analyzer (RRMX), BEX query designer and analyzer.

• Created variables and used in user exits to populate the data and year for various user requirements.

• Designed cubes 72 WEEK, AMIS_2460, CHRON for Absenteeism management in HR module.

• Used update rules extensively to convert the business rules of Delphi, e.g. to group the personnel areas to company codes.

• Used ABAP/4 code in transfer rules extensively to convert the company code to clients naming conventions etc.

• Experienced in loading data from flat file to cube.

• Created process chains for scorecard processing various applications to monitor the productivity.

• Experienced troubleshooting in areas like loading data, doubling of data in cubes regarding the applications like PFEP, Scorecard, Absenteeism management system etc.

• Created ODS to solve the data doubling issue. Developed a report for COPA in profitability analysis.

International Paper, Memphis, TN BW developer Sept’03 to Apr ‘04

Modules : PS, MM, SD and FI

Environment : BW 3.1O, R/3 4.7

Project profile:- Implementation of BW covering client’s world wide operations. Major customization of Project systems extractors for BW requirements involving mainly on the back end (R/3) and BW 3.1O development and customization to cater the business requirements.

Tasks performed in BW:

• Developed code, tested and delivered for the following Transaction data extractors.

Enhanced Business content extractors data sources like 0CO_OM_WBS_1, 0CO_OM_WBS_2, 0CO_OM_OPA_1. Generic Extractors like ZCMS_IM_PLAN, ZCMS_IM_TRANS, ZCMS_IM_COSTPLAN, ZCMS_SAP_CAPIN, ZCMS_NONSAP_CAPIN, ZCMS_NONSAP_BUDG etc.

• Developed code, tested and delivered for the following Master data extracts.

Enhanced the Business content extractors like 0WBS_ELEMT_ATTR.

Generic Extractors-Attributes like ZBUSINESS, ZWBS_ELEMT_ATTR, ZCMS_PROJ_ATTR_PS,


Generic extractors-Texts like ZCMS_PROJECT_TEXT, ZCMS_ARTYPE.

• Created Data Sources via RSO2 in R/3 using Info Set queries and views, implemented CO-PA, written extraction programs to incorporate the business transformation rules.

• Extracted data from MM modules and uploaded the data into the procurement cubes via 2LIS_02_HDR, 2LIS_02_ITM and 2LIS_02_SCL.

• Developed the Data Sources for the CO-PA on basis of operating concern (Account based or Cost based) and developed ODS objects for the data sources.

• Created Info sources, Info packages and schedulers to extract data from R/3. Programmed user exits for customizations and created transfer rules and update rules for Info Cubes and custom master objects.

• Uploaded Master Data and Transaction Data from flat files. Analyzed Info Cubes (via RSRV) created and maintained aggregates (RSDDV) to improve the performance.

• Created respective update rules with necessary update routines. ABAP code written for certain condition to be depicted in the cube like statuses. ABAP code incorporated in different stages like Global routine.

• Created the Info sources and scheduled several data uploads like initialization with delta updates. Monitored the scheduled background jobs.

• Worked extensively on BEX Analyzer. Created queries using BW-Reporting Variables, Navigational attributes and filters. Developed several queries and workbooks using BEX Analyzer according to end users requirement.

Mentored the BW users in handling BEX Analyzer and Browser.

IBM Global Services LTD, India Sr. Programmer (ABAP/4) Apr’03 to Aug’03

Project profile: This is an off shore project by IBM to one of the BM customers, which is the worlds largest petroleum products company having world wide operations, implemented logistics and IS-oil in SAP for their global business applications. My role in 3 tier support team involves gathering requirements, creating requirement analysis documents, business documents, technical documents and coding in ABAP/4 for the CCR’s or PIR’s or TIR’s based on the client’s business.

• Production Performance Report: This report gives at glance information of Production Quantity and raw material consumption’s and product cost per ton of finished product.

• Delivery due List Report: This report gives the detailed information orders to be delivered in due.

• Equipment down Time Report: This report gives the detail list of Equipment down time with full details of total period and description of the down time.

• SAP-Script: Worked with the SAP Script From with multiple potions such as creating, manipulating and formatting documents. Modified SAP Script Styles and layout sets as required by the client. Designed a SAP Script according the client requirement by using paragraphs, pages, windows and page windows. Designed variable windows on a page according to the client requirements. Worked on SAP Script with graphical Format.

• BDC: Worked with BDC in different Methods like Call Transaction and Classical Session Method to up load the following. Material Master: Upload the records of general stores materials. Vendor Master: Changed the addresses and other details of vendors using Session Method. Customer Master: Upload the records of costumer master details.

• ALE: Worked with ALE interfaces to transfer the IDOCs from one client to another client.

Hewlett & Packard, Singapore ABAP/4 Programmer Jan’02 to Jan‘03

Project profile: Project (Name: Fusion) involves major customization of SD module in SAP R/3 to cater the sales and distribution requirement of HP while integrating many legacy systems like OMS, HEART, GALILEO & PIM etc. My role in this project involved in coding in ABAP, testing and transporting to production in sales & distribution module of HP ASIA PACIFIC region. Implemented SAP BW for their corporate reporting in different modules like SD, FI, MM & HR. Role being ranging from configuration of info cubes, ODS, info packages, creating new info objects, coding transfer rules, update rules, start routines, input file validation programs, process chains, data loading etc.

• BW MM: Worked on procurement cube (0PUR_C01) to enhance the BC with specific requirement to the client’s business process. Enhanced the master data to include attributes.

• BW Purchasing: Configured the info cube purchasing groups (0PUR_C04) to analyze the buying activities of purchasing groups by obtaining documents, document items and document scheduling lines that have been created by the purchasing group.

• Coded the update routine to count the different purchasing groups per month as no BEX formula can be used as the purchasing group is a characteristic.

• Purchasing data enhanced with Account Assignment Category and Assignment (Cost Center/WBS/IO) by enhancing the communication structures MCEKKO/MCEKPO using enhancements in customer exit like LEINS001, RSAP001 to enhance transaction data and master data for appended structures.

• Developed ODS for purchase contracts, Purchase Order – Single Document.

• Logistics Extraction Cockpit: Maintained extract structures for Purchasing, Inventory and Sales & Distribution. Generated data sources & activated the extract structures for the above modules. Scheduled data uploads.

• Report program developed for billing block (single/consolidated invoice) removal, which is Pre dependent of Manual invoice program for sub module Manage orders in sales and distribution.

• Developed an Auto invoicing report program to depict the details of orders due for invoicing.

• Created User exit for Credit check before delivery which checks credit limit for the order in another system via RFC Call.

• An inbound interface program developed to take the details of Heart order (from HP legacy System) from a Unix file and update the customized tables in SAP. Validation of the sales order, its items and the related heart order is done and the customized table will be updated accordingly based on the ‘transaction type status’ of the order in Unix file. The user status is also updated in the Sales order at item level.

• Inbound Program for Service items updating: -

An inbound interface program was developed to update the service items in the sales order.

This program reads the status of a trigger table (which is customized table) and updates another customized table (another customized table) based on statuses it has, either Auto Shipping or Auto Delivery.

This program is the interface between two other programs like TT10 and TT52.

• User exit: - This is basically a function exit which was added in an include program in main program.

This will update the customized table if the user presses push button ‘PGI’ to save the Delivery in ‘Vl02’ transaction. Upgrade experience from 4.5B to 4.6C.

• Used LSMW extensively for batch input of sales orders, material master with different plant and different purchase organizations, customer master and purchase order.

GMAC, PA, USA. ABAP/4 Programmer Jun’00 to Dec’01

• BDC for purchase order: Uploaded data from legacy system into SAP system using a combination of session and call transaction methods, so as to manage the error records easily.

• Work center productivity report: Productivity report for each center based on the selection criteria of work centers, date and plant. Monthly closing WIP, recoveries and late entries.

• Report for monthly late entries details, recoveries, WIP based and production order numbers based on the selection pf department, Sales order numbers, Sales Organization, Plant, Profit Center and Period.

• BDC for material master: Transferred data from legacy system to SAP system using a Session method. The program included creation of all-material master views and special features for error handling.

• Sales Order costing details: Report for output of actual and planned costs, Revenues and Gross profit, month to date, actual to date closing WIP and recoveries, Warranty and reservations based on the selection criteria of department, sales organization, sales order number, date.

• BDC for purchase order: Uploaded data from legacy system into SAP system using the combination of session method and call transaction method so that to manage the error records easily.

• Work center productivity report: Report for productivity of each work center based on the selection criteria of Work centers, date and plant.

• Monthly closing WIP, Recoveries and Late entries: Report for Monthly Late entries details, recoveries, WIP based and Production Order numbers based on the selection of department, Sales Order numbers, Sales Organization, Plant, Profit center and Period.

• BDC for material master: Transferred data from legacy system to SAP system using a Session method .The program included creation of all-material master views and special features for error handling.

• Sales Order costing details: Report for output of actual and planned costs, Revenues and Gross profit, month to date, actual to date closing WIP and Recoveries, Warranty and Reservations based on the selection criteria of department, sales organization, sales order numbers, date.

• Material & Labor Variance: This program generates an output for planned cost, actual cost & variances for material; Labor & Overhead costs based on the select-criteria production Orders, Material, and WBS Element.

DIETHLM Industries Pte LTD, SINGAPORE ABAP/4 Programmer Feb’98 to May‘00

• Upload Customer's RFQ into SD Quotation from Excel Format File: This program uploads the customer's RFQ from an Excel file to create SD Quotation. Stock with price will be printed in one report. Stock without price or no available stock will be printed in another report.

• Display selected purchase orders and amounts interactively: This program picks PO item details interactively upon user Selection. It also displays graphics for the list output.

• Packing List: This report program explodes the material BOM of the header material identified for packing & transportation in SD and prints out a packing list.

• Material Sales text report: This report gives the material sales text for all items where there is material sales text. This report has the option of being printed directly without display.

• Outward shipment report: This report gives details of the pending shipments for a month. Some details are taken from the shipment notification in the document.


TATA Egg. and Locomotive Company Ltd, Pune. Production Engineer

• Lead a team of 10 supervisors & 250 work forces to meet stiff targets of automobile components by coordinating Materials Planning department as per the machine capacities and bottlenecks in India’s largest automobile company.

• Process Planning & Layout designing for Product lines and Process lines & Vendor development activities.

• JIT, Kaizen, SPC etc & coordinating the Improvements team for value engineering.

• Cell concept implementation. Implemented FMS cell from UK for automation o production.

• CNC programming FMS machines with Robot car technology.

JAYA HIND SCIAKY LTD Production Engineer

• Planning and scheduling the yearly production targets on pro-rata basis for a Light motor vehicles manufacturing company in collaboration with Japanese premier LMV Company HONDA.

• Manpower planning, programming for the CNC, SPM and GPM machines and tryout of jobs. Process Planning & layout designing.

PAVITRA INDUSTRIES Production In charge

• Took charge of all PP&MM activities and fulfilled all activities entire shop floor manufacturing process.

BHARAT DYNAMICS Ltd Trainee Engineer

• Undergone induction training in various departments like Precision Manufacturing, administration and quality control departments in missile manufacturing facility.


• Supervising the production staff and giving required technical tips to improve productivity in a chemical equipment fabrication company. Dealing with vendors for material supply, raising the quotes & purchase orders.